40 Most Symbolic and Beautiful Tattoo Designs with Meanings

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By Anna Marikar

Over 40 of the Most Popular Tattoo Design Symbols and Meanings Explained.

Have you ever wondered about some of the most popular tattoo designs? Are you wondering about their significance? What they are meant to represent? There are a lot of symbolic meanings in tattoos. 

This list is a collection of some of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs, and the different meanings behind them.

Let’s take a look at ideas for over 40 different tattoo designs that tell a story and reveal your personality.

A tattoo is a permanent piece of body art, so the meaning behind it will stay with the person for the rest of their life.

This is why so many people choose to get tattooed in order to express their thoughts and feelings, to commemorate certain events in their lives, and to give their loved ones a way to connect with them for the rest of eternity.

Everyone’s reasons for getting a tattoo, and their individual meanings and motivations are unique to them.

Tattoos mean different things to different people,but today we’re going to take a look at some of the most common meanings and symbols associated with tattoos.

tattoo artist working

Whether you have your own meaning and personal reason for choosing a particular design, it’s still important to know what the general meanings of that tattoo is considered to be, and whether that resonates.

After all, this tattoo design will be with you for the rest of your life

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, this is the article for you. We have collected the most beautiful and meaningful tattoos to inspire you.

Some of these are great for subtle small tattoos while others can be made into a much bigger statement tattoo.

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Here are 40+ gorgeous tattoo designs, who’s meanings run much deeper… ready – tattoo enthusiasts, let’s go

1. Semicolon tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is one of the most popular small meaningful tattoos.

The meaning of this tattoo is linked to mental health issues, with some linking it more specifically to suicide survival.

The meaning of the semi colon is that your story could have stopped here – but it didn’t. When you could have chosen to end a sentence, but instead you chose to keep going.

semicolon tattoo design meaning

This symbol is linked to the semicolon project ; your story isn’t over, who raise awareness of mental illness.

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

2. Ampersand tattoo

The meaning of the Ampersand is “and” this has a number of meanings, one of which is connection and togetherness – particularly if you get this as a matching tattoo with a significant other.

The other meaning is to indicate that there is always more to the story.

An ampersand makes a gorgeous simple design, it’s a lovely tattoo for those who like the small and understated.

Carefully choose your font, for your ampersand tattoo to have the most impact.

ampersand tattoo design meaning (and sign)

3. Anchor tattoo

The anchor represents stability and peace. This is one of the most popular traditional tattoo designs, often associated with sailors but it runs deeper than that.

anchor tattoo design meaning

When used as a matching tattoo, it has the meaning of reminding each other that they are your anchor, and that you ground each other – which is so beautiful and reassuring.

matching anchor sign tattoo meaning

4. Butterfly tattoos

Butterflies represent transformation. From a caterpillar into a butterfly, this animal represents undergoing a radical glow up and may resonate if you have been through tough times and come out stronger.

butterfly tattoo meaning

We have put together a huge collection of butterfly tattoos, in order to go deeper into the meanings when combined with different flowers, or when the butterfly is a different color and so on.

You can add layers to your design and make it even more meaningful and personal to you, as well as more beautiful.

5. Feather tattoos

Feather tattoos, like birds, represent freedom. We both have matching feather tattoos to represent friendship.

Feathers also have significance in Native American Culture

feather tattoo meaning

You can explore more feather tattoo designs and their deeper meanings here

bird tattoos and feather tattoos connection

6. Stars

Star tattoos represent ambition, adventure and hope. These are also one of the most popular tattoo symbols for friendship tattoos, as they can be done quite small and in subtle locations like your ankle or wrist.

Star tattoos can be combined with some of your favourite song lyrics like “you drew stars around my scars” (Taylor Swift)

stars tattoo meaning

Check out more star tattoos from the nautical star, to constellations and more here

Sun and Moon Tattoos

On the celestial theme, sun and moon and planets also give lots of inspiration for tattoo. Check out the symbolism of a crescent moon or get inspiration for sun and moon tattoos.

