Cheetah Print Tattoo Meaning Symbolism and Inspiration

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By Anna Marikar

Let’s run through the meaning and symbolism behind the leopard print tattoo, or cheetah print design. Every tattoo has it’s own special meaning and significance, so what’s the deal with getting a cheetah-print tattoo inked?

Plan your design and consult with your tattoo artist to create a unique piece that will be the perfect choice for your body art.

Meaning of Cheetah Print Tattoo Designs

There are many different meanings for the cheetah tattoo, but the general meaning is linked to power, strength and speed. The cheetah meaning is also linked to survival and protection.

This big cat is the fastest animal, this fast speed is linked to a sense of movement so if you are someone who likes to keep things moving, never stay stagnant in one place but always move ahead to the next stage and dominate life , this meaning may resonate with you.

This beautiful animal symbolises strength and power and also symbolises living on the wild side, or an animalistic nature.

A big cat or animal tattoo also works to symbolise a passion for wildlife conservation.

Leopard Print or cheetah pattern is also one of the popular prints used in high fashion, and with that association comes the meaning of expression and self confidence.

Cheetahs are African animals, found mainly in the southern Africa countries. The country with the most cheetahs world wide is Namibia, so your cheetah tattoo may also have symbolise a connection to these countries.

leopard cheetah print tattoo

Meaning of Leopard Print Tattoo

Many of these meanings also apply with a leopard tattoo, a snow leopard or even jaguar tattoos. Leopard skin and cheetah spots are similar, with some differences so if you are drawn more to one in particular of these wild animals, or have a connection with one big cat in particular then go with that.

Here’s a chart with the prints of eight different big cats so you can correctly identify and check out the difference between their different furs and markings.

big cat animal prints chart

Cheetah print spots are small clusters of black spots, and leopard print is more of a ring, with a black outline and the orangey yellow in the middle.

Cheetah Print Spots Example

cheetah spots

Leopard Print Spots Example

leopard print black and white

What does a cheetah mean spiritually?

Cheetahs are extremely powerful animals. The fastest land animal on Earth, and of course they are also predators.

This ferocious wild animal symbolises strength and is a sign to seize opportunities.

Cheetahs are also primarily solitary animals, so this has a meaning of relying on yourself, grounding yourself and trusting your own instincts when you’re ready to act.

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas

different variations of the cheetah print tattoo. Think about the best place on your body and placement of the pattern for your animal print tattoo – this can really change the look and feel of your tattoo of a cheetah.

Whether you get a small tattoo with cheetah print, or have a large area will also change the look and feel of the tattoo, although the symbolism and meaning behind such tattoos remains the same.

Always work with the artists at your tattoo parlor to make the ideas your own, adapt from the inspiration and create your own perfect tattoo.

Cheetah Print Butterfly Tattoo

This cheetah print butterfly tattoo combines two of the most symbolic animal tattoos to create something special and unique.

Cheetah Print in Claw Mark Tattoo

Cheetahs have semi retractable claws that work like running spikes.

This cool tattoo idea combines the cheetah spot pattern with a scratch mark from the claws.

Cheetah Print and Flowers Tattoo

A floral cheetah tattoo adds a more feminine edge, adding contrast to the design and symbolising strength in femininity.

Colorful Rainbow Cheetah Print Tattoo

Add some color to your cheetah print or leopard print tattoo for something striking and bold. You don’t have to stick to black ink, or the typical tan color palette for your cheetah spots.

Realistic Cheetah Tattoo

This detailed and realistic cheetah tattoo is combined with an area of cheetah print for a striking big cat tattoo.

Cheetah on Guard

This cheetah on guard line art works as inspiration for a minimal and meaningful cheetah tattoo.

Cheetah Print and Dream Catcher Matching Sister Tattoos

Matching tattoos are a meaningful way to symbolise your connection to a loved one, these matching sister tattoos with cheetah print are gorgeous.

Roaring Cheetah Head Tattoo

As well as using cheetah spots for your tattoo, you could go for a full cheetah tattoo or even a cheetah head tattoo.

Here are a couple of ideas for inspiration.

Cheetah Print Crown Tattoo

Just like the cheetah, the crown is also a symbol of strength, and power, leadership and royalty.

Cheetah and Cheetah Print Tattoo

This striking tattoo combines the image of this powerful big cat, and the cheetah spots

Cheetah Print Feather Tattoo

Cheetah print combined with a feather tattoo is a lighter and more subtle way to incorporate this print into your tattoo

Cheetah Eyes Tattoo

These cheetah eyes have a piercing stare.

Cheetah Print Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is a popular placement for cheetah print tattoo, also legs, feet or even hands

Subtle Cheetah Print Tattoo Behind the Ear

Behind the ear is a more subtle and hidden location for your smaller cheetah print tattoo

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cheetah print tattoo meaning and gorgeous cheetah print tattoo inspiration
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