12 Easy Everyday Healthy Habits for Clear Skin

It’s no secret that having clear, healthy, glowing skin is a dream for many people. However, achieving it isn’t always easy. You can spend hundreds of dollars on fancy skincare products and research beauty secrets for hours and hours and get nowhere. But what if it was simpler than we thought? What if to get the skin you want it was more about those little healthy habits you make along the way?

We will walk you through 12 super simple steps that you can include in your every day routine to give your skin the best chance of thriving, glowing and looking it’s best naturally.

If you want to be free from the time and money constraints of expensive treatments and products, all you need is a few simple habits with consistency that will soon help your skin to glow. I experienced this myself, when I rolled back my skin care routine to something much more basic with great results.

Healthy habits for clear skin

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Adult Coloring Pages for Autumn With Inspirational Quotes About Change [Free Printables]

Adult coloring is a great way to take a little break, and take your mind of stress for a minute while you recharge and re focus. So many of us are constantly rushing around, always busy and barely take a moment to stop and sit with our thoughts.

Coloring has gained in popularity so much over recent years, and it is a really beneficial mindfulness tool to allow us to slow down. Activities like this can really help to feel grounded as you take some time out and reflect on the motivational quotes that you are coloring.

Autumn mandalas free printable coloring book

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10 Profound Life Changes You Can Experience by Meditating

Meditation is not just about quieting your mind. It’s about changing the way you perceive, interact with, and think about yourself, others, and the world around you. It can be a very personal journey to find your true self through meditation.

Today, we will walk you through 10 profound life changes that could happen when you start meditating.


Though meditation has been around for thousands of years, it’s only now that meditation is becoming mainstream. Even the conservative medical community is singing the praises of meditation.

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