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By Anna Marikar

When it comes to choosing our tattoos, we tend to focus on the designs themselves—but as with most things, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at the meanings behind the star tattoo, and the symbolism of this common tattoo choice. What is the Star Tattoo Meaning?

If you are thinking about getting a star tattoo on your body, then read this article to get a deeper understanding of the meaning and ideas behind this tattoo.

star tattoo meanings, designs and inspiration

Meaning of the Star Tattoo

Do you know the meaning behind star tattoos? If not, you may be missing out on some amazing insights that may really resonate and leave you loving these gorgeous tattoo designs even more. 

The star is a simple, yet powerful, tattoo design that can be inked in many different ways to create something small and subtle, or striking and bold. The star symbol can be incorporated into something larger, even a full sleeve, to create your own meaningful and unique design.

Spiritually, stars relate to protection and guidance. Stars have been used throughout ancient history for navigation, so the star is a symbol of finding your way in life, to stay on the right path.

Stars are also said to represent our loved ones who have passed.

So, if you’re considering a star tattoo, then read on to learn more about what this tattoo means, and why it might be the perfect tattoo for you.

There are several meanings to a star tattoo, with different elements coming through stronger with certain star shapes, and styles, so let us break it down further.

Different Types of Star Tattoos

Stars are a popular symbol with significance in different cultures. Tattoos mean different things to different people, but we will share some inspiration on the various meanings that are well-known, and the symbolic meaning of the star tattoo.

Here are some star tattoo ideas, we will run through the main types of star tattoo designs and help you pick out the best star tattoos before you head to the tattoo parlor for your new tattoo.

If you’re thinking about getting a star tattoo, then read on for inspiration.

Nautical Star Tattoo

The nautical star is a black and white five pointed star, which typically symbolises good luck and is a symbol of finding your way home when lost at sea.

This star is a really popular choice with those in the armed forces – the military, navy and marines because of the meaning of being guided safely back home. For some, the star design also hints back to the stars in the American flag.

The nautical star is strongly related to Polaris, the Northern Star but the classic nautical star tattoo design tends to have shading of lighter and darker colors on the points, whereas many northern star tattoos are more subtle with line art.

North is also marked on nautical charts and compasses with a five pointed star, so this tattoo can often be combined with a compass or a compass rose.

Nautical tattoos in general are one of the most popular and well established tattoo themes, such as the anchor or the wave which are both very commonly seen.

nautical star tattoo meaning and design

Shooting Star Tattoo

A shooting star is the symbol of wishes. As the saying goes, when you wish upon a star, your dreams comes true.

For this reason, because these lyrics are found in a classic Disney song from the movie Pinocchio, the shooting star is a popular choice for Disney lovers and you might see it combined with imagery of the Disney castle, or with the words written in the Disney font.

disney when you wish upon a star tattoo
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A shooting star is another name for a meteor, flying through space and burning up as it breaks the earth’s atmosphere.

Shooting stars are quite rare to see, so they are a symbol of good luck, and of achieving your dreams.

A shooting star tattoo can be done in black ink as a minimalist tattoo as above, or a colored ink piece as below.

North Star Tattoo

Like we talked about, the North Star aka Polaris is a symbol of guidance, bringing sailors back home.

This star has been used for guidance and navigation since ancient times.

The North Star is a symbol of inspiration and hope. Polaris is actually not the brightest star in the night sky (that would be Sirius) but it’s definitely one of the most famous stars and one of the easiest to spot.

North Star tattoo meaning Polaris
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Single Star Tattoo

A single star tattoo is a super simple tattoo design that can be done as small or as large as you like. This is a popular choice and a great option for matching tattoos, when you want something pretty simple.

A popular placement for your single star tattoo is on the back or on the neck, behind your hair line. They are also popular on the shoulder blades, ankle, lower back, or hip, so find the perfect place for you.

The simple star tattoo can either be filled and shaded, like below, or just an open star outline.

simple star tattoo meaning

5 Point Star Tattoo

Like we talked about with the simple star, this is most commonly seen in the form of a five point star and it can be shaded like the one above or just a simple line art depicting the outline of a star shape.

A five point star is also called a pentagram.

what does a star tattoo mean

The simple star has one point at the top, and then completes four more points to create a star, but when you have a star with the points of the stars facing downwards the meaning is different.

A downwards pointing pentagram, or inverted pentagram is related to the occult, and is a widely used symbol of Satanism, often combined with a goat’s head.

inverted pentagram star meaning

6 Point Star Tattoo

The 6 pointed star, or Star of David, is a religious symbol with a long history.

The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism and is immediately recognisable due to the way this symbol was used in the 2nd world war, as a symbol of oppression. Because of this, the meaning of the 6 pointed star of David is now linked to martyrdom, heroism and pride in the Jewish identity.

Originally the meaning of the 6 point star was linked to the 6 days of creation, and also to the 6 attributes of God – power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice.

