Feeling Sexy On Your Period

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By Luciana Oliveira

I remember when I first got my period and all we would do was to use those old granny pants because they were not only comfortable, but also you were expected to leak and stain it.

I am glad those days are over and we have much more effective methods of dealing with our periods, including the ground breaking reusable period pants.

In this post we will share with your our favourite picks from Wuka so you can feel not only protected but sexy during your period.

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Many women feel insecure during their period. This is mainly because a lot of them associate the idea of bleeding to a feeling of being dirty.

Some feel that they don’t have to try as hard as usual which can lead to an impact on their self-confidence.

I know it may be hard to feel sexy when you are on your period. But we are here to give you some options.

Some women find it difficult to be intimate or romantic with their partner during this time.

I have to say that comfort for me is the priority so I will always chose the bigger pants for those days, regardless.

lace period pants

But if you are feeling more adventurous Wuka have some beautiful pieces that will definitely improve your mood and make you feel sexier.

The good thing is that Wuka’s reusable period pants will not only make you look and feel cute but also give you the protection and comfort you need.

lace period pants

I know that some women have a hard time during their period. Between cramps, mood swings, breakouts…it may be a little challenging to even want to make a effort to crawl out of bed.

Wuka’s underwear will make you feel so much better, comfortable and with zero effort. Their pieces are gorgeous and there is the perfect style to suit your flow and style.

Wuka period pants

Periods are a part of life for women and should not be something that they feel ashamed about because it is natural.

Women should feel sexy, confident, empowered, comfortable and happy during their period, and Wuka’s reusable period pants will make you feel all of that.

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We also run through all of the questions you may have about period pants, and talk about the great options for younger girls who are starting their period for the first time.

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  1. The lacey version are lovely, and it’s great to be able to behave as usual during your period, no nipping off to the toilet from your work desk trying to hide towels or tampons!


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