7. Heart tattoo

At it’s core, the heart tattoo is a symbol of love – most commonly romantic love. Many people like to combine this with their partner’s name, as one of the most traditional tattoos.

A small heart is one of the most popular minimalist tattoo ideas.

matching minimalist heart tattoos

8. Viking tattoos

There are many powerful symbols in norse mythology, passed down from the ancient times of the Vikings.

The Viking inguz symbol or rune means “where there’s a will there’s a way”

viking symbol inguz tattoo meaning

The Viking symbol “chevron” means “create your own reality”

viking symbol chevron tattoo meaning

Check out way more Viking tattoo designs here, along with the meanings of different runes.

9. Rose tattoos

Whether you get a red rose, a black rose, or a mandala rose sleeve with elaborate designs, or a tiny understated flower, the rose is a symbol of beauty.

Each colour of rose has a slightly different meaning, and in tarot the rose is a symbol of balance

minimalist small rose tattoo

Whether subtle or bold, rose tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs.

bold red rose tattoo design skater

You could also consider other types of flowers, take a look through this list of flowers with meanings of self love for inspiration.

10. Lotus Flower tattoos

The lotus flower has a deep meaning, and is the symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism.

Lotus flowers grow in muddy waters but despite that, they remain clean and pure.

This is a popular choice for those looking for spiritual tattoos that reference rising from hard times and thriving despite difficult circumstances.

lotus tattoo design meaning

11. Arrow tattoo

Arrow tattoos symbolise finding direction.

Arrows are also said to symbolise strength, due to the connection with hunting and being a powerful weapon.

This combined meaning could represent you as a strong fighter or warrior as you find your own direction in life.

arrow tattoo design meaning

The arrow tattoo is often combined with line tattoos, and has a similar minimalist vibe.

Check out these ideas for two line tattoos, and discover their meaning.

12. Harry Potter Always Symbol tattoo

Also known as the deathly Hallows symbol, this popular motif from the Harry Potter fandom is made up of a vertical line and circle enclosed by a triangle.

The sign represents the three legendary Harry Potter artifacts: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility. Together these three things were considered the key to immortality.

harry potter always deathly hallows symbol meaning

13. Wave tattoo

A wave tattoo symbolises a deep connection with the ocean, or with water in general.

It can also represent peace and calm – a wave is a reminder to let go and go with it, let yourself to swept away.

14. Eagle tattoo

The eagle tattoo on the chest is an ancient symbol of manhood. This is normally seen as a very masculine tattoo – although there is no reason why both sexes can’t go with it.

Some of the meanings of the eagle tattoo include power, dominance and freedom.

15. Cherry Blossoms tattoo

Cherry Blossom also called Sakura is significant in Japanese culture.

As a tattoo, this is often said to represent transience because these gorgeous flowers bloom and don’t last for long.

The cherry blossom tattoo is a reminder to appreciate beauty before it passes, and live in each moment.

sakura cherry blossom tattoo meaning

16. Tribal tattoos

The meaning of tribal tattoos can vary from culture to culture, depending on the design.

With this category of tattoo design, it’s worth researching very well to make sure you understand the significance of the tattoo design that you are choosing.

tribal tattoos male meaning

Tribal tattoo designs are popular with both males and females

tribal tattoos female meaning

17. Om tattoo

The Om symbol is significant in Hinduism, with it’s meaning referring to eternal bliss.

As the om symbol is a religious tattoo with deep cultural and spiritual meanings, again this is one where you want to research and make sure you understand what you are getting inked on to your body.

om symbol tattoo

18. Tree of Life tattoo

The tree of life is a Kabbalistic symbol (from Kabbalah) although it is used in many traditions.

The tree of life represents a connection to everything – interconnectedness with everything in the universe. This is a deeply spiritual concept which is shared among many beliefs.

The tree of life is also becoming a very popular breastfeeding tattoo

tree of life symbol tattoo

19. Moon tattoos

The moon is symbolic in many belief systems and spiritualities.

The symbol of the crescent moon with the star is seen as a symbol of Islam, and in spirituality the moon is seen as a feminine symbol.

