28 Beautiful Self Love Poems For Confidence and Worth

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By Anna Marikar

In a world filled with complexities and challenges, we often find solace in the little things, like short poems that speak to our hearts. Inspired by the works of poets like Rupi Kaur and Maya Angelou, this collection of heart-opening self-love poems invites you to explore your true self, celebrating the beauty within.

As pairs of poems dance together like best friends, each line echoes a self-love quote, offering a reminder that the love story between you and your inner self is a sacred communion.


Like a collection of poetry, each poem is a celebration of presence, a flash of the teeth, and a breath of life, guiding you on a journey to a deeper understanding of self-love.

As you delve into these inspiring poems, remember the words of self love philosopher Melody Godfred

“The best way to fill your life with love is to start with loving yourself.”

Let these uplifting verses serve as positive affirmations, transforming bad times into good news and offering a new perspective on self-love.

Like the poetry of physics, your journey to self-love transcends time and space, creating a state of mind filled with sweet joy and inner calm.

As you turn the pages of your book of poems, let the words of phenomenal women like Oprah, Erin Hanson, and Nikita Gill resonate in your soul. Embrace your own self-love as a work of art, a living testament to your growth and resilience.

In the words of Walt Whitman….

“Love the earth and sun and the animals…re-examine all you have been told at church or school or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem.”

Table of Contents

Self Love Poetry

I: The Moon’s Embrace

In the arms of the celestial moon,

A goddess rises, her love in full bloom,

Bathed in silver light, her power unveiled,

The whispers of self-love, through her heart, sailed,

A mystical dance with stars, as she swoons.

self love poetry moon goddess

II: Gaia’s Daughter

From the depths of Gaia’s loving womb,

A woman emerges, a vibrant bloom,

Rooted in the Earth, embracing her grace,

A love for herself, in every embrace,

Her heart a garden, where self-love consumes.

Gaia's daughter

III: The Phoenix’s Flight

Rising from the ashes, a phoenix reborn,

A woman of fire, her spirit adorned,

In the blaze of self-love, she takes flight,

An ancient tale of strength, beauty, and might,

A symbol of resilience, her heart untorn.


IV: The Serpent’s Wisdom

Like a serpent, shedding her skin,

A woman transforms, her love within,

Embracing her essence, her wisdom divine,

With the folklore of old, her spirit aligns,

A journey of self-love, a mystical kin.

serpent girl

V: Aphrodite’s Mirror

In the reflection of Aphrodite’s grace,

A woman beholds her own radiant face,

The goddess of love whispers secrets untold,

A mystical embrace, her heart unfolds,

A tapestry of self-love, her soul’s embrace.

Aphrodite's mirror

VI: The Siren’s Song

As the siren sings her enchanting tune,

A woman’s love for herself begins to bloom,

Through the depths of the ocean, her voice carries,

The lore of self-love, a treasure she marries,

A mystical call, under the silvery moon.

siren song

VII: Artemis’ Bow

With the strength of Artemis, she draws her bow,

A woman empowered, her self-love aglow,

In the ancient forests, her heart roams free,

A mythical force, a divine decree,

The arrow of self-love, she gracefully bestows.

archer girl

I: Blossoming Self

In the garden of my soul,

I stand tall, a blossoming flower,

Reveling in my vibrant hues,

Embracing each delicate petal,

In this radiant self-love hour.

watercolor woman floral

II: A Symphony of Love

I am the conductor of my heart,

The maestro of self-love’s sweet symphony,

With every beat, every note,

I create harmonious melodies,

For I know my worth, and I’ll never part.

a symphony of self love

III: Ocean of Love

In the depths of my being,

An ocean of love resides,

Where waves of self-compassion crash,

I dive into its endless tides,

Discovering strength, in love’s serene.

ocean self love

IV: Reflections of Love

In the mirror, I see my truth,

A masterpiece crafted with grace,

Each flaw, a unique stroke of art,

I smile, accepting my face,

For self-love is the fountain of youth.

mirror self love

V: The Dance of Love

In the ballroom of my heart,

I dance with the rhythm of self-love,

Twirling, spinning, ever so free,

Celebrating the beauty of me,

A waltz that shall never depart.

dance of self love poetry

VI: A Love Letter to Myself

Dear Me, the love I hold inside,

I’ll pen in words of tender grace,

A boundless love for every part,

A promise to always embrace,

The journey of self-love, a lifelong ride.

a letter to myself

VII: The Song of Self-Love

I sing the chorus of my soul,

A melody of self-love’s refrain,

With every note, I rise above,

In joy and sorrow, sun and rain,

I am whole, and self-love makes me whole.