The six point star is also made up of two triangles, so it’s said that the upward’s pointing triangle represents all things holy – Heaven, God, and the Soul. Whereas the downwards pointing triangle represents Earth, man, body and material things. The star brings both of these two element’s together as one.

interlocked star of david design

Constellation Tattoos

Constellations are beautiful groupings of stars that we see in the night sky. This is a meaningful and beautiful choice for a tattoo and can be incorporated into a larger design, like this beautifully inked tattoo below, with a gorgeous galaxy of bright colors.

You can also create an elegant tattoo with simple minimalist line art, linking to your zodiac constellation to create a design that is personal to you, with your own meaning, like this tattoo design below with the Scorpio zodiac constellation.

star constellation tattoo design

For a softer feminine edge, you can combine the zodiac constellations with a floral design. We love this beautiful combination of the floral and the celestial, which really allows you to stay in your feminine energy.

floral constellations
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Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

The crescent moon and star symbol is a symbol of Islam, but these symbols also have many spiritual meanings. The moon is a symbol of femininity.

A moon and star tattoo with multiple stars is said to represent family, with the moon representing a mother and the stars representing children.

crescent moon star tattoo design

Celestial Sun, Moon and Stars Tattoo

This simple tattoo idea combines the sun, moon and stars all together in one minimalist tattoo with blank ink.

This is a gorgeous small tattoo design, symbolising a connection to the natural world and oneness with the universe.

celestial tattoo minimal
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Tribal Star Tattoo

A tribal style star tattoo is one of the more masculine presenting star tattoos, along with the nautical star. This type of tattoo can be done in different sizes, made quite big and bold or incorporated into a full sleeve.

tribal star tattoo meaning

Celtic Star Tattoo

The celtic star is a three pointed star, symbolising protection, strength and honour.

Read more about celtic symbols for your tattoo here.

Groups of Stars Tattoo

The number of stars you choose to include in your tattoo can also have significance for the meaning.

Each number has a meaning, whether it’s angel numbers you see, or numbers with a personal significant such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Parents may choose to have for example three stars – one to represent each child.

three stars tattoo meaning

Tiny Stars Tattoo

Whether you have one small star tattoo or a cluster of stars. tiny star designs are a beautiful option for a subtle and small tattoo, with plenty of meaning.

The placement of these could be your shoulder blade, ankle, or even a finger tattoo.

tiny stars tattoo meaning

Mandala Star Tattoo

A mandala is typically a symbol of balance, spirituality and perfection. The interconnected design of a Mandala relates to the never ending cycle of the universe, eternity and how we are all connected.

When a mandala tattoo is combined with a star shape, this tattoo design takes on the meaning and symbolism of both the star and the mandala.

mandala star design

Star Ertsgamma Symbol Tattoo

The Ertsgamma is an Ancient Christian symbol of good luck, which includes a cross at the center of the star.

This star has 12 rays or points, and it’s meaning relates to harmony.

ertsgamma star tattoo meaning

I’m a Star Tattoo

Your star tattoo can be combined with words, for a personal design, with significant meaning to your life.

im a star tattoo design

This tattoo, reading I’m a star, with the star symbol, is a reminder to believe in yourself, and always keep high self esteem. It is also a reminder to keep you going through tough times.

Star Tattoo With Meaningful Words

You can also combine multiple words within the star shape itself, like this bold and impactful tattoo design shown below.

Check out more ideas for meaningful word tattoos here

Music Note Star Tattoos

This cute musical star design combines music notes to create the shape of a star.

This design is perfect for those with a passion for music, as a reminder to keep pursuing your dreams, and become a star.

music note star tattoo design
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More Geometric Star Designs for Tattoos

Here are a few more geometric star designs for inspiration, whether you prefer rounded points, sharp points, five points, four points and so on.

These geometric stars could be your starting point to jump off into a full sleeve design, whether you want the star as a symbol of protection, or as a memorial to family members or loved ones who have passed, or as a reminder to follow your dreams.

geometric star tattoo design
geometric four point star tattoo design
geometric star tattoo design
geometric star tattoo design

We hope you found our list of star designs helpful and found some inspiration for your new ink.

In conclusion, when it comes to tattoos, they are not just a fashion statement anymore.

Tattoos can symbolize something that has happened in the past, something that represents who we are today, and something that we hope will happen in the future.

A tattoo is meant to make a statement about who we are, and your tattoo artist is going to help you express this in the most beautiful way. They will create a custom design that makes the statement even stronger.

So before you go to your tattoo artist to tell her what she should draw on your skin, try to figure out the message you are trying to send and ask yourself what tattoo design is going to make that statement stronger.

meaning of star tattoo

A tattoo should reflect who you are and the emotions you feel. That’s why it’s so important to choose a design and color scheme that truly represents you. And don’t forget to take care of your new ink by learning how to clean and care for your new tattoo. 

Here are some more popular design ideas with a specific meaning, if you still need more tattoo inspiration check out these symbolic ideas and see what resonates. Good luck!


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