6 Essential Oils For Tattoo Aftercare & Healing 

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By Anna Marikar

Tattoo aftercare is an essential part of maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your body art. With a myriad of tattoo aftercare products on the market, it can be challenging to find the best natural tattoo aftercare options. 

This blog post will explore 12 of the best essential oils that are not only natural ingredients but also excellent choices for promoting the healing process of a fresh tattoo. These oils have different properties that aid in tattoo healing, reducing physical pain, and preventing nasty infections. 

best essential oils for tattoo aftercare

How and When to Apply Essential Oils for Tattoo Aftercare

Knowing how and when to apply essential oils for tattoo aftercare is crucial for achieving optimal results. After your tattoo session, your tattoo artist will likely provide you with a protective covering, which should be removed within a few hours.

When you’re ready, gently clean the tattooed area with antimicrobial soap and pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

Before applying any essential oils, dilute them with a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond oil to avoid skin irritations. Typically, a ratio of 1-2 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil is recommended.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the tattooed area, gently massaging it into the skin. Avoid using petroleum-based products, as they can clog pores and hinder the healing process.

During the initial healing stage, it is best to apply essential oils two to three times a day for the first week. As your tattoo heals and enters the later stages of the healing process, you can reduce the frequency of application.

Always make sure your hands are clean before touching your tattoo to prevent the introduction of bacteria. Check out our advice on how to sleep with a new tattoo, too!

Using Essential Oils for Old Tattoos

Essential oils are not only beneficial for fresh tattoos but can also help rejuvenate and maintain the vibrancy of old tattoos. As tattoos age, they can become dull or faded due to sun exposure, skin changes, and other factors. 

Regularly moisturizing with essential oils can help maintain the color and clarity of your tattoo, ensuring that it remains a vibrant work of art.

For old tattoos, mix a few drops of essential oils like lavender, helichrysum, or olive oil with a carrier oil and apply a thin layer to the tattooed area. This will help to moisturize and nourish the skin, keeping your tattoo looking fresh and well-maintained. 

Consider using a tattoo salve with SPF to protect your tattoo from sun damage, as strong sun exposure can cause tattoos to fade over time.

The 6 Best Essential Oils for Tattoo After Care 

So, let’s dive into the world of essential oils and discover the best way to care for your new work of art.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a popular choice among tattoo artists and enthusiasts for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps prevent skin irritations and allergic reactions, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. When diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil, tea tree oil can provide a natural ointment for your tattooed area, speeding up the healing process and minimizing the risk of infection.

tea tree oil essential oil

Lavender Oil

Known for its calming and soothing effects, lavender oil is another excellent option for tattoo aftercare. It promotes healing, reduces physical pain, and helps with sore tattoos. Lavender oil also has antiseptic properties that protect against harmful bacteria, ensuring a safe and efficient healing process. Just be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to your tattooed skin.

lavender essential oil

Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and redness around your tattoo. Its natural pain-relieving properties make it an ideal choice for alleviating discomfort during the healing process. It also promotes skin regeneration, aiding in the healing of older tattoos and keeping your body art looking fresh for a long time.

helichrysum essential oil

Bergamot Orange Oil

Bergamot orange oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent infections and soothe irritated skin. It is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergic reactions. Be cautious when using bergamot oil, as it can cause photosensitivity; avoid direct sunlight after application.

orange oil essential oil

Myrrh ​Oil

Myrrh oil is a natural antiseptic oil with a long history of use in traditional medicine. It helps to protect your tattoo from harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infection during the healing process. Myrrh oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the tattooed area, minimizing redness and swelling, and promoting a comfortable recovery.

Clove Bud Oil

Clove bud oil is a natural pain reliever that can help alleviate discomfort associated with a fresh tattoo. Its antimicrobial properties protect your tattoo from harmful bacteria and promote a healthy healing process. Dilute clove bud oil with a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond oil before applying it to your tattooed area for the best results.

