Creative and Relaxing Games for Mindfulness

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By Anna Marikar

Taking time for yourself throughout the day is so important. Even just a few minutes makes a difference, and one of my favourite ways to take a break, slow down and ground myself for a moment is by taking a few minutes to play some relaxing games on my phone or computer.

Sometimes we are so busy rushing around from one task to the next, for work or family, constantly driving from errand to errand so making a conscious effort to stop and slow down when we can is something really valuable.

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I found a couple of games on the free games section of which are just right for me. Everyone has their own preferences for games, so you need to find one that hits right for you in order to get that dopamine boosting effect!

Merge Blocks

Merge games are a classic. Combine items or blocks of the same kind in order to create better blocks, and keep going as long as you have space on the board.

This merge blocks game is a pretty simple merge game, which I prefer. Keeping it simple without too many additional distractions or complexities can be just what I need when I want to zone out for a minute and play some logic games or puzzle games to give my brain that little work out, and the rush of satisfaction when you complete the challenge.

merge blocks

Castle Blocks

Castle Blocks is a great game for expressing some creativity. We talked recently about art activities for mindfulness and one of the activities was building with blocks.

This game is the digital version of building with blocks, and is an ideal way to indulge your inner child and create something beautiful.

creative game

You can pick from different backgrounds and then add so many varieties of castle blocks to create something personal to you. The whole process is very relaxing and if you don’t like games with timers or pressure, then this is going to be a brilliant choice for you.

castle blocks

Digital games like these are a smart option if you like to keep a minimal house, as you won’t need to store it anywhere but just pull up the website whenever you want to play.

Make Time For Relaxation

Throughout the day, I find if I take a few minutes break for mindfulness whether that is to drink a hot cup of coffee in peace, to play games for a few minutes as a brain break from work, or to spend five minutes filling my gratitude journal, this enables me to come back much sharper to whatever I need to do after wards.

relaxing at work

If you’re a mum too, you may also like to check out some of the other games on the site which are ideal for kids. I found some really useful games for teaching children about money.

More Relaxation Activities

There is no one size fits all way to relax, it depends from person from person and it’s really important to work with what is most effective for you. If you’re in need of a little inspiration for the best ways to slow down, relax, ground yourself and spend some mindful time then check out some more of our ideas and inspiration below.

We hope it helps!

If you give these free games a try, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you like them, why not pass this blog post on to your friends so they can give them a go too šŸ™‚


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