60+ Meaningful Symbols of Power Tattoos to Give You Strength

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By Anna Marikar

So, you’ve decided to ink a symbol of your journey, your beliefs, or a reminder of your personal power on your skin? That’s awesome!

We’re here to help you explore deep into the world of symbol of power tattoos. Because let’s face it, nothing screams ‘strength’ and ‘resilience’ louder than a power tattoo that resonates with your inner core, right?

From ancient symbols that echo the wisdom of our ancestors to modern designs that speak the language of the new age, power tattoos are more than just a trend.

They are a movement, a personal revolution, a silent roar of defiance or affirmation, echoing deep within your soul.

Ready to find the perfect embodiment of your inner strength and prowess? Stick with us as we guide you through a universe inked with power, grace, and raw, undeniable strength.

Let’s discover that powerful tattoo that’s just as unique and resilient as you are!

symbols of power tattoos

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Every tattoo artist with their unique tattoo style contributes to a canvas of empowerment, helping individuals ink their stories, embodying personal strength, inner strength, and sometimes, a reminder of a new beginning. 

Whether you are contemplating your next tattoo or just curious about the different varieties available in the tattoo world, jump into this treasure trove of symbols of power and strength, transcending different cultures and belief systems to bring forth a harmonious blend of spiritual, physical and emotional strength represented through body art.

Tattoos can be an empowering choice, serving as an ancient symbol of resilience, hard work, and transformation.

The intricate tattoo designs bring forth a spiritual awakening within individuals, a metamorphosis signifying much more than just ink on skin. 

Tattoo art stands as a testament to an individual’s journey, a canvas narrating tales of battles won, lessons learned, and the unyielding pursuit of various forms of strength. Drawing from different things and experiences, a tattoo can be a beacon of positive energy, a testament to one’s religious beliefs or simply a celebration of one’s spirit animal, harmonizing the beautiful blend of ancient traditions and contemporary flair in the world of tattoos.

In your quest to find symbols that resonate with your inner essence, here are a variety of popular tattoo designs revered for their powerful symbology and connections to ancient cultures:

Sword Tattoo

Often linked with warrior spirit and strength, the sword tattoo can symbolize power, protection, and courage. It stands as a testament to battles fought and victories earned.

Shark Tattoo

This animal tattoo represents fierceness, survival, and adaptability. A shark tattoo is an emblem of power and a guardian of the secrets of the sea.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo

A symbol of raw energy and power, often connected to Greek mythology, this tattoo can represent a sudden illumination or a transformative experience.

Dove Tattoo 

A universal symbol of peace, love, and tranquility. Doves embody positive energies and new beginnings, often chosen for their spiritual meaning.

Paw Tattoo (Dog Paw included) 

Representing friendship, loyalty, and the bond shared with animal companions, this tattoo often serves as a tribute to family members of the furry kind.

Grim Reaper 

A somber yet powerful symbol, representing the inevitability of death and the transient nature of life. It serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest.

grim reaper tattoo

Bird of Prey 

Symbolizing freedom, vision, and power, tattoos depicting birds of prey like eagles and hawks are popular choices for those wishing to embody the spirit of a warrior.

owl and eagle tattoos

Cross Tattoo 

A timeless representation of faith and spirituality. It is deeply rooted in religious beliefs and serves as a symbol of devotion and hope, whether a celtic cross tattoo or any other type of cross tattoo.

Lotus Flower or Lotus Tattoo 

A powerful symbol representing spiritual enlightenment and a new beginning in many Eastern religions. It’s often associated with purity and awakening, offering a serene representation of inner strength.

lotus tattoo

Dragon Tattoo 

A very popular tattoo choice, inspired by Chinese and Japanese culture. This mythological creature embodies power, protection, and wisdom. It can signify mastery over one’s inner demons and triumph over adversities.

rose and dragon tattoo

Koi Fish 

A symbol revered in Japanese culture, representing perseverance and hard work. Often a good luck symbol, it embodies the spirit of tenacity and determination.

Tree of Life Tattoo

Rooted deeply in various cultures including Norse and Native American traditions, this tattoo symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life, and is seen as a symbol of strength and growth.

Butterfly Tattoos 

Representing transformation and a new beginning, this popular tattoo design is a favorite amongst many seeking symbols that represent personal growth and evolution.

Phases of the Moon Tattoo

A powerful symbol found in many cultures, including Middle East and Native American traditions, signifying the cyclic nature of life and the potential for renewal and growth.

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Eye of Horus or Eye of Providence Tattoo

An ancient Egyptian symbol representing protection, royal power, and good health. In other cultures, it can signify the all-seeing eye of God, offering protection and wisdom.

sun moon and eye tattoo

Yin Yang Tattoo

A fundamental concept in Chinese culture, representing the harmony of opposites, a balance of forces, and the interconnectedness of different aspects of life.

Bear Tattoo 

Often associated with Native Americans and Norse mythology, this tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, and resilience.Angel Wings or Guardian Angel Tattoo

A spiritual symbol denoting protection, purity, and connection with higher realms, often embodying a source of light and guidance in moments of darkness.