The 8 Best Carrier Oils and Natural Moisturisers to Use With Tattoos

In addition to essential oils, there are other natural moisturizers and carrier oils that can be highly beneficial for tattoo aftercare. Shea butter and cocoa butter are two excellent options that can help promote the healing process and maintain the vibrancy of your tattoos.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil for tattoo aftercare, thanks to its lauric acid content, which has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It helps protect your open wound from harmful bacteria and lipid-coated viruses, ensuring a safe and natural healing process. Additionally, coconut oil has a high fatty acid content that moisturizes dry skin and promotes the skin’s natural ability to heal itself.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a lightweight carrier oil that absorbs quickly into the skin, making it ideal for tattoo aftercare. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and promote healing. Additionally, sweet almond oil has natural pain-relieving properties that help alleviate discomfort from fresh tattoos.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant that aids in the healing process of your tattoo by protecting it from free radicals and environmental damage. It also helps to moisturize and nourish the tattooed area, preventing dry skin and promoting the overall health of your tattoo. Vitamin E oil is an essential component in many natural tattoo aftercare products, making it a must-have for your tattoo care routine.

Argan Oil

Argan oil, also known as “liquid gold,” is a fantastic natural ingredient for tattoo aftercare. It is packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E that support your skin’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. Argan oil also has excellent moisturizing properties that help keep your tattoo hydrated and prevent dryness, ensuring a smooth and vibrant appearance for years to come.

organ oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural product that is not only beneficial for cooking but also for tattoo aftercare. Rich in vitamin E, olive oil helps protect your tattoo from sun damage and other environmental factors that could affect its vibrancy. It is a great natural way to keep your tattoo moisturized and promote the healing process.

Jojoba ​Oil

Jojoba oil is a natural oil that closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum, making it an excellent choice for tattoo aftercare. It is a versatile carrier oil that can be mixed with other essential oils to create professional blends tailored to your needs. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for keeping your tattoo clean and reducing inflammation during the healing process.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural fat extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree. It has been widely used for centuries for its incredible moisturizing and healing properties. Rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter helps to soothe and nourish the skin, making it an excellent choice for tattoo aftercare.

Shea butter’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness and swelling, while its natural moisturizing effect keeps your tattooed skin soft and hydrated. Using shea butter regularly on your tattoo can also help protect it from sun damage and maintain its vibrancy over time. To use shea butter on your tattoo, simply warm it between your fingers to soften and then gently massage it into the tattooed area.

shea butter for tattoo aftercare

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter, extracted from the cacao bean, is another fantastic natural moisturizer for tattoo aftercare. Its high fatty acid content makes it a powerful emollient, helping to lock in moisture and keep your tattooed skin soft and supple.

Cocoa butter is also rich in antioxidants, which protect your tattoo from environmental damage and support the healing process. Its soothing and hydrating properties make it ideal for use on both fresh and old tattoos, helping to maintain their vibrancy and prevent dryness. To use cocoa butter on your tattoo, warm a small amount between your fingers and gently massage it into the tattooed area.

Both shea butter and cocoa butter can be used on their own or combined with essential oils for a more comprehensive tattoo aftercare routine. By incorporating these natural moisturizers into your aftercare regimen, you’ll be supporting the healing process, reducing the risk of complications, and ensuring that your tattoo remains a beautiful work of art for years to come.

essential oils for tattoo aftercare

Taking proper care of your new tattoo is crucial for maintaining its vibrancy and ensuring that your body art remains a beautiful form of self-expression. Incorporating natural oils and essential oils into your tattoo aftercare routine is a natural and effective way to support the healing process, alleviate pain, and prevent infections. 

Always remember to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin and perform a patch test to avoid adverse reactions. With the right aftercare and attention, your tattoo will remain a stunning work of art for years to come.

Understanding the tattoo healing process and using essential oils for both new and old tattoos is a great way to ensure that your body art remains beautiful and vibrant for years to come. Remember to always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, follow proper application techniques, and take necessary precautions to protect your tattoo from sun damage and other environmental factors. With proper care and attention, your tattoos will be a stunning testament to your personal expression and creativity.

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