I sing the chorus of my soul

I: A Celebration of Presence

In the stillness of my heart,

I find a celebration of my presence,

A kind of love that knows no bounds,

A gentle whisper, a warm embrace,

The best of ways to love oneself.

illustration self love

II: Timeless Love

In the sands of time, I stand,

With love, both vast and grand,

A self-love journey, much time it takes,

But oh, the joy it brings, the heart it wakes,

For I am worth each precious strand.

sand of time, woman

III: Best Friends Within

In the mirror, I see a friend,

A living being, with love to lend,

For in my heart, a friendship blooms,

A bond that nurtures, heals, and fumes,

In self-love’s fire, our spirits blend.

mirror woman

IV: A World of Love

In the hearts of living beings,

A love that’s true, a love that sings,

A solemn marriage, life-changing grace,

A kind of love that fills each space,

The gift of self-love, sweet joy it brings.

self love illustration

V: The Labor of Love

Through hard work and dedication,

I build a love that knows no limitation,

A life-changing journey, one step at a time,

In the depths of my soul, a love sublime,

The celebration of my presence, my heart’s elation.

beautiful moon woman

VI: No Less Love

In this world, there’s no less love,

For self-love’s wings, like that of a dove,

Carry me through the storms of life,

Through pain and sorrow, joy and strife,

A solemn marriage, a divine glove.

VII: Love’s Tapestry

I weave a tapestry of self-love,

A masterpiece of colors, life-changing and bold,

Each thread a testament to my heart’s work,

A celebration of my presence, a loving quirk,

In this beautiful dance, I rise above.

self love dance

I: The Essence Within

In the quiet whispers of the heart,

A love profound, your essence, your art,

Unveil the treasure that lies within,

Embrace your soul, let self-love begin,

For you are perfect, a divine counterpart.

watercolor woman

II: The Mirror’s Gaze

Gaze upon the mirror’s reflection,

Witness your soul’s divine perfection,

A radiant being, a light untamed,

Let self-love flow, unshackled, unchained,

In your own embrace, find love’s connection.

confident black woman watercolor

III: The Garden of Self

Cultivate the garden of your soul,

Tend to each seed, make self-love your goal,

With every blossom, every leaf unfurled,

Become a beacon in this earthly world,

A sanctuary where love takes control.


IV: The Eternal Flame

Inside, a flame of love burns bright,

A beacon in the darkest night,

Let self-love’s fire warm your core,

Ignite your spirit, and evermore,

Shine like the sun, a guiding light.

fire woman

V: The River of Love

Flow like the river, steady and strong,

Carrying self-love’s current along,

Through rocks and rapids, twists and turns,

Embrace the journey, as your soul learns,

In the depths of love, you’ll always belong.

self love peaceful woman

VI: The Song of the Heart

Sing the melody of your heart’s desire,

A symphony of love, a burning fire,

Let self-love’s anthem fill the air,

Dance to its rhythm, shed every care,

For in your own embrace, your soul shall inspire.

watercolour violin

VII: The Mountain’s Summit

Climb the mountain of self-discovery,

Each step a testament to your own mastery,

At the summit, stand tall and see,

The boundless love that sets you free,

Embrace your power, in self-love’s sanctuary.

woman on the top of a mountain

In closing, let these short love poems serve as a beautiful reminder that your journey to a better version of yourself begins with embracing your jagged edges and empty parts. With every line, every verse, and every breath, remember that the only way to make the world a better place is to start by loving yourself. As you continue on this path of self-discovery, may you find solace and strength in the powerful words of emotional artists, and may the love you cultivate within radiate outwards, creating ripples of healing and transformation in the lives of others.


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