33 Inspirational Symbols of Healing in Nature

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By Anna Marikar

In our fast-paced world, we often overlook the profound wisdom and healing energies embedded within nature. Yet, nature stands as a silent guardian, a witness to the cycles of life, continuously offering us symbols and signs of renewal and healing. 

The beauty of these healing symbols lies in their simplicity and their universal resonance, crossing boundaries of cultures and time. 

As we dig deeper into the essence of these powerful healing symbols, let us rekindle a harmonious relationship with the world around us, fostering healing, growth, and an enduring connection with the rhythms of nature.

symbols of healing in nature

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey through 33 symbols deeply rooted in nature, each offering a unique perspective and a gentle nudge towards healing and self-discovery.

Let these symbols of healing in nature serve as your guideposts, nurturing your spirit and paving your pathway to a more enriched and fulfilling life.

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1. Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower, with its roots in the mud and its blossoms reaching towards the sky, stands as a powerful symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. 

Its unique growth process symbolizes the human journey of rising from adversity and flourishing with grace and beauty.  

This inspirational flower is a symbol of purity and new beginnings, as it emerges gracefully even from murky waters, teaching us resilience and the promise of a fresh start. 

In different cultures, this beautiful symbol represents spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, encouraging individuals to bloom with grace and dignity.

In the realm of healing, it serves as a beautiful reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, there is the potential for growth and blossoming into something truly beautiful.

rise from the mud like a lotus flower

2. Rod of Asclepius

Associated with the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, this ancient symbol showcases a serpent coiled around a rod. 

Although originating in Ancient Greek mythology it is found even in modern times within the representation of the medical profession, the asclepius wand emphasizes the healing process and the restoration of physical health.

Rod of Asclepius symbol

3. Spiral Sun

The spiral sun, often found in ancient Celtic and North American shamanic traditions, is a powerful symbol of life, growth, and positive energy. It radiates warmth and encourages individuals to embrace the healing energy of the sun, fostering good health and spiritual growth.

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4. Butterfly

The journey of the butterfly, from a caterpillar entering the cocoon to its re-emergence as a creature of remarkable beauty, mirrors the human process of healing through trauma.

Just as the caterpillar undergoes a period of isolation and transformation within the cocoon, humans too navigate through phases of darkness and solitude during the healing process.

This transformation, while often accompanied by hardship, heralds the possibility of emerging renewed, with wings adorned with colors more vibrant and a spirit more resilient.

This nature-inspired metaphor for personal growth and healing teaches us that even through difficulties, there lies immense potential for beauty and renewal on the other side.

butterfly symbol of healing and growth

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5. Yin-Yang Symbol

Embraced predominantly in Chinese culture, the yin-yang symbol illustrates the harmonious balance between opposing forces.

The Yin Yang symbol serves as a reminder that balance is key to maintaining health and harmony, encouraging individuals to seek equilibrium in all aspects of life.

yin yang symbol in nature

6. Shaman’s Hand

In ancient times, the Shaman’s hand, also known as the Hand of Miriam, the Hand of Fatima, or Hamsa Hand in Jewish tradition, was utilized as a symbol of protection against evil spirits and negative energy.

It encourages individuals to embrace the healing process, fostering a space of safety and spiritual growth.

hamsa symbol

7. Om Symbol

Revered in various forms, the Om symbol resonates as a sacred sound in many spiritual practices.

Its unique healing power lies in its ability to bring individuals into a state of deep sleep or meditation, connecting them to the subconscious mind and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

om symbol

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8. Tree of Life

In various cultures, the Tree of Life stands tall as a symbol of connection and eternal life. Its roots delve deep into the Earth, representing our connection to Mother Earth and its branches reach high towards the heavens, illustrating the boundless possibilities of growth and exploration.

tree of life symbol

9. Reiki Symbols

In the practice of Reiki, various symbols like Cho Ku Rei and Dai Ko Myo act as focal points to channel healing energy. These symbols, often revealed during deep meditative states or Reiki sessions, aid in spiritual equilibrium and personal growth, connecting human beings to the ancient traditions that focused on holistic health.

10. Aloe Vera

A potent emblem of healing and rejuvenation, Aloe Vera has graced many cultures with its restorative properties.

From its usage in ancient Egypt to modern health care, this resilient plant stands as a testament to nature’s ability to heal. Its soothing gel is a balm for physical ailments, embodying the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth and reminding us that nature holds a remedy for many of our woes.

aloe vera symbol of healing

11. Bamboo

In many Eastern cultures, Bamboo stands as a remarkable symbol of resilience, flexibility, and longevity.

Its ability to bend without breaking teaches us the art of resilience. As it gracefully sways with the wind yet remains firmly rooted, it embodies the spirit of endurance and adaptability, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, we can stand tall, ever-growing and ever-evolving.

In the journey of healing, bamboo encourages us to remain grounded while embracing the changes life brings forth, fostering a resilient spirit.

bamboo symbol of resilience

12. Caduceus

Often mistaken with the Rod of Asclepius, the Caduceus features two snakes intertwining around a winged staff.

