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By Anna Marikar

We have a few different versions of Bullet Journal Dot Grid Free Printable Pages to share with you all today. Download these free bullet journal printables in PDF format for easy printing, at the end of this blog post.

The Free Printable Dot Grid Paper Bullet Journal Pages in this blog post include

  • Plain black dot grid bullet journal paper
  • Plain black dot grid bullet journal paper with days of the week titles (2 versions)
  • Grey dot bullet journal paper with watercolour floral designs at the bottom and days of the week headers.

You can print each page as many times as you need. This is perfect if you want to practice different designs, layouts or experiment with your BuJo style.

free printable dot grid paper with days of the week for journal and planners

Why use Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journaling?

Using a dotted notebook, or dot grid paper, it is easier to draw straight lines, and mark out different sections of your page by creating boxes – with or without a ruler.

Dot grid paper gives you more freedom to work with than lined paper, but more structure than plain paper.

A dot grid is more gentle than squared paper, although fulfilling a similar function. It has a more subtle and soft aesthetic with just the dots and none of the rigid lines and angles.

You can also read our introduction to bullet journals post if you need more background on bullet journals to help you get started with your BuJo and to get some inspiration flowing.

A few Common questions about Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journalling

What can you do with dot grid paper?

This paper can have so many uses, from daily planner, to fitness trackers, finance tracker, planning workouts or meals, a space to practice calligraphy, doodling, organised checklists, tracking your goals or hydration and the ideas go on and on!

Bullet journals are a great way to keep on top of new healthy habits and feel in control of everything that you need to do.

Can kids use dot grid paper for journaling?

Yes, this type of paper gives you creative freedom and can be used by all ages.

Kids may enjoy using these pages for gratitude journaling, reflecting on their day, or setting their own goals.

Is it cheating to use dot grid paper for your bullet journal?

Nooo. Anything that makes life easier is a positive in our eyes.

What’s the difference between dot grid paper and graph paper / squared paper?

Once you’ve completed your journal page, or written your notes, you will notice that the dot grid background is a lot more subtle, and less noticeable than the grids of graph paper would have been.

Plain Black Dot Grid Bullet Journal Paper

plain black dot grid paper for bullet journal. free printable dot grid paper.

Days of the Week Bullet Journal Planner Pages

These come in two versions, with the plain text and with the Week day name with added length to the pen strokes.

free printable dot grid bullet journal planner pages with dot grid pattern

Plain lettering

free printable dot grid paper for bullet journal planner

Flourished lettering Bullet Journal Planner Pages

free printable dot grid pages

Floral Bullet Journal Planner Pages

These pages come with a grey dot grid background and added floral designs on the bottom of each page, along with the days of the week.

You can use these to mix things up, add some color or even inspire your own floral drawings and doodling in a similar style.

free printable bullet journal dot grid paper

All seven days of the week have a different floral design, including leaves and succulents.

Download Plain Dot Grid Bullet Journal Pages

In this PDF file there is a page of totally plain dot grid bullet journal paper.

There are also day of the week titled pages, with two versions each. These pages have a black dot grid for your bullet journalling.

Our PDF files will print on A4 paper by default. You may be able to change your settings in your printer if you need this plain dot grid paper in your preferred size.

Download Floral Bullet Journal Pages

This printable Bullet Journal Pages Pack has 7 pages each with the day of the week written at the top and a watercolour floral design at the bottom.

These pages have a grey dot grid background, perfect for bullet journalling.

Our PDF files will print on A4 paper by default. You may be able to change your settings in your printer if you need these bullet journal planner pages in other sizes.

Getting Organised

If you struggle to maintain a sense of being organised, and find yourself putting things off then check out our procrastination checklist to see if you can get to the root of the problem, and make a change. A bullet journal habit can definitely help!

Journal Prompts

In case you need some ideas for your new found journalling hobby, here are some of our most popular journal prompts that you can use to kick start your creativity.

Bullet Journals are amazing for organising, but it’s also fun to create some pages where you can let your thoughts flow. Maybe you could answer one question prompt a day? This is a nice way to take some time for yourself!

Over 90 Thought Provoking Journal Prompts

2022 Calendars

Need traditional printable calendars for the entire year? Check out our woo commerce shop where you can get digital downloads in three different designs.

We also have free printable templates for 2022 calendars for kids over on our sister site In The Playroom.


Please feel free to share this grid paper free printables set with friends and family. We love to see our posts shared on Pinterest!

Free printable bullet journal dot grid pages and days of the week calendar pages for planners

Thanks so much, and happy journalling. We hope you enjoy!

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