A tattoo of the phases of the moon represents the passing of time, and that change is inevitable. It also relates to immortality and eternity, as this cycle keeps on going.

Moon tattoos also represent a connection to nature and the natural world, and are considered quite witchy.

moon phases tattoo meaning

20. The Sun tattoos

The sun is a powerful symbol of truth and light.

This tattoo is also popular with fire signs in the Zodiac, particularly Leo because the lion’s planetary ruler is the sun.

A sun tattoo can also represent coming out of darkness, and that after a dark night the sun always rises.

sun tattoo meaning

You could choose to combine both the sun and the moon in your tattoo design.

This is also a popular and beautiful meaningful idea for matching tattoos – where you get one each, one person takes the sun and the other takes the moon.

sun and moon matching tattoos

21. Dots tattoo

Dots tattoos are one of the most simple minimalist tattoo ideas.

A single full stop dot symbolises the end of one phase and the start of another.

Three dots in a line represents ellipses, this grammatical tattoo indicates that the sentence is not fully complete. This relates to an unfinished journey or the concept of continuance.

22. Angel Wings

Angel wing tattoos are used to honour loved ones who have passed, or can refer to guardian angels.

This is a symbol of love and protection. It’s also said to represent purity and for some this tattoo has a religious meaning and significance.

angel wings tattoo meaning

23. Dragon tattoo

These legendary and mythical creatures inspire our imagination and awe.

A dragon tattoo is said to symbolise power, fierceness, strength and wisdom.

For some it also represents a connection to childhood and a love of fantasy.

dragon tattoo meaning

24. Celtic Circle

The Celtic Circle or Celtic knot has no beginning and no end. This symbolises eternal life, and is popular with people who have Irish heritage or roots.

The lines in the Celtic knot weave between each other in a single unbroken flow.

This meaning of eternity can be linked to loyalty and friendship. Read more about the meanings of Celtic symbols here, and find more ideas for tattoo imagery with a Celtic inspiration.

celtic knot tattoo meaning aka Celtic Circle eternity knot

You may also like these celtic cross tattoo ideas, which also fit with Irish heritage.

25. Trinity Knot tattoo

This has a similar aesthetic to the Celtic knot, with interlinking designs.

In Celtic culture the three points represent the natural elements of earth, fire and water but many also choose this symbol for a Christian tattoo to represent the holy trinity in Christianity.

trinity knot tattoo design meaning

26. Infinity tattoo

The infinity tattoo has a similar meaning to the Celtic knot, with one unbroken continuous line which represents infinity, as the name suggests.

This is a much more minimal tattoo design, which has become very popular over the past few years.

This symbol can be combined with words or other designs to make it more personal and meaningful to the wearer.

infinity symbol tattoo
infinity symbol

27. Deer tattoos

A stag or deer tattoo is another tattoo design which is swiftly gaining more popularity.

Geometric deer tattoos are especially popular as they are so striking.

Deers represent gentleness and sensitivity.

This is also a popular Harry Potter tattoo due to the stag patronus which has significance in the Harry Potter universe.

geometric deer tattoo

28. Dreamcatcher tattoo

A dreamcatcher is an amulet to catch all of your bad dreams, and negative thoughts. Hence why this tattoo represents protection and safety.

Dreamcatcher tattoos often incorporate feathers, and has a connection to Native American indigenous culture.

dreamcatcher tattoo design meaning

29. Zen Circle tattoo

The Zen Circle aka Enso is an unfinished circle, which is representative of enlightenment and strength.

This tattoo design also represents the beauty of imperfection.

zen circle enso tattoo design meaning

30. Cross tattoos

This is the most popular religious symbol tattoos for Christians. The cross is the most iconic christian symbol, representing Jesus sacrifice and God’s love for mankind.

cross tattoo on back

Whether you choose to go bold or subtle with your cross, this is one of the religious tattoos that has a deep spiritual significance to committed Christians of all denominations.

cross tattoo with font

Check the significance of the celtic cross and other celtic symbols here

31. Music notes

Quite simply, a music note tattoo indicates a deep connection to music or a passion for music.

