My Go-To Morning Manifestation Practice

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By Anna Marikar

I first discovered the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in 2009, and since then, I have used it to completely transform my life! I highly recommend starting a daily morning manifestation practice for anyone embarking on a Law of Attraction journey. It’s like a secret recipe for starting the day on a high note and setting the tone for some serious morning manifestation success.

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Consistency: The Magical Ingredient

A daily morning manifestation practice is the name of the game if you’re truly serious about seeing those manifestation results. When it comes to manifestation, consistency is the key. As much as we would all love to press a magic button and our lives change entirely, that sadly is not reality.

If you want to see real change in your life, you need to show up every day. Incorporating a daily practice is an essential component of success.

And let’s be honest, what better time to infuse your day with some positive juju than by kickstarting it with a solid morning manifestation practice?

Morning Vibration Boost

Have you ever wondered why some days feel like a breeze while others are more akin to uphill climbs? Well, let me tell you, it’s all about those morning vibes!

This is why starting your day with a morning manifestation practice is like turning on your internal generator and cranking your good vibes to the max.

It means you’re embracing the day with the highest energy possible, and trust me; the Universe takes notice. It’s like wearing your lucky socks or writing with your favourite pen, except it’s your entire being radiating good morning manifestation vibes, which can only ever be a good thing!

A Glimpse into My Morning Magic

You might think I sound overly confident when I wax lyrical about manifestation but guess what? I’ve experienced the transformation firsthand, and I want nothing more than for you to experience the same joy.

Since I started my daily morning manifestation practice, I’ve noticed some serious up levelling in my manifestation game. A morning practice makes me laser-focused, with motivation through the roof and an overall happiness buzz that’s quite frankly contagious. I start my day with my best foot forward and with an energy that makes me feel like I can take on anything.

Starting the day in this way means that my manifestations are instantly propelled. For me, morning manifestation is like weaving my dreams into reality using cosmic threads. It’s tapping into the Universe and downloading the life I want, one day at a time. 

My Morning Manifestation Practice

It might sound like a cliche, but if you want change, you have to show up; it all starts from there. Consistency in your morning practice isn’t just as simple as ticking a box.

So what do I do? First, I give all social media and tech the morning off – I no longer reach for a doom scroll before I’ve even pulled myself from bed!

The first 30 minutes are all about me. I kickstart the day with some gratitude – appreciating the here and now and everything already on its way to me.

Then, I settle into meditation mode – visualising my day ahead and deciding exactly how I want it to go.

Finally, I take time to reaffirm my visualisation and reflect using my journal

My Key Tools: Meditation, Gratitude, and Journaling

The top three tools that make my morning manifestation practice what it is are meditation, gratitude, and journaling.

Although every day can vary, this is the main structure of my morning manifestation practice.

Each element is powerful and important in its own right.

Meditation helps me tap into and align with the Universe, gratitude raises my vibration and fuels my positivity, and journaling affirms my intentions.

Morning vs. Evening Manifestation – Does It Matter?

If I hadn’t made it clear enough already, I really am an advocate for morning practices.

I personally find that it really sets me up for a good day ahead – and who doesn’t want that?

When I used to do my practice in the evening, my energy levels were more on the flat side, and the events of the day really impacted how successful I was.

I was allowing the day to shape my practice rather than shaping it how I wanted with my practice.

Ultimately manifestation is a unique and individual journey, and for some people, an evening practice fits better with an individual’s lifestyle. You have to do what sparks joy in you, and the only way to find out is to give both a try and settle for what you feel is the most successful.

Start Small & Build From There

Remember, your mornings are the first moments of your day, and each day is a blank canvas. Start small and grow your practice based on what feels good to you.

Feeling good is crucial to manifestation, so it should be the ultimate focus.

After just a few days, you will start to see those big shifts, which will catalyse change. Good luck and happy manifesting! 

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