Positive Affirmations for Healing, Health and Happiness

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By Anna Marikar

What would happen if you told yourself every single day how awesome you were? What would you accomplish? Would it change your life?

Today we’re taking a look at some of the top positive affirmations for health, happiness and healing. But don’t just take our word for it—let’s find out how positive affirmations can really help with your health, happiness and well being.

If you’re looking to change specific areas of your life, such as your health, your diet and exercise habits, daily affirmations can play an important role in this.

I strongly believe that mental health and physical health are all connected in a very powerful way. It starts with you on the inside. When you are suffering with low self worth, or carrying trauma, or deeply unhappy, this will affect your overall health including your physical health.

By going through the healing process, although it is not an instant thing, you will start to notice real changes in your whole life. The use of positive affirmations and positive thoughts is one aspect. Everyone’s journey is different, and can be complex but once you start on that path to changing the way you see yourself, everything changes.

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So, What are affirmations?

Positive affirmations are the basis of the Law of Attraction. These are positive statements that you can say to yourself over and over, as often as you like, in order to create what you want.

In essence, these powerful tools are a type of self-hypnosis. They work by repeating positive affirmations to yourself every day, or as often as you feel is necessary to override negative thoughts.

But how exactly do these positive affirmations work? The main idea behind positive affirmations is that if you repeat positive affirmations to yourself, and visualize them as you do so, you are programming your subconscious mind to accept and believe that which you are telling yourself.

And this will then begin to manifest into the reality of your life, creating a better and more fulfilling experience for you.

You can change your life by changing what you say. This blog post contains over 50 of my personal favourite positive and healing affirmations that you can use to heal your mind, body and soul.

Bonus – We have included free printable posters for seven of these powerful affirmations so you can print them out and hang them in your work space or your bedroom, so that you don’t forget!

Free printable affirmation posters. These are great to display around your desk or in your room to slowly and subconsciously absorb these positive messages. Set of seven to use for affirmation posters or affirmation cards.

These Affirmation Posters are available at the end of this post, so give the power of affirmations a try!

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Affirmations for Health

I love myself and my body. I am healthy.

I am committed to good health. I am well.

I am grateful to be alive. I am thankful for health.

I will take good care of myself today, and good care of my body.

I will take care of every cell of my body.

I enjoy healthy foods and make healthy choices.

I attract Perfect Health. My immune system is strong and powerful.

I listen to my body’s message.

Affirmations for Healing

I am a healer. I have the ability to look within and change my life.

I am a healer. My inner guidance is my compass. I follow it.

I am safe and well in the present moment.

I am in harmony with the Universe.

I am a beacon of healing light.

I am guided to find solutions to my physical and mental challenges.

I trust in the power of my mind and soul.

I am a loving and giving person. I am open to all my emotions.

I am open to change. I am in a state of evolution.

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Affirmations for Happiness

I accept and enjoy the life I have.

I will choose to be happy, and I will make myself happy.

I am an optimist, and I believe that everything will work out well.

I am blessed.

I accept my physical self.

I have positive energy.

I accept myself.

I believe in myself. I am worthy. I have inner strength and self-confidence.

I embrace my beauty and value my unique qualities.

I am confident. I am courageous. I have hope.

I choose happy thoughts and a positive outlook.

Affirmations of Gratitude

I am grateful for what I already have, as well as the things I am working on.

I am grateful for my life.

I am grateful for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

I am grateful for good health and healing.

I am grateful for my health, abundance, and prosperity.

I am grateful for my prosperity.

I am grateful for all that I am.

I am grateful for the many talents I have been given.

I choose to see the blessings in my life, and be grateful for what I have.

Affirmations to release negative energy

Below is a preview of the seven free printable Affirmation posters, with positive self-talk statements for a happy life and a healthy mind.

Every choice I make leads to bigger and better opportunities

I enjoy my own company as I get in touch with my true self

I am filled with EXCITMENT when I look in the mirror

Compassion and Understanding help me to overcome anger and gain peace

I have long-lasting friendships because I accept others unconditionally

Doors are opening for me

Prosperity and I are One

Download the Free Printable Posters

You can download all seven of these free printable posters in PDF format by clicking the download button below the file preview.

The following affirmations posters will be a free instant digital download for personal use.

We hope you enjoyed these positive affirmation statements and that it helps you to make positive changes using the power of the mind.

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