These can be designed in a minimalist way like this single note, or combined into something larger along with meaningful lyrics.

music notes tattoo

32. Roman Numerals

Roman numeral tattoos are a simple way to mark meaningful dates onto your body, in a beautiful and minimalist way.

roman numerals tattoo

If you need a guide on the meanings of roman numerals, check out this handy list below

Roman numerals chart meanings

33. Paper Plane

This contemporary and minimalist tattoo design symbolises travel and adventure.

paper plane tattoo meaning

34. Heartbeat tattoo

The heartbeat or pulse tattoo symbolises life. This can be used as a reminder to celebrate life and live to the fullest.

You can use this tattoo to commemorate loved ones, using the heartbeat from their real EKG. Some people use their baby’s heartbeat for a meaningful tattoo.

heartbeat tattoo meaning

35. Snowflake tattoo

Snowflakes symbolise individuality and uniqueness as each one is different and beautiful, just like us humans.

snowflakes tattoo meaning

36. Laurel Wreath tattoo

The laurel wreath is a victory symbol. It may look delicate but the meaning behind this tattoo is powerful and strong.

laurel wreath tattoo meaning

You can go for a whole laurel crown, or just a few laurel leaves for a minimalist tattoo design. The meaning will remain the same.

Also check out the meaning of the olive branch tattoo, or olive wreath tattoo which has a similar vibe.

37. Mountain tattoo

The mountain tattoo is linked to a desire for adventure.

It’s also a reminder that no problem in life is insurmountable.

mountain tattoo design meaning

38. Bird tattoo

Just like feather tattoos, bird tattoos represent flight and freedom. They can also indicate a connection to nature.

bird tattoo meaning

Check out the meaning of the swan tattoo too, and get some inspiration for tattoos featuring this most majestic of birds.

39. Meaningful word tattoos

Words are one of the most popular types of tattoo design. What easier way is there to convey your meaning, than to write it in words.

The font you choose can have a big effect on the overall look and feel of your written word tattoo, and these can be made as big or small as you feel comfortable with.

fearless tattoo

These type of tattoos are super meaningful, whether you choose to go with just one word or with something longer.

do all things with love tattoo

Check out our inspiration for quote tattoos, with examples and ideas for the most meaningful words to use.

You might also like words in another language, if that language or culture has significance to you.

Check out our list of beautiful Arabic tattoos with meanings

40. Mandala tattoos

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and these intricate tattoo designs are popular with those who appreciate beauty and detailed designs.

A mandala is said to represent the spiritual journey, starting from the core and out through the layers.

Mandala tattoo are often incorporated with others designs, like flowers.

mandala back tattoo

Mandalas are something that you can take further and keep adding, if you want to go with a full body tattoo then Mandala designs are a beautiful option.

41. Map Outline Tattoos

Like the mountain tattoo or the paper plane, a map outline represents adventure.

If you choose an outline of a smaller place such as a state or country this signifies the significance of that place and can be a reminder of home.

map outline tattoo for man

42. Bear Paw Tattoos

We have a whole post with a variety of bear paw or bear claw tattoo designs, each one with a slightly different meaning.

On the animal theme, you may also like these cheetah print tattoos too.

In conclusion, it may be true that the most beautiful tattoos are created with a combination of symbolism and personal meaning.

The tattoos are often created to remind the wearer of something that has happened in their life, or to reflect a certain personality trait or way of thinking.

The art of tattoo design is a great way to express yourself and your individuality, and there are many tattoo shops around the world that offer personalized tattoo designs, meaning that you can create your very own design and have it inscribed on your skin.

Always work with your tattoo artist to make sure that you come up with the best designs that you are happy with, and they are happy to create and feel confident creating.

tattoo artist rose

If you enjoyed this blog post and list of tattoo ideas please go ahead and share with friends, or Pin to your Pinterest boards so the inspiration is always there when you need to. 

We hope you found inspiration for a tattoo design that you love… go forth and get inked! Good luck

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