6 Fun and Relaxing Games to Play on your Phone (Fruit Themed!)

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By Anna Marikar

There are so many fun games that you can play on your phone, whether you’re on a plane, in line at the grocery store or even in the back of a car.

Whether you’re looking for a break from work or if you’re having trouble getting into the creative zone, these games will help you have some fun, and take a minute to refocus your mind so that you can come back refreshed to whatever else you need to accomplish that day. 

I have written a few times about how playing games can help to relieve stress, taking that time for yourself can help to boost your mental health as it gives you a moment to pause and switch off. 

This week, we’re giving you a run through of some of our favourite fruit-themed games you can play on your phone.

We have been playing some fun and relaxing fruit themed games that we found on the Culinary Schools site. You do not need to download any app to play these games, just fire them up in your phones browser and get ready to unwind.

Why choose fruit themed games?

If we are mindful about the things we choose to fill our time, the things we choose to look at, read, or watch, and the people that we choose to spend our time with, then it follows that when choosing games you might want to select something that has a positive effect on us.

Fruit are healthy, juicy and delicious. The colours and variety that you can find in fruit are gorgeous and beautiful, so playing games with a fruit theme feels like something positive and happy.

Plus, after cutting, chopping, swiping and matching all of these colourful and cute fruits… what are you going to reach for as a snack? The watermelon or pineapple that you’ve been craving after playing these games, or a bowl of candy?

6 Fun & Relaxing Fruit Themed Games For Your iPhone

When you’re feeling blue, it’s hard to find the right mood-boosting game to play. We know it’s true because we’ve tried out a few of these games and found that they all helped us to relax and relieve our stress. Here are our favorites.

Fruit Mahjohng

I love Mahjohng, it is a classic game with it’s origins in China and it offers a little bit more challenge than typical matching games so it’s definitely one of my favourites.

Mahjohng with a fruit theme is just an added bonus!

fruit mahjong

Fruit Memory Match

This one is super simple, but does get your brain going as you move through the levels. Playing memory games like this helps to keep our mind sharp, so we can function at our best.

fruit match

Fruits Splash

This one is a little more tricky than it looks! You start with two fruits and you need to drag them over to the spikes to pierce them and then make sure that all the fruit juice lands in the correct cups.

As the levels move on, the layouts of the fruit and the spikes gets a little more complex and this game is a lot of fun.

fruit splash game

Fast Fruit

This one is so fast, you better be able to think on your feet and get your fast reflexes ready! Fruit and vegetables start flying through the air from each of the plates, you’ll need to swipe them all – make sure to avoid the rocks though!

fast fruit game

Fruit Boom

This game is pretty similar to the classic Fruit Ninja. You need to chop all the fruits and avoid the bombs, it is a lot of fun and pretty relaxing.

fruit boom fruit ninja game

Find Pairs Game

This one includes fruits, other foods and other items but I had to include it because find pairs is one of my favourite games to use to relax. There is something very satisfying about matching up all of the pairs and organising the screen.

find pairs game


If you enjoy these games, sharing with friends and family makes it even more fun as you can compare scores and challenge each other.

We always appreciate pins to your Pinterest boards, too. Thank you so much!

Fun and relaxing fruit themed games to play on your phone
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4 thoughts on “6 Fun and Relaxing Games to Play on your Phone (Fruit Themed!)”

  1. These look like some fun games that you can enjoy. I only have one game on my phone which is Fishdom. But I do like playing games especially in the evenings to relax. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  2. Love all these suggestions! I used to be obsessed with memory games and this sounds like a nice one to keep on my phone! Also the fruit boom brings me back to playing fruit ninja when I was a kid x


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