Design Portfolio

Welcome to our design portfolio, where functionality meets visual appeal in every project.

We are Anna Marikar and Luciana Oliveira, a creative team specializing in web content, graphic design, and a wide array of digital content services.

Our portfolio showcases a proven track record with high traffic and high authority websites such as and, where our creative input spans from aesthetic design to content creation.

Explore our work and see firsthand how we can bring your digital presence to life with impactful design solutions tailored to your needs.

Web Design and Logo Creation

We manage the following websites, including all website design and logo creation, as well as content creation.

Coloring Pages

We create coloring pages for all kinds of themes, examples of coloring pages can be seen below across our various websites.

Printable Art

We can create printable art in various styles including wall prints, or printable cards. Examples

Kids Printable Activities

Examples of our kids printable activities and family friendly printables can be seen below

Social Media Graphics

We design custom social media graphics for blog post promotion, particularly for Pinterest where we have over 7 million monthly impressions. These can be seen across our websites or at our Pinterest account: In The Playroom on Pinterest

We also offer free downloads for personal or brand social media accounts – for example

Clip Art

We create a variety of clip art, particularly in watercolor styles, whimsical styles and cute styles. These are available for POD usage, or any design usage.

Our common themes are holidays and festivals (including a diverse representation of international holidays) whimsical animals, and Jiu Jitsu.


Online Store

We offer print on demand clothing and merchandise here at the On Your Journey shop, with designs created by our team.

POD Mock Ups

We create a range of diverse mock ups for print on demand clothing, particularly focusing on racial diversity and mock ups for streetwear.

Promotional Leaflets and Advertisements

We can design leaflets or promotional graphics for any small business needs, for local or online use.

Creative Fabrica user ID – account ID is: 1829945 / contact / to discuss your needs