10 Profound Life Changes You Can Experience by Meditating

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By Anna Marikar

Meditation is not just about quieting your mind. It’s about changing the way you perceive, interact with, and think about yourself, others, and the world around you. It can be a very personal journey to find your true self through meditation.

Today, we will walk you through 10 profound life changes that could happen when you start meditating.


Though meditation has been around for thousands of years, it’s only now that meditation is becoming mainstream. Even the conservative medical community is singing the praises of meditation.

Meditation is gaining popularity with the millennial generation, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only can it be a great way to center yourself, but it can also lead to many other life changes.
Meditation may even help you see things in your life differently. It can also help you stop negative thoughts or habits that don’t work for you.

Meditation is a simple and free tool that can enhance your life in many ways. If you’ve considered meditation but decided against it, or have been putting it off, now is the time to reconsider.

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How to start meditating?

If you are totally new to meditating, starting with guided meditation is such an easy and gentle way to ease yourself in to the meditation process.

One of my favourite places to turn to for guided meditations is the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube channel. She has guided meditations for different needs and moods, like Meditation for Self Love or Meditation for Inner Peace. They are pretty short, and a great tool for an introduction to meditation.

How will meditating benefit me and my life?

These are some of the profound changes you can expect when you start meditating on a regular basis. At first, these changes are subtle but the more you continue with these practises you will start to feel a real shift in your mindset.

  1. Meditation can increase self-confidence.

Meditation can help to remove self-doubt and self-criticism. You will become more accepting of your shortcomings. When you are able to accept yourself, you believe that others will accept you, too.

2. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety.

During meditation, you focus on something to the exclusion of all other thoughts. It’s not possible to feel stressed about your finances or your love life when 100% of your attention is focused on something else. You develop the ability to regulate and moderate your emotions through meditation.

3. Meditation provides a method for learning about yourself.

Most of us possess a certain amount of blindness when it comes to our thoughts, behaviors, and tendencies. Meditation encourages self-examination and detachment.

4. Meditation can help you to see the truth.

Meditation seeks to remove all of your preconceived ideas and put your emotions on the back burner. Without the influence of your beliefs and emotions, it’s much easier to catch a glimpse of reality.

Your ability to make effective and intelligent decisions will grow.

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5. Meditation gives your brain a rest.

Your brain is constantly working. There’s not one moment of the day your brain isn’t running at full speed. Even while you’re dreaming, your brain is busy creating your dreams. 

When you become an effective meditator, your brain finally gets a chance to rest. You’ll be surprised how good just five minutes of meditation can feel. Many experienced meditators find that one minute of meditation per hour is very beneficial.

6. Meditation can improve concentration.

Most forms of meditation require focusing on a thought or object, commonly your breath. All of this concentration practice will bleed over into other parts of your life. You become good at what you practice.

7. Meditation can make you more accepting of others.

When you’re more able to see your own shortcomings compassionately, you’ll extend that same compassion to others. What would happen if everyone took the time to meditate?

8. Meditation can prolong your life.

Meditation has been shown to slow the aging process, both physical and mental. It’s possible this could increase longevity. At the very least, you’ll feel, look, and think better!

9. Meditation can boost your level of creativity.

By eliminating your negative thoughts and beliefs, you’ll have greater access to your creative abilities. Lower levels of stress also increase the opportunity to put your mind to good use. You might be a lot more creative than you’ve given yourself credit for in the past!

10. Meditation can enhance your health.

In a 2008 study, 40 of 60 patients were able to eliminate the need to take blood pressure medication after learning to meditate. Meditation has also been shown to enhance the function of the immune system. Consider that one of the signs of aging is a decrease in immune function.

Meditation is one of the most powerful self-development tools available. A short meditation session each day can provide profound results. The benefits aren’t limited to your psychology. Studies have demonstrated physical benefits, too. Consider adding a short meditation time to your daily routine for 30 days and see the results for yourself.

You may also like to try meditating with crystals. Check our beginners guide to take you through the step by step and help you pick out your meditation crystals to get started.

How about transcendental meditation? Check out our list of mantras for transcendental meditation here.

Happy meditating 🙂

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10 profound life changes you can experience by meditating. How can meditation benefit my life? Here's how!
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