Free Printable Winter Holiday Journal with 30 Journal Prompts

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By Anna Marikar

Christmas is a time that brings up all kinds of feelings and memories.

It is traditionally a time for family, and a time of fun but it’s also a time that can get some of us in our feelings and a time where we might benefit from reflecting and writing down some of our feelings so that we can process them.

Today we have a free printable journal, including 30 journal prompts with questions that will help you share some thoughts about the holiday season.

free printable christmas holiday journal with 30 journal prompts questions included to help you write

Using journal prompts helps to get you writing, especially if you are new to journalling or find it hard to open up, even just to yourself on paper.

Recently we shared a huge list of 90 thought provoking journal prompts for mental health, and today it’s time for us to turn towards the holiday season.

30 Holiday Journal Prompts

Use the following questions and prompts to get you thinking, writing and reflecting on the Holiday season which is upon us…

30 days of journal prompts for christmas December

As always, take the ones which resonate and leave the ones which don’t work so well for you. If you like all or most of these, you can print out the entire journal including the prompts and the cover at the bottom of the post.

1. What is a new holiday tradition you want to start this year?

2. What are some goals you have for the holiday season?

3. How do you help your community during the holidays?

4. How are you teaching your kids about giving?

5. Describe your earliest holiday memory from childhood.

6. What holiday traditions are underrated?

7. What holiday traditions are overrated?

8. What do you hope will be different this holiday season?

9. What are some things you are looking forward to with family?

10. Do you have any holiday traditions with your friends?

11. What are you putting on your bucket list for the holidays?

12. If you could receive any gift for Christmas, what would it be?

13. What is a gift you always wanted, but never received?

14. Do you have plans for the New Year?

15. What are your favorite types of decorations?

christmas journal writing

16. What was the best handmade gift you ever received?

17. What is the best handmade gift you made for someone else?

18. How do you set your budget for holiday shopping?

19. Do you participate in Black Friday shopping?

20. Are there holiday traditions you feel are outdated?

21. What holiday festivities do you want to bring back?

22. How will you focus on your physical health this holiday season?

23. How will you focus on your mental health this holiday season?

24. What are you trying to be more thankful for?

25. What are you manifesting this holiday season?

26. Write a holiday letter to the first person who comes to mind.

27. How are you balancing productivity with festivities?

28. How soon do you begin preparing for the holidays?

29. Do you send out holiday pictures and cards?

30. What do you want to work on for next year?

These 30 holiday Journal prompts are enough to see you pretty much through the entire month of December (if you would like to take a day off for Christmas Day…)

Maybe these prompts and questions will give you a nudge on some more topics you want to write about too. They are a great starting point, and once you get started writing and journalling, often your mind will get carried away with even more things you would like to write and talk about.

See the journal prompts as a conversation opener, to give you a head start and the rest is up to you.


Download the free printable journal PDF file below.

Print out and bind together to make your own holiday journal for one month of holiday journalling in December.

By writing on these journal prompts for 30 days, maybe you will kick start a journal habit that could last a life time!

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30 days of holiday journal prompts for December. Thought provoking journalling prompts for the Christmas season with free printable journal

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Happy writing! and Happy Holidays!

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