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Hey there! We’re Luciana and Anna, your go-to best friends on a mission to inspire, enlighten, and empower. We’re not just mums, we’re spiritual warriors, wellness enthusiasts, and relationship navigators who have been on our own self-love journeys. We’ve walked the path, we’ve made it through, and now we can’t wait to light your way on your personal journey towards self-love and wellbeing.

Our life stories might be different, but our souls echo the same passions – a deep love for wellbeing, empowerment, and spirituality. We’ve been sharing a little part of our lives over at intheplayroom.co.uk, mainly focused on the kid stuff. But now, it’s time to dive deeper and connect with you on a whole new level!

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Here at On Your Journey, we are passionate about self love, confidence and connection. We also have a thing for tattoos, love sharing natural beauty DIYs, and you will also find a wealth of content on symbolism, tarot, crystals, manifestation and more.

Here are a few of our top posts to give you a taste… and you can also visit our design portfolio, to see what we can offer in terms of graphic design and printables.

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Meet Luciana, a relationship veteran and single mum who’s weathered the highs of dazzling love, the lows of heart-wrenching breakups, the intricacies of polyamory, and the transformative transition of divorce. Her experiences have culminated in a wellspring of wisdom that she’s eager to share with you, helping you navigate your own relationship journeys with a little more ease and a lot more confidence.

By Luciana’s side, there’s Anna. She took the leap into marriage at the tender age of 18 and now, as a proud Muslim woman in a vibrant interracial marriage and mum to four amazing kids, she’s got tales to tell. From navigating toxic family relationships to exploring the depths of her faith and thriving in challenging environments, Anna has been on a path of continuous self-discovery. Her unique perspective will enrich our conversations, offering you insights into a world where faith and personal growth intertwine.

Together, we believe that vulnerability and openness are the stepping stones to meaningful relationships – be it with yourself or others. Our shared experiences, candid vulnerability, and open hearts give our blog an authenticity that goes beyond just being informative – we’re here to inspire, to empower, and most importantly, to connect.

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You can also find us writing at:

  • intheplayroom.co.uk, ranked one of Vuelio’s Best Parenting Blogs of 2022, where we share kids activities and parenting topics.
  • Ummah.com, the UK’s original online Muslim community and home of Ummah Forum

Come along, follow our journey on Instagram at @onyourjourneyblog. Feel the magic of connection, experience the power of shared stories, and let us be your guide as you embark on your journey towards self-love and wellbeing.

Reach out to us! You can drop us an email at luciana@intheplayroom.co.uk or anna@intheplayroom.co.uk – We’re all ears and can’t wait to hear your stories.

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