Rose Quartz for Self Love – Meaning and Uses

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By Anna Marikar

Each crystal has a unique meaning, and the meaning of Rose Quartz is related to universal love. It is the stone of unconditional love, and not only romantic love.

The Rose Quartz stone is ideal for connecting with your feelings of self love, which is one of the most important things you can do to build positive energy in your life, build up your self confidence, and lead a more joyful life.

Rose quartz crystal with pink flowers and sage

Properties of Rose Quartz

So, lets talk about the stone of universal love – Rose Quartz, also known as Hyaline Quartz. This perfect stone is full of loving vibes of all types.

One of the most powerful forms of love is self-love.

rose quartz crystal wand for meditation

Whether you prefer raw rose quartz or tumbled rose quartz with a smoother outer appearance, this doesn’t make a difference. The tumbling process smooths out the stone but does not detract anything. Raw stones can be slightly more fragile, in general.

On a physical level, Rose Quartz is known to be good for the circulatory system with benefits for your health and physical heart, and on an emotional level this stone can have a positive impact on emotional wounds, as you connect with feelings of pure love, feelings of peace and self forgiveness.

This love stone is connected with a deep feminine energy, and it is a powerful tool to connect with some deep inner healing as you benefit from the positive energy and peace that this gemstone can bring.

Rose quartz can be found in Brazil, South Africa, and in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the United States.

The zodiac signs which can benefit even more from Rose Quartz stones, are Libra and Taurus

Rose Quartz Chakras

The beautiful soft pink color of rose quartz matches up with the pink hue of the heart chakra.

This crystal is said to be connected to both the heart and the throat chakra. (Find out more about crystals for the chakras here, if you want to understand more about the whole topic.)

hand on the heart chakra

Symptoms of a blockage of the heart chakra include depression, loneliness and finding it hard to feel empathy, while problems with the throat chakra can relate to feeling silenced, and can cause problems with communication and self esteem.

Use of the heart-healing stone, rose quartz can help get rid of negative energies and focus in on a feeling of self worth, self trust, and a deeper connection to self compassion and love.

By making this shift in energy, you will feel more aligned in all of these areas.

Self-Love Practices with Rose Quartz

The use of the rose quartz stone can be included in your chosen self-care practice, from spiritual practices, to beauty routines.

Meditating with Rose Quartz Crystals

Find out more about meditating with crystals here if you need more background on this whole aspect of self care.

Crystal healers often recommend meditating while holding your chosen stone, and a self love meditation with rose quartz is a great place to start.

During your meditation session, hold the stone in your dominant hand or place in the center of the chest.

crystals for self care practices and meditation

Manifesting with Rose Quartz

You can also use crystals for manifestation rituals. You do not need any tools or stones in order to manifest, however it’s an optional extra that may enhance your experience and help you focus.

When manifesting with crystals, it’s best to choose a stone that aligns with your purpose so rose quartz is ideal for manifesting self love, or manifesting to attract love.

Complete your manifestation ritual by holding in your right hand or placing on your heart.

Wear Rose Quartz Gemstones

This popular crystal is one of the most commonly chosen crystals for jewellery. You can wear it as a ring, a bracelet, or a pendant, to keep the rose quartz stone close to you throughout the day, to enjoy it’s positive and loving energy and to act as a reminder to channel your own self love energy.

Use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Jade rollers have become very popular lately and are great for including in your skincare routine. However, rose quartz is also brilliant for use in facial rollers.

rose quartz facial roller for skincare

The difference between a rose quartz roller and a jade roller is that the rose quartz is a cooler stone, and will not warm with the body heat of your face.

Taking the time to focus your care on your face and skin is also a great time to build in some positive affirmations to your morning or night time routine.

Use Rose Quartz Water in your Beauty Routine

You can create your own natural homemade rose quartz gemstone essence, also known as Rose Quartz Water and use this in a spray bottle for your face – beauty routines.

Create the rose quartz water by immersing the rose quartz stone into water, and letting the energy from the stone mix into the water.

For rose quartz water, you may like to use homemade rose water rather than plain water. Rose water is an excellent toner with many beneficial properties for your skin.

home-made rose water

Before adding the stone to the water spend some time holding it in your hands, setting your intentions and infusing it with your love.

You can also charge it in the moon light (best done at full moon) before adding your crystal to the water.

If you enjoy making home made beauty products, you may also want to try our recipe for rice water, or lavender sugar scrub.

You may also like to drink from a rose quartz infused water bottle.

rose quartz crystal infused water bottle from Etsy

Rose Quartz Love Bath

Set the mood for your self care bath time with a few drops of rose essential oil and rose petals added to the water and place rose quartz crystals nearby or in the water.

The ethereal scent and the delicate rose petals in the water will set a calming and loving atmosphere, and give you a beautiful atmosphere to relax.

rose quartz stones

Infuse your Sleep Space

The bedroom is an ideal place to display your rose quartz crystals, whether polished or raw rose quartz, this is a great way to enhance the loving energy of your sleeping area and create a sacred space.

You do not need a special altar (of course, you can if you want!), it’s easy to display your rose quartz gemstones in a beautiful shallow dish.

Using Essential Oils with Rose Quartz

Which essential oils best compliment rose quartz?

Gentle, feminine, floral scented essential oils work really well in combination with Rose Quartz. Of course, rose essential oil is the obvious suggestion. It also pairs really well with Ylang Ylang.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the properties and uses of this amazing stone, the stone of love.

Rose Quartz is one of the best stones for self love, that’s for sure!

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