How To Charge Your Crystals with Manifestations (4 Simple Steps)

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By Anna Marikar

When it comes to manifesting with crystals, one of the best things you can do is charge your crystals.

What you are doing is essentially programming specific crystals with your manifestations, and using rays of sunlight or moonlight to charge them up and give them additional energy allowing them to work for longer before needing to be cleansed.

Here are some tips for charging your crystals with manifestations.

Choose Your Manifestations

Before you can charge your crystals with your manifestations, you need to choose what you want to manifest.

Read through our post on writing a manifestation list if you need some ore guidance on that part.

It is important that you focus on just one at a time, as you really need to charge each crystal with a different manifestation.

It is going to pick up the energy of what you program it with, so keep that in mind.

Choose a crystal with your intuition, place intentions of what it will be used for, then go through the process of cleansing and charging it.

Choose The Right Crystals

When choosing the crystals to use, you want to choose with your intuition.

It is a good idea to keep in mind healing properties and uses of each crystal, but your intuition will give you a lot more information about them if you trust it.

Go with your first instinct after meditating and thinking about your manifestation.

For example, you probably know instinctively that moonstone is a great crystal for transformation, but when you think of your transformation manifestation, you are more drawn to the clear quartz.

If that is your instinct, then go with the quartz!

If you need some guidance on this step, check out our post on how to use crystals for meditation.

How to Cleanse Your Crystal

Once you have chosen the crystal that you want to use for each manifestation, you want to cleanse and charge the old energy from it first.

The easiest way to do this is by charging it under a new or full moon. The full moon is traditionally a really popular time to charge crystals with lunar energy that is very powerful, whereas the new moon is a time for growth.

You can also cleanse your crystals with herbs or sage placed over the crystal. Burn some sage, and smudge your crystals with it by placing them in a fireproof bowl (a glass or ceramic bowl, or an abalone shell) and passing them through the smoke.

sage in an abalone shell

While cleansing your crystals with sage, you can also take a moment to cleanse the space and pass the sage through all four corners of your room.

There are different types of sage and the most commonly used for sage cleansing rituals (also known as sage smudging) is the white sage.

white sage for smudging

You can even use other methods like cleansing with water, or bury it underground.

If you can make moon water with a full moon, you can use that water to cleanse any of your crystals as needed, throughout the lunar cycle.

As with anything, you want to set intentions and really focus on cleansing the crystals of their energy while you do this.

How to Charge the Crystal With Your Manifestation

Once the crystal has been completely cleansed of its old or negative energy, using the crystal cleansing methods we just talked about, you are ready to start to charge and program it with the manifestation energy.

This will ideally be done with the moon, preferably a full moon, but a new moon can also work.

full moon for cleansing crystals

If you want to charge it sooner than the next full moon, bringing it outside for any moon will also work. 

If you’re wondering how often to cleanse and charge your crystals, charging them once per month under the full moon is a great routine to get into.

To charge your crystal with your manifestation, write down your manifestation in the simplest way you can.

Go outside with your crystal at night when the moon is out, and say the manifestation out loud a few times.

What to say when charging your crystal with manifestation?

You can say “I programme this crystal with…..” and fill in simply what your chosen manifestation is, to set the intention for the energy you are wanting to program onto the crystal.

You can say this three times. The number three symbolises taking action, and is a very powerful number.

Hold your crystal while you do this, and visualize this manifestation coming true.

hold your crystal in your hands

Feel what it will feel like while you hold onto that crystal and focus on inserting the energy into the crystal.

How to Use Your Charged Crystals

Once your crystals are charged with your manifestations and carrying the energy that you intended, you can use them in a few different ways.

You can hold the crystal in your hand during meditation.

You can wear the crystal, if you are able to wear it on a necklace, or other jewellery.

You can place it under your pillow while you sleep.

All of these are simple and easy ways to stay connected to the energy of your manifestation throughout the whole month.

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We hope you found this guide helpful and are ready to get started on how to charge your crystals with manifestations.

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