How to Write a Manifestation List and Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

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By Anna Marikar

What do you want out of life? Are you ready to create it?

In this article, you’ll discover the best strategies for writing down your goals, vision and dreams and then manifesting them into reality, with your own Manifestation List.

Most people have dreams or visions they’d like to achieve in life, but we are often hindered by our self-limiting beliefs about being able to succeed.

So what can you do to get past those limiting beliefs and achieve more?

Writing a manifestation list is a powerful and effective tool for bringing your dreams into reality, and attracting the future you want for yourself.

What Is a Manifestation List?

what does manifestation mean

A manifestation list is a powerful tool that can help you get clear on what you want to create in your life and get moving towards creating it.

Put simply, a manifestation list is a list of your desires written down in the present tense, to help your subconscious mind believe and understand that these achievements already belong to you.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is a concept or philosophy about positive energy and positive thoughts attracting positive things into your life, and vice versa for negative thoughts and negative energy.

This is a universal principal that we will attract whatever it is that we focus on. So, if you are focused on your dreams and actively expecting these things to come into your life, then the Universe (or God) will bring these to you.

Why You Need to Write a Manifestation List

writing a manifestation list

When life gets too hard, it’s easy to want to give up. In fact, the pressure and stress of daily life can often feel unbearable.

We may think that we just can’t live up to expectations, or that we’re not good enough. But when we do this, we’re actually sabotaging ourselves.

Writing a manifestation list, or manifestation letter, and actively expecting these positive things for your life will help you move forward, achieve your goals, and feel more in control of your life.

The act of writing is much more powerful than just thinking about your desires and wishes in the abstract.

Putting pen to paper and writing with your own hand can be more powerful than typing on a computer or phone. There is something very powerful about the written word, so this manifestation technique is very popular and for good reason.

So, write down all the things you want in life. Then create a plan to achieve those dreams.

how to write a manifestation list

When best to write a manifestation list?

You can write your manifestation list whenever you have a clear mind, space to think and space to write without interruptions.

Writing your manifestations before sleeping is a very good time to pick for this task, because your mind will be relaxed and then can process these thoughts and dreams while sleeping.

Many people also like to manifest on a new moon, because a new moon is all about new beginnings. It’s a great time to set new intentions, and make new fresh starts.

manifesting on a new moon

How to Make a Manifestation List in 10 Simple Steps

It can be daunting to know how to get started with manifestation.

If the topic feels overwhelming, use this step by step guide to create your own manifestation list or dream list, and manifest your dreams into reality.

1. Choose your notepad or journal

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose your journal or notepad for the manifestation.

You can write on a piece of paper but many people prefer to use a separate journal. You might like to choose a new journal to use specifically for your manifestation lists, and of course choose a journal that you will enjoy writing in – something pretty, or something that fits in aesthetically with the type of dream life you are ready to create.

If your manifestation is going to focus mostly on your job and career goals, then choose a businesslike journal to get yourself into that mindset.

Whereas, if you are focused on manifesting romance and a simple lifestyle then go with something that reflects that.

The reason you may want to write on a single piece of paper is if you are planning to manifest on a new moon, and leave that manifestation list outside under the moon to charge.

2. Give yourself the right space and environment to write

You want to write your manifestation list in an environment where you are free of distractions, calm and peaceful so that you can take your time and focus properly on the task.

Before you start you could set the tone of the room or physical space with some incense or essential oils

Or take some time for meditation to get yourself into the right frame of mind, a peaceful positive mindset.

writing a manifestation list in a calm environment

3. Create a list of everything you want for yourself and your future

The best way to manifest is to be clear and specific, the more details the better.

You can include everything from small things, to your deepest desires.

It is super important to write the manifestatiton list in the present tense with positive statements. This is a key part of the manifestation technique.

What are good things to manifest?

This totally depends on you! Some popular ones are

  • New Job or Dream Job
  • New Car
  • Soulmate
  • New Relationship
  • New House
  • Money in Your Bank Account
  • Success and Recognition in Work or Your Business
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Friendships

4. Prioritize

The next step is to evaluate your list and filter out what is not important, so that you can focus on things that truly are important to you.

There are no limits on what you can manifest, but read back your list and make sure everything really resonates with exactly what you want in life so that you are focused on what you really want and need.

5. Trust the process, and don’t doubt.

Expect your wishes with confidence. This part is so important, and without it your manifestation process can not work.

You have to really believe that your list, and your dream life are realistic, achievable, and will happen. So write the list, and be confident that these things will be coming your way.

Manifesting is not a fairytale, you are writing a real list for your own life.

6. Be Open To Receiving Your Desires

This is an important step, sometimes we say that we want something but actually we are blocking it somehow, and not open to receiving it into our lives.

When an opportunity comes up, you need to take it.

Do not block or reject gifts from the Universe. If you want to manifest a new job, and then an opportunity for an interview falls into your hands, but you make an excuse not to go for it… you may be blocking the exact opportunity you said that you wanted to happen.

7. Visualize or Create a Vision Board

Being able to really visualize your dream life and your future is key, that’s why adding so many little details and being clear helps so much.

You may find that creating a Vision Board helps with this step.

making a vision board

8. Begin Living Your Dream

Now that you’ve set your goals and written your manifestation list, you need to take action towards the life that you want.

This is so important, and makes a huge difference in the whole process. For example, if you want to achieve better health and fitness, then get yourself to the gym, or work out at home, and see yourself moving in the right direction.

Take whatever steps you can, to start living the life you want to have.

9. Be Patient

Achieving your dream life can take time, so trust the process, keep working towards it and don’t give up. Just because your manifestations don’t appear right in front of your face the next morning, does not mean your manifestation process won’t be successful.

Give it time, trust the universe timing, and keep doing your part to attract everything you want.

10. Practice Gratitude

gratitude journal

The last step is to show gratitude. Have a positive focus and show appreciation for everything you have in the present.

Gratitude attracts abundance, and gratitude always attracts good. Feeling appreciative and grateful for what you already have is such a powerful energy and emotion, and should not be overlooked.

You could also write an appreciation list or gratitude list (check out our example gratitude lists, and printable here) to go along with your manifestation list.

Now, get ready for successful manifestation, and your dream life.

Using a Manifestation List to Transform Your Life

Read back over your list regularly, speak your true desires out loud and speak them into existence.

How to Keep Your Manifestation List Updated

Continue to revise and update your manifestation list as your goals and priorities change over time.

You may need to create a whole new manifestation list as time goes on and your current situation changes.

Over time, you may achieve everything on your original manifestation list and then it’s time to think even bigger, and attract something else into your future to add to what you have already been blessed with.

In conclusion, the most important part of this process is to stop making excuses for why you can’t manifest.

Allow yourself to expect good, be open to it, and trust the process. You are deserving of good things, and you need to expect them for yourself, and let them flow towards you.

When you focus on being grateful for what you already have, and start working on manifesting what you want to add to that, you are setting yourself up for success.

Let go of what isn’t working, and focus on your own vision for your future. You have the choice to change your situation.

The most important thing in this is to be focused and committed to following through on your goals. So, set some goals for your self, and start focusing on them today.

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