Phoenix Tattoo 

A mythical bird that rises from its ashes, it symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and the eternal cycle of life and death, often chosen as a symbol of personal growth and new beginnings

Celtic Knots 

These intricate patterns, often seen in tribal tattoos, represent eternity, the cycles of life and seasons, and are a popular choice in different cultures for their beauty and symbolism.

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Mandala Tattoo 

Rooted in Eastern religions, it’s a spiritual symbol representing the universe. Its intricate design often embodies spiritual enlightenment and unity with the universe.

mandala designs for tattoo

Sun Tattoo 

Often seen as a symbol of life, vitality, and power. The sun tattoo embodies positivity, growth, and is considered a source of nurturing energy in many cultures.

Rose Tattoo 

A popular flower tattoo, associated with love, beauty, and balance. Roses carry different meanings with different colors, adding a vibrant touch to your tattoo art.

black rose tattoo

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Lion Tattoo

A representation of courage, authority, and wisdom, this symbol, often referred to as the king of the jungle, is a powerful choice for those looking to embody strength and leadership.

lion tattoo

Anchor Tattoo 

Often associated with stability and grounding, it serves as a reminder to stay firm in one’s beliefs and convictions, often chosen by individuals seeking stability and security.

Owl Tattoo 

Symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and transition, this bird of prey is a popular choice for those drawn to the mysteries of the night and the depth of ancient knowledge.

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Wolf Tattoo 

Representing loyalty, community, and freedom, this animal tattoo is a popular choice for individuals who identify with the spirit of the wolf, representing personal strength and the bond of family.

wolf tattoo on back, in wedding dress

Stars and Celestial Tattoos 

Often associated with destiny, dreams, and aspirations, these tattoos are popular choices for those seeking guidance from the celestial entities, and as a reminder of one’s place in the vast universe.

Mermaid Tattoo 

A mythical creature of the sea, symbolizing beauty, mystery, and allure. Often chosen for its feminine grace and the magical allure associated with the legends of the sea

Skull Tattoo 

A symbol often associated with the transient nature of life, it serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death, fostering a deeper appreciation for life.

Arrow Tattoo 

Representing focus, direction, and progress, this simple yet powerful symbol is a favorite choice for individuals embarking on a new journey or seeking guidance in their path.

arrow tattoo

Mountain Tattoo 

Symbolizing stability, perseverance, and grandeur, this is a good choice for individuals who find strength and inspiration in nature’s grandeur.

mountain range tattoo

Fern Tattoo 

Often seen in Maori or tribal tattoos, it represents new beginnings, growth, and a connection to the earth, embodying spiritual awakening and a respect for nature.

There is a specific type of Fern tattoo known as an Ellie Tattoo which relates to the video game The Last Of Us. This tattoo includes a moth alongside the fern and is used to cover up the bite on her skin.

Snake Tattoo 

Associated with transformation, healing, and rebirth, this ancient symbol is revered in various cultures for its complex symbolism encompassing both positive and negative energies.

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Feather Tattoo 

Representing freedom, inspiration, and spiritual insight, it’s a popular choice for individuals seeking lightness and a connection to the spiritual realms.

Ganesha Tattoo 

A deity revered in Hinduism, symbolizing wisdom, prosperity, and the removal of obstacles, often chosen for its spiritual significance and the blessings it is believed to bestow.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

A symbol of the fleeting nature of life, beauty, and renewal, often associated with Japanese culture, embodying the transient beauty of life.

Spartan Helmet 

A nod to the warriors of ancient Greece, this symbol embodies bravery, warrior spirit, and unyielding strength. It’s a testament to one’s inner warrior.

Bear Claw 

A native American symbol representing power, courage, and physical strength. It’s often chosen to signify a fierce protector and a formidable force.

Bull or Taurus Tattoo 

Symbolizing determination, resilience, and sheer power, it embodies the relentless force and stability that many seek to ink on their bodies as a testament to their personal strength.

Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

A significant element in Norse mythology, this symbol embodies power, protection, and strength. It’s seen as a guardian emblem, representing one’s ability to overcome challenges through sheer will and strength.

Oak Tree Tattoo 

In various cultures, the oak tree stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and solidity. It embodies the spirit of growth and unyielding strength.

Elephant Tattoo 

Often associated with wisdom, strength, and dignity. In various cultures, the elephant is revered as a symbol of great strength and unyieldable power.

Viking Symbols 

Rooted in Norse mythology, Viking symbols like the Valknut represent courage, power, and the warrior spirit, so viking tattoos embody the rugged, indomitable spirit of the Vikings.

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Fist or Clenched Hand

A universal symbol of resistance, power, and strength. It often represents personal strength, solidarity, and the power to overcome adversity.

Chain and Broken Chain Tattoo 

Representing freedom, resilience, and liberation, this symbol can signify breaking free from past burdens and garnering strength from one’s journey of liberation.

Fortress or Castle Tattoo 

A symbol of protection, safety, and unyieldable strength, representing one’s ability to stand firm and provide shelter against adversities.