This ancient symbol, associated with the Greek god Hermes, has been adopted in various healthcare settings, especially in the United States.

Its depiction of balanced and intertwined forces serves as a reminder of the delicate equilibrium necessary in the healing process, representing a harmonious interplay of different energies that contribute to holistic health and well-being.

caduceus symbol of healing

Note: If you’re wondering about the difference between Asclepius and Caduceus, the rod of asclepius has one snake whereas Caduceus has two intertwined.

13. Oak Trees

Standing tall and resilient, Oak Trees are often viewed as powerful symbols of strength and healing. In various cultures, these majestic beings are considered sacred, offering shelter and wisdom to those who seek it.

Their robust nature and the longevity symbolize stability and endurance, teaching us the virtues of resilience and patience in our healing journeys.

oak tree symbol

14. Apple Trees

Apple trees, bearing fruits that have been symbolized as offerings of health and renewal, remind us of the cyclical nature of life and healing.

In various traditions, apple trees are seen as a symbol of love, health, and wisdom.

Their blossoms herald new beginnings, and their fruits offer the promise of nourishment and rejuvenation, representing a harmonious cycle of giving and receiving in the natural world.

apple tree a symbol of the harmonious cycle of giving and receiving in nature

15. Medicine Wheels

Originating from the spiritual practices of Native North America, the Medicine Wheel is a symbol of holistic healing and balance. It represents the interconnectedness of all aspects of life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This ancient tool serves as a guide, helping us to align with the natural rhythms of the earth and the universe, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the healing energies present in the natural world.

16. Sri Yantra

A complex yet harmonious symbol found in Hindu Tantra, the Sri Yantra represents the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies. It is a geometric design that consists of nine interlocking triangles, forming a total of 43 smaller triangles, symbolizing the cosmos and the human body.

This powerful symbol serves as a guide during meditation, aiding in spiritual healing by harmonizing the energies within and around us, thus fostering a balance that promotes healing and prosperity.

Sri yantra symbol

17. Willow Tree

In various traditions, the Willow Tree has been revered as a symbol of healing, resilience, and grace.

Its flexible branches teach us the importance of adaptability and flow in life. Often found near bodies of water, they remind us to cleanse and let go, to allow the natural process of healing to unfold as we are nurtured by the energies of the Earth and water, facilitating growth and renewal.

Willow trees are also well known as weeping willows, reminding us of the healing power of crying – another important tool in letting go and healing.

willow tree symbol for healing

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18. Crystals

In various cultures, crystals have been used as tools for healing and protection. Their unique structures are believed to hold and amplify energies, aiding in physical and spiritual healing.

From ancient times to modern practices, crystals serve as a bridge, connecting us to the healing vibrations of the earth, aiding in the alignment of our energies and fostering a space of healing and tranquility.

crystals for healing

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19. Chamomile Flower

Chamomile, with its delicate petals and soothing aroma, has been a cherished symbol of healing and tranquility in various cultures.

Often used in teas and medicinal concoctions, its calming properties have been utilized to aid in relaxation and promote deep sleep.

On a spiritual level, the Chamomile flower embodies peace and patience, encouraging us to embrace a gentle approach to healing, nurturing our bodies and spirits with grace and kindness.

chamomile flower for healing

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22. Celtic Ailm Symbol

The Ailm symbol, a prominent figure in Celtic symbolism, is often associated with strength, endurance, and resilience.

It typically represents the fir tree, which is revered for its tall and sturdy nature. In the spiritual realm, the Ailm symbol is used as a beacon of protection and healing, offering guidance and strength.

This healing symbol encourages us to stand tall amidst challenges, drawing upon the rooted energy of the fir tree to foster resilience and growth in our healing journey.

celtic ailm symbol for strength and healing

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23. Lavender

Lavender, renowned for its calming scent and beautiful purple hue, is a symbol of tranquility, purity, and serenity.

Throughout history, it has been used in various forms to promote relaxation and alleviate stress. In the context of healing, lavender encourages us to embrace calmness and peace, facilitating a nurturing environment where healing and growth can flourish.

lavender a symbol of healing

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24. The River

Throughout various cultures, rivers have stood as potent symbols of life, renewal, and the continuous flow of time.

They nurture the lands they traverse, fostering life in myriad forms. In our personal journeys, the river teaches us the grace of flowing through life’s twists and turns with resilience and fluidity, always moving forward and carving new paths, akin to the healing process that is ever-evolving, ever-flowing.

river a symbol of healing

25. The Phoenix

An enchanting symbol that transcends various cultures, the Phoenix, which rises anew from its ashes, epitomizes renewal, rebirth, and transformation.

Its majestic cycle of death and rebirth serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for growth and renewal that lies within each of us, encouraging us to rise above our challenges with renewed strength and grace.

phoenix a symbol of healing

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26. Acorn and Oak Leaf

In various cultures, the Acorn and Oak Leaf represent potential, strength, and growth.

The journey from a small acorn to a mighty oak tree is a testament to the wonders of nature and the boundless possibilities that lie within each of us.

