Speaking Things into Existence with the Law of Attraction (3 Simple Exercises)

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By Anna Marikar

These 3 Law of Attraction exercises will help you achieve whatever it is you really want.

What is the Law of Attraction?

what is the law of attraction

The law of attraction is based on the principal of “Like attracts like” so positive thoughts will bring positive experiences and negative thoughts will bring negative experiences.

The energy you send out, affects the energy you attract.

By surrounding yourself with certain thoughts, certain energy, and operating on a certain level – the universe will reciprocate that and match your energy.

positive attracts positive law of attraction manifesting

There are actually three principals of the law of attraction

  1. Like attracts like
  2. Nature abhors a vacuum
  3. The present is always perfect.
law of attraction three principals

So, we talked about the first principal already.

The last principal “the present is always perfect” is also quite easy to understand.

This relates to accepting your current reality. We don’t always need to be chasing happiness in terms of “I will be so happy when I achieve X” “I will feel so great once Y is over and done with” “Once I lose weight I will feel so good about myself”

These things may be true but we can also be happy RIGHT NOW, and we need to understand that maybe where we are right now, is where we need to be right now.

Take the good from it, trust the process, feel deep gratitude for the positives of our current reality and expect good things with confidence and without doubt.

But, what does “nature abhors a vacuum” mean? This one is a Physics principal that refers to the way that unfilled spaces go against the typical laws of physics. Think about how if you have a gas or a liquid and an empty space, then the particles will expand to fit that space, because nature doesn’t like empty spaces.

Put simply this means that by removing negative things from your life, you are making more room for positive things to flow in.

positive thoughts

Is the law of attraction the same as manifesting?

The law of attraction is made up of these three principals that we just talked about. Understanding and using these laws of attraction in our lives and attitudes makes it really natural to manifest the things that we want to attract.

How to Speak It Into Existence?

There are techniques that you can use in order to make the Law of Attraction work for you so that you can get what you want out of life.

Speaking your dreams out loud is a very powerful thing. If you have friends who are on the same mindset, you can do this together.

Another great example is when you are at the start of a relationship and you feel a connection, you are both excited, and start planning a future together. You literally speak it into existence.

Dare to dream. Dream out loud, Believe in your future plans and dreams with conviction, and follow it up with action.

hope dream believe words

Learn How to Meditate Using Creative Visualization

If you are interested in utilizing the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential, make sure that you begin each day with meditation.

Meditation is important as it brings your focus toward what you desire and what you expect for that day.

Pick whichever style of meditation you prefer, whether meditating with transcendental mantras, crystal meditation or meditating with incense.


While meditating, incorporate creative visualisation.

Creative Visualization is a powerful tool in creating the feelings behind the desire. It is not enough to just meditate on something you wish to attract into your life, visualizing brings it to life.

Creative Visualization takes it one step further by incorporating the feelings you are feeling as you see yourself

  • Receive the reward
  • Get the love you desire
  • Increase your financial status

As you embrace the feelings of joy and happiness, you will see that more joy and happiness will enter your life. Creating visualization makes this happen by using your emotions as triggers.

Learn the Art of Being Grateful

Being grateful means truly understanding how much we already do have without asking for any more. When you are in a state of gratitude, so many more things to be grateful for come our way.

This links with the third law of attraction – the present is always perfect.

Take a look around you, there is so much to be grateful for, but you need to stand up and take notice. When you start to understand the simple blessing such as butterflies or flowers that envelope your life, you will feel more joy. Once you feel more joy, you will manifest more joyful events in your life.

Try writing your own gratitude list, as a practical exercise, and soon you will automatically notice all these little things every day.

gratitude journaling

Write Your Own Thoughts

If you really want to get the most out of the Law of Attraction, then you must consciously control your own thoughts on a daily basis. Sometimes you must control your thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis.

If you find yourself going into negative or self-sabotaging thoughts, you need to take responsibility in several ways.

  • Think positively
  • Concentrate on all that you are grateful for
  • Give yourself positive affirmations

By creating your thoughts to show up as you wish, you create your life to show up as you wish, as well.

Speak it Into Existence Quotes

Speak your dream into existence and the universe will attract the right circumstances and conditions for it to be realized.

– Marcus Thomas

I believe in the law of attraction … I believe you can speak things into existence. When you know where you’re going and you know what you want, the universe has a way of stepping aside for you.

– Jon Jones

“Speaking success into existence is the prerequisite for achieveing any goal in life.” 

– Bianca FrazierSpeaking Success Into Existence: Public Speaking Workbook
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