What is Low Impact Living? (7 Ways to Get Started)

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By Anna Marikar

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘low impact living’ and wondered what it means?

Low impact living refers to the amount of impact you have on the planet.

Low impact living is living in a way that you are reducing your impact on the Earth and on it’s natural resources. That’s at its absolute basic breakdown, but it goes deeper than that.

Low environmental impact is all about depleting the Earth’s resources as little as possible, and links in with the zero-waste movement. Which are of course all ways for us to be eco-friendly.

Here’s what it means to live a low impact life.

for the world

How to Achieve Low Impact Living, 7 Ways

You have to really plan to live a low impact lifestyle today.

We live in such a disposable world that it’s hard to not just run out and buy new all the time.

And sadly it seems like nothing is created to last anymore. Furniture, appliances, and even computers either don’t last or become obsolete much sooner than they used to in years gone by.

But living a life with as little impact as possible on the planet is not impossible to achieve.

It may seem daunting, but remember that every little step we take in the right direction, will slowly help to reduce our impact on our planet. If everyone makes just a few small changes, together it’s going to make a difference.

So, here’s what you need to do to get started.

Invest in Re-usables, for Future Use

Think ahead and invest in things like cloth grocery bags, cloth produce bags, a reusable water bottle/coffee mug, bus pass or bike.

re-useable cloth shopping bags

All of these purchases can pay off financially long term, but more importantly it will reduce our waste.

While you might have to purchase those grocery bags initially, many grocery stores in the US give you a refund for each bag you use of your own. You could pay off the purchase of these bags in just a few trips to the grocery store.

Consider re-usable cloth products for your period, too. There are so many options nowadays and you may even find them more comfortable as well as reducing waste each month.

Be Prepared

Keep a few cloth grocery bags in your car and an extra water bottle/coffee mug.

You never know when you’ll need to run to the grocery store for something and you don’t want to be caught unprepared for that trip and have to use the store’s plastic bags.

So being prepared will come in handy, and help reduce incidental waste.

Cook From Scratch

Making your own sauces will use less packaging so less plastic thrown into the trash or garbage.

cooking from scratch

Less waste means less impact on the environment.

Cooking in bulk for your family definitely helps to cut down on packaging compared to using processed foods.

Check out these hacks to reduce food waste for a few more handy tips.

Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

Not only can minimalism reduce stress, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.

Only purchase the clothes that you need to get you through until you wash again.

minimalist life

Plan your shopping trips and don’t stray from them.

Making your own clothes will lower your impact on the environment as well, if you’re able to sew.

If not, at least being able to mend your own clothes instead of throwing them out will be great too.

Make It A Habit To Buy Used

Shopping in thrift stores or charity shops is a good way to get some great gently used items that you need in your home.

reasons to thrift 1. save money 2. save the world

If your refrigerator breaks and it can’t be fixed, consider replacing with used instead of buying new. Older appliances can be easier to repair anyways so you’ll likely save money this way.

Recycle and Compost

When something has outlived its usefulness to you, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful to someone else.

That refrigerator that’s not worth repairing could make great parts for a refrigerator repairman. So see if you can find someone to take it off your hands.


Refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever you can

If you follow this method of thinking when it comes to the way you live, then you’ll live a low impact life.

Low impact living does not mean you have to give up certain luxuries and comforts.

You can still live a very full life while also remaining a small blip on the screen of life.

So give low impact living a try. You might find it to be really easy to achieve and maintain.

If you have kids you might also like these resources to help inspire them in a more eco friendly and low impact life style.

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