What does Angel Number One Mean? 1 Angel Number Meaning Explained

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By Anna Marikar

Have you been noticing the number 1 everywhere – maybe 111? or 11:11?

You see it on the time when you look at the clock, on a license plate, in phone numbers and addresses.

But why does it feel like this number is trying to catch your attention?

We will walk you through the Angel Number 1 Meaning. Let us help you out if you have been asking yourself “Why am I seeing the number 1 and what does it symbolise?”

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What are Angel Numbers?

First up, if you’re new to this let’s explain what exactly are angel numbers.

Angel numbers can be sequences of numbers or individual numbers, but commonly come in groups of three like 111, 222 or 333.

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Different numbers have different meanings and they can bring important messages from the Universe, from your guardian angels, spirit guides or whatever universal energies and divine power you believe in – if you’re willing to pay close attention and be aware of the numbers that you see.

Angel numbers are called angel numbers to indicate that they carry a message from something more divine than ourselves.

These messages are a positive thing and can be taken as encouragement for your spiritual journey.

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Angel Number 111

As we mentioned, angel numbers often come with this repetition and you may see number sequences with the number three times. So it comes as no surprise, that angel number 111 is one of the most frequently seen.

Angel numbers repeating three times like this are trinity numbers, and it indicates that the full potential of that number’s energy is present.

The repeating numbers in 111 indicates the amplification of that energy three times.

What is the meaning of Angel Number 1?

Angel Number One is strongly associated with new beginnings, a fresh start, or a new chapter. It is also associated less strongly with creativity and good luck.

Angel number 1 is one of the most popular and well-known angel numbers. It is also known as the messenger of peace, as it comes to reassure that you are going in the right direction.

angel number 111

This comforting angel number is often used to signify a message of reassurance and peace. This is an excellent number to have in your life, especially if you are facing challenges.

You may also see this powerful number being used to remind you that someone loves you and is rooting for you.

The number 1 also symbolises abundance and prosperity, it is linked to manifestation.

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Why am I seeing Angel Number 1?

When you see the repeated appearance of an angel number appearance of angel, pay close attention.

Angel number 1 is a powerful angel number which is like a green light from your guardian angels to let you know that you are on the right track and the right path.

Seeing the appearance of angel number 1 is a very positive sign, and when you frequently see this angel number it can only mean good things.

If you’re wondering can 11:11 be a warning? No – this number is never a bad thing. So, if you’re going through changes and things feel tough, take this number as a sign to hold on and keep your energy positive because these new changes will bring only good to you.

However, it can be a reminder to get rid of negative thoughts and negative energy, to accept the new things coming to your life, and to continually practice gratitude.

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Angel Number 1 and New Beginnings

Like we talked about, angel number 1 is strongly associated with new changes, a new phase, or new opportunities. 111 is a number with a high frequency, and is considered to be an optimistic number, with very positive energy.

Angel number 1 is considered a master number. 11, 22 and 33 are the master numbers so if you have these in your birth chart is can signify the ability to be a great leader. 1 in particular is a symbol of leadership.

Take this angel number as a message from your spiritual guides to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try those new experiences you’ve been considering.

Maybe there are major changes, like a new job in your professional life, or a new romantic relationship for your love life… whatever it may be, this number is a divine message to remind you that these changes and new opportunities are good changes and positive things. Keep going!

Maybe you are coming out of a difficult situation or toxic relationship and into a new cycle. Take this number as a sign and a gentle reminder that you are making the right decisions, and that you need this new start.

Seeing the angel number 1 is a beautiful form of encouragement from the universe.

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Spiritual Symbolism of Angel Number 1

The number 1 has a lot of significance spirituality, in all kinds of religions and beliefs.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 1 connects with the unity of God, which connects with the spiritual understanding of how everything in the universe is intertwined and connected.

This principal of oneness is universal among all religions, from tawheed in Islam to Oneness in Spirituality and Buddhism.

The concept of numerology is also very significant in tarot, and the meaning of the tarot cards.

Consistently seeing angel number 111 can indicate or refer to an ongoing spiritual awakening. It

The meaning of Angel number 1 in relation to twin flames, indicates twin flame reunion. It’s a sign that you are ready for a new beginning with your twin flame, and if you have been in a period of separation, this may be drawing to an end.

So… if angel number 1 has been popping up everywhere, we hope this gives you a little more insight to what it signifies, and what it could mean for your life.

Be encouraged – it’s a very good sign.

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Angel number 1, 111, 11:11 is associated with new beginnings, fresh start and is a sign of reassurance and peace from the universe
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  1. This is a lovely read. I often notice the clock at 11.11am, and 1.11pm. I live at number 11 on my street, and my birthday is the 11th of the month.
    I do feel a little buzz of happiness when I see these numbers.


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