It encourages us to nurture our inner strength, to grow with time, and to stand tall, embodying the healing powers of resilience and endurance.

acorn and oak leaf a symbol of healing

27. The Moon

A universal symbol witnessed across various cultures, the Moon represents the cycles of life, the ebb and flow of time, and the feminine aspect of nature.

Its phases remind us of the constant cycles of renewal and change in our lives, offering solace in the knowledge that just like the moon, we too can shine brightly amidst darkness, fostering healing and illuminating paths of growth and renewal.

the moon a symbol of healing

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28. Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of universal love, Rose Quartz is revered for its ability to promote healing of the heart.

Its gentle pink essence is known to foster love, peace, and calm, helping to heal emotional wounds and encourage harmonious relationships with oneself and others.

In the journey of healing, rose quartz serves as a nurturing companion, fostering love and compassion, and encouraging us to embrace the healing power of love.

rose quartz crystal for healing

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29. Turquoise Stone

Treasured across various cultures for its beautiful hue and protective properties, Turquoise has long been considered a healing stone.

Often used in jewelry and talismans, it is believed to bring good luck, peace, and protection. It embodies the calming energies of the Earth and sky, fostering a connection between us and the natural world, aiding in the healing process by nurturing the spirit and bringing balance to the mind and body.

turquoise stone

30. The Color Green

In the vibrant tapestry of the natural world, the color green holds a special place as a symbol of life, renewal, and healing.

Associated with the freshness of spring, it embodies the vibrant energies of growth, harmony, and balance. Each color has a meaning, and in various cultures, green is often linked with healing properties, representing the flourishing vitality of nature.

In the journey towards healing, immersing ourselves in the calming and renewing energy of green can be a nurturing practice, fostering a sense of peace and well-being, and encouraging a harmonious connection with the vibrant heartbeat of the earth.

It serves as a gentle reminder of the healing power of nature, inviting us to open our hearts to the rejuvenating energies that surround us, promoting healing, balance, and a deep sense of peace.

the color green a symbol of healing

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31. The Sunflower

Turnings its vibrant face towards the sun, the sunflower stands as a cheerful emblem of positivity, loyalty, and strength.

In the journey of healing, it encourages us to seek the light, to grow and thrive even in difficult conditions. Its bright yellow petals bring joy and happiness, fostering a sense of hope and resilience, vital components in the journey towards healing and personal growth.

sunflower symbol of healing in nature

32. Sacred Geometry

In various spiritual traditions, sacred geometry, the patterns and shapes found in the natural world, are seen as a representation of the divine blueprint of the universe.

These shapes and patterns, like the Flower of Life or the Fibonacci Spiral, hold deep meanings, representing the interconnectedness of all life and the harmonious rhythms that govern the natural world. By aligning with these patterns, we can foster a deeper understanding and connection with the universal energies that facilitate healing and spiritual growth.

fibonacci spiral in a mollusc

33. Mountain

Standing steadfast and majestic, mountains have been revered as symbols of strength, stability, and grandeur in various cultures.

They remind us of the Earth’s ancient and wise energy, urging us to embody their strength in our healing journey.

Just as a mountain withstands the test of time, we too are encouraged to stand tall amidst life’s challenges, drawing upon the grounding and nurturing energies of the Earth to foster resilience and stability in our journey towards healing.

mountain a symbol of strength and stability

34. The Rainbow

A universal symbol of hope, unity, and renewal, the rainbow graces the sky with its vibrant hues after a storm, bringing joy and wonder to those who witness its beauty.

In various cultures, it has been revered as a bridge between the earthly realm and the divine, a sign of promise and blessing.

In the context of healing, the rainbow encourages us to embrace the full spectrum of our human experience, finding beauty and grace even in moments of transition and transformation.

It stands as a beautiful reminder that after every storm, there is the potential for new beginnings, vibrant growth, and a harmonious union of diverse elements, fostering a deep sense of hope and joy in our journey towards healing and renewal.

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These symbols, each holding a unique resonance with the healing energies of nature, offer guidance and inspiration in our individual journeys towards wellness and harmony.

Let them serve as gentle reminders of the boundless potential for healing and growth that lies within and around us, fostering a deeper connection with the nurturing embrace of the natural world.

symbols of healing in nature

In this serene journey through the canvas of nature, we’ve embraced symbols with deep-rooted connections to healing and spirituality from various cultures and ancient traditions. As we align ourselves with these powerful symbols, may we rediscover the sanctity and beauty that lies within and around us. Let us carry the spirit of these symbols with us, fostering a path of healing, growth, and boundless love.

Let your heart find solace in the whispers of the leaves, the gentle caress of the winds, and the nurturing embrace of the Earth. 

Allow these powerful nature symbols to guide you on a path of healing and discovery, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world and the timeless traditions that seek to nurture the soul.

Nature is not just an entity outside of us, but a reflection of our inner selves, constantly offering symbols and signs for us to rediscover the healing energies within.

Let us embrace them with open hearts, fostering a journey of love, healing, and spiritual growth in our own personal healing process. 

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