What is a Gratitude Journal?

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By Anna Marikar

So, you may have heard the term “gratitude journaling” floating around lately, but what’s the deal? Gratitude journals are simply a space to write down and reflect on all the things that make you feel blessed and grateful.

Gratitude is such an important emotion for staying positive, enhancing our happiness and contentment and it’s also really important in terms of manifesting and attracting even more blessings.

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Building The Gratitude Habit with a Gratitude Journal 

Once you get into the habit of contemplating what you’re grateful for each day, it’s time to consider making this into a written activity.

This can be intimidating for people who don’t like to write or who feel they may not have time to dedicate to such a practice, but there is power in writing things down and you may find the payoff is worth it.

There truly are some amazing benefits that come from the physical process of creating a record of gratefulness. 

It doesn’t take much more time to write it down than to simply think on what you appreciate, and you don’t have to have strong writing skills in order to note down a few sentences or even just bullet points.

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More About Gratitude Journals

While it’s called a “gratitude journal” you don’t have to write in a paper journal, if it makes more sense for you to type the list digitally.

The gratitude journal’s purpose is as actually a tool or a record and you can even write this in the notes app within your phone.

The important part is that you take the time each day to record a few things that make you feel fortunate. Doing so can actually help to manifest more positive things.

Writing down what you’re appreciative of each day brings that sense of gratefulness to the forefront, and gives you a few minutes to reflect on these blessings.

It allows you to focus on the positive, helping you to spot opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

Keeping a gratitude journal gives you a written record to pull out and look back on any time you’re feeling less than fortunate. It can provide you with motivation in the toughest of times

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Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal. Instilling a writing practice in this way ensures that you maintain a focus on positivity.

Bad things will still happen, that’s part of life but this overall emphasis on finding the good can help to provide you with the resilience to keep going.

Your stress levels and cortisol levels will decrease as you begin embracing an attitude of gratitude.

Plus, the act of writing can be therapeutic in itself, which is why journalling in all it’s forms is so effective.

Writing also helps to give you a different perspective on things that you might not see as readily without engaging in the process. You can identify patterns and insight into your life that might help you to identify opportunities and to grow. 

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Tips for Using Your Gratitude Journal

The most important thing when it comes to a gratitude journal is consistency of practice. Some journal twice daily. Others prefer once. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to do your gratitude journalling in thew morning or at night. Regardless, it will be more effective if you use it regularly.

One of the best ways to help yourself want to use your journal is to choose a format you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to write in a journal by hand if you prefer to use electronic methods. If you do prefer to write by hand then stock up on a beautiful notebook or pen that’s enjoyable to write with.

You can keep your records in a simple word processing spreadsheet or use one of many apps that are available for this purpose. On the other hand, if you are inspired by a beautifully-bound paper journal, find one that speaks to you and start writing your thoughts down immediately.

No matter what you use, keep it handy by your bedside or on easily accessed devices.

Turn your gratitude journaling routine into a ritual and make it a process that feeds your soul.

You could incorporate your morning coffee into your journal writing or light a candle or burn incense with a lovely aroma to accompany your routine. Whatever suits you best, just make it your own.

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A gratitude journal can be an insightful and life-changing tool. Each day, you only have to write three simple things you’re grateful for. There’s no need to make it complicated.

Start your gratitude journal record keeping practice today and see what it can do for you!

If you need some inspiration and ideas to help you get started, check out our list of examples for your gratitude list.  

Or print out our gratitude list printable to use as a template.

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