Gorilla Tattoo

A potent symbol representing leadership, community strength, and intelligence. Often chosen to represent personal strength and the power of unity.

Volcano Tattoo

A vibrant representation of natural power and explosive energy, embodying inner fire and an unyieldable force that shapes the world.

Lighthouse Tattoo 

Signifying guidance, protection, and strength. It stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the ability to stand firm amidst storms, representing emotional strength and resilience.

Anvil Tattoo 

Often seen as a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and the ability to withstand pressures, representing the forging of one’s strength through trials and hardships.

Tiger Tattoo 

A popular animal tattoo embodying fierce strength, power, and courage. It is often chosen by those seeking to embody the relentless spirit of this majestic beast.

Ram or Aries Tattoo 

Symbolizing determination, initiative, and leadership, this symbol represents headstrong energy and the strength to forge new paths.

Shield Tattoo 

Representing protection, courage, and strength, it often serves as a guardian symbol, showcasing one’s ability to shield oneself and others from negative forces.

Mountain Range 

Expanding on the mountain symbol, a range represents steadiness, great endurance, and the ability to stand tall through challenges, showcasing the pinnacle of physical and mental strength.

Samurai Warrior 

This tattoo often embodies the principles of Bushido which include rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor, and loyalty. It signifies not just physical strength but also strength of character.

Fire Tattoo 

A universal symbol of transformation, passion, and power. Fire tattoos often represent an individual’s inner flame, representing both creation and destruction, purity and regeneration.

Falcon or Eagle Tattoo 

These birds of prey symbolize freedom, power, and transcendence. Often, they signify one’s ability to rise above and showcase strength and prowess.

Panther Tattoo 

Panthers symbolize courage, valor, and power. This animal tattoo represents a fierce and protective energy, often signifying personal strength and a warrior spirit.

Hercules Tattoo 

A figure from Greek mythology known for his immense strength. This tattoo can symbolize physical strength, perseverance, and the overcoming of immense obstacles.

Atlas Tattoo 

Also from Greek mythology, Atlas bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, a symbol of endurance, resilience, and immense strength.

Compass Tattoo 

This popular tattoo design symbolizes guidance, protection, and the ability to find one’s way even in the face of adversity, showing emotional and mental strength.

compass tattoo

Stag or Deer Tattoo 

Representing nobility, regeneration, and natural strength. In various cultures, the stag is seen as a guardian of the forest and embodies graceful power.

Griffin Tattoo 

A mythological creature, which combines the strength of a lion and the eagle. This powerful symbol represents courage, protection, and strength.

Rhino Tattoo 

Representing physical power, stability, and steadfastness. This tattoo is often chosen by individuals who identify with the grounded, immense strength of the rhinoceros.

Knights and Armor Tattoos 

Representing valor, protection, and courage. These designs often symbolize personal battles and the strength to face them with bravery and honor.

Human Heart Tattoo

Oh, and let’s not forget the profound resonance of a human heart tattoo. More than just a vital organ, it can encapsulate the essence of life, love, and the unyielding beat of personal progress, symbolizing your relentless spirit and capacity for boundless love and compassion.

anatomical human heart tattoo

Empowering Words Tattoo

And how about those empowering words that lift us on rough days? Yes, we’re talking about empowering words tattoos. Whether it’s a mantra, a beloved quote, or a single word that holds the universe for you, these tattoos speak volumes, whispering words of power and resilience directly onto your skin, a literal take on wearing your heart on your sleeve!

the strength to make it becomes greater than the fear of missing it tattoo

Arabic Words Tattoo

Now, if you’re aiming for something infused with a touch of mystique and profound depth, let’s talk about the Arabic language tattoo. With its elegant script and deep-rooted meanings, an Arabic tattoo can be a beautiful bridge between visual grace and resonant, powerful messages. It’s not just a tattoo, it’s poetry in motion, echoing centuries of culture, knowledge, and spiritual depth.

While each of these powerful symbols carry general meanings, their personal significance can vary greatly. Encourage your readers to work closely with their chosen tattoo artist to create a piece that resonates deeply with their personal narratives of strength.

The art of tattooing has transcended from being a mere body art to a form of self-expression that harnesses the power of numerous symbols, each harboring different meanings that resonate deeply with individuals. 

symbols of power tattoo

As you embark on your journey of finding the perfect symbol, remember that the size of the tattoo, the style of tattoo, and the specific meaning attributed to it, all play a pivotal role in crafting a masterpiece that resonates with your inner self.

From the ancient Greeks

to various modern belief systems, these symbols have traversed time, bringing with them a rich history and significance.

Whether it’s the fierce power depicted in a lion, the king of the jungle, or the divine connection symbolized by religious tattoos such as the Virgin Mary or the Holy Trinity, each tattoo holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts.

As you collaborate with your tattoo artist, remember, each ink tells a story, a fragment of your journey, a milestone, or even a reminder of a drunken night or a tribute to family members.

As you explore this vast realm, may you find inspiration, strength, and perhaps, a symbol that stands as a testament to your resilience, your journey, and your unyielding spirit. Happy inking!

symbols of power tattoo
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