15 Types of Journals. Which One is Right for You?

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By Anna Marikar

Let’s take a look at 15 different types of journals you can create. Everyone is different and one type may suit you more than another.

For some people, having more than one type of journal is the best way to keep everything organized and better streamlined.

When you have more than one type of journal, you can simply go to the specific journal to work on one issue at a time or keep something organized so you can make better decisions.

Bullet Journals

We have a whole post to explain what are bullet journals, and give you the 411. To put it simply, this type of journal is useful for anyone who has lots of to-do lists, loves using a pen and paper, and who enjoys goal tracking.

Your journal should have a table of contents that you create as you add to the journal so you can find things. You will use symbols, colors, and lines or dot grid paper to make your bullet journal.

With a bullet journal it is really visual so you should be able to understand at a glance what there is on the page when you glance at each one.

Vision Journals

We have all heard of vision boards but what is a Vision Journal? It’s very similar, and is a journal that you can use to help focus on your goals and vision.

The way it works is that you set up the journal to have only one goal per page. Then you can write words, add pictures, or draw something that enables you to make plans to reach that goal. When you do reach the goal, be sure to go back and add the date of achievement.

Line a Day Journals

The name tells us exactly what this journal is, and it’s great for those who are short on time.

With a line a day journal, you write down only one line a day. You will simply write in the journal a short line about what you did that day. It should be only a sentence or two at the most, and should not take up that much space in your journal.

Some people like using a calendar and a pen for this.

Classic Journal

This is simply a diary, and you can write whatever you want in it every day. It can be long, short, or you can skip days if you want to. The classic journal is just like the diary that you maybe kept as a child. You write whatever you want in it daily.

Some people like to use a plain notebook for this, or a lockable diary. You can even use a journal app on your phone, the one I use is called Day One and it can be password protected.

Period Tracker Journal

Ladies, it’s so important to be connected to our bodies, our cycles and our natural rhythms so this is a journal worth adding to your collection.

You may prefer to use a notebook, or keep track within an app (like P Tracker)

As well as noting your period start and finish days, and length of cycle you can track how you feel during the month, physically and emotionally around ovulation, before and after your period.

Prayer Journal

This is a particular type of journal where you essentially act like your diary or journal is your higher power. Write God your prayers instead of saying them. Write them down so you remember them and can look back on them.

Dream Journal

Some people really like tracking their dreams because they believe that dreams provide signs for life. If you want to track your dreams, you have to train yourself to write in your dream journal every morning while you still remember the dream. Write about the dream and then research what it means and write about that too.

Food Journal

Write down everything you eat every day. Some people like to include the calorie contents and so forth. It can also help to write down why you eat it, how you felt about eating it, and things like that.

Some people also like to use an app to track this as it makes it easier to track the calories or the macros, it depends what level of detail you are after.

Travel Journal

A beautiful way to remember your travels is to keep a travel journal. Some people like making one for each trip so that itís easier to remember. You can write your thoughts in your journal, but you can also attach tickets, pics, and memories.

Gratitude Journal

This is just what it sounds like. It is a journal where you record each day what you’re most thankful for and grateful for. Nothing can be negative in this journal because itís designed to help you think more positively.

Check out our example gratitude lists to help you get started.

Junk Journal

If you are creative, and enjoy recycling, upcycling and finding ways to express yourself then a junk journal could be for you.

A junk journal is similar to a scrap book, using rescued pieces of paper or old tickets and so on, but the key is to use things that otherwise would have ended up in the bin. Then you can decorate your pages, but also write down thoughts and feelings within it, and preserve memories.

Burn Book

You don’t literally have to burn it, but the concept with this type of journal is to let everything out and then destroy it.

Either burn the pages, or scribble all over it afterwards, rip it up, soak in water, whatever you feel most comfortable.

This type of journalling is about releasing and letting go.

Reading Log Journal

If you are an avid reader, keep a list or a log of all the books you’ve read over the year.

This one will be great to look back on, remember some of your favorite reads and it’s also a great way to keep track so you can share recommendations with friends and vice versa.

Project Journal

This is a handy journal to keep, especially for anyone who regularly works on projects. Keeping a journal of each project you work on that records actions taken, results, and data, will help you improve every project, improve productivity and avoid procrastination, and it will also help you look back on this one with excitement.

Journal with Prompts

If you suffer from brain freeze when it comes to writing, a journal with prompts can be a game changer.

Each page would have a question, line, or something to prompt and provoke some thoughts. Then you just answer the questions, and soon you’re comfortable with the habits of journaling.

Here are a few of our journal prompts that you can print

If you want to journal to help work through a problem, keeping specific journals for different things is an effective way to go about it. It is also a great way to store your thoughts and memories for the future in a more organized and useful manner.

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