Getting Tattooed on Camera: The Rise of Tattoo Vlogging

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By Luciana Oliveira

Tattoos have become entirely accepted in the US, with nearly 1/3rd of Americans having one. Because of its increasing normalization and the fact people have access to a camera thanks to their phones, it’s no wonder that most people have been recording their experience getting a tattoo.

Besides showcasing their experiences, tattoo vlogging can show people interested in tattoos but intimidated by the process that it’s not as bad as they thought.

So, let’s explore the rise of tattoo vlogging, and while you’re at it, learn how to buy YouTube video likes at Videosgrow.

The Early Days

On YouTube, tattoo vlogging is nothing new, with many early videos there showcasing what would be a popular genre.

One example is “My First Tattoo,” showcasing a young man traveling to the tattoo parlor, going through the consultation process, and receiving his tattoo.

It feels like a short documentary, being a video project for a college class. It is short at 10 minutes, which was the video length limit at the time.

The video has fewer than 500 views as of this recording but showcases a genre that will soon be popular.

The First Tattoo at 18 Genre

One popular genre of tattoo vlogging is where a young man or woman gets their first tattoo for their 18th birthday.

In many places, 18 is the minimal age you can get a tattoo legally, meaning that it’s a symbol of entering adulthood for many. One example is this vlog, which is quite similar to the first one, albeit longer, due to YouTube’s more lenient video length restrictions.

These first experience videos, no matter what age you are, can showcase what to expect from your first tattoo.

Many hesitate to get a tattoo, even if they want it, because of the pain. This person’s reaction is quite mixed, with him saying it’s tolerable in some cases and painful in others.

While everyone has different pain tolerances, seeing other people’s experiences can convince or make them too squeamish to try to get a tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Vlogs

It’s not just people who are getting tattoos who are making vlogs. Another genre of tattoo vlogging is showing people who are artists themselves. They like to talk about their day to day lives, and also interesting facts and tidbits about their job.

One example is this one, showcasing the day in the life of a tattoo artist, from when they wake up to when they go to bed. These vlogs help to humanize the people who give tattoos by showing how much work they put into their art and ease people’s anxieties about getting a tattoo.

Some tattoo artists vlog as a way to share their knowledge as well. You can find plenty of vlogs from tattoo artists telling how to make the perfect tattoo art.

This shows that tattoo artists are not afraid to share their secrets, and it’s also an excellent way to make a bit extra revenue through YouTube monetization.

Reaction Content

Another popular genre on YouTube is reaction content, where people watch other’s videos to commentate on them or share their genuine emotional reactions at the time. Tattoos make for excellent reaction content, with many people responding to vlogs.

One example is a tattoo artist reacting to TikToks involving tattoos. These reactions are more than just fun reaction content; they can be educational. The artist can give context to the tattooing process you see on another video, praise good tattoo work, or be critical about tattoo jobs that are not so hot.

But it’s not just people reacting to others’ videos; sometimes, the reaction comes from other videos. For example, families responding to someone’s first tattoo.

These videos are fun to watch because they show how things have changed between generations. Many older family members get confrontational when their child receives a tattoo, and whether these videos are staged or not, it’s fun and cringe-inducing to see what happens.


Another genre of tattoo vlogs you can find on YouTube is advice videos. When someone wants a tattoo, they may talk to people who have had tattoos already to share their experiences.

However, if someone does not know a tattooed person, they may go to YouTube to seek advice from experts or people who have done that.

One example is a tattoo dos and don’ts video. These videos work well if you’re considering getting a tattoo, but you’ve seen pictures of “Tattoo fails,” and you don’t want to be like them. These videos are ideal if you want to find the best tattoo artist for the job, want to know how to take care of your tattoo, and other advice.

Some advice videos can help debunk the stigma surrounding tattoos. One example is a video from an older tattooed person, 59 at the time, answering the question of what happens when you’re older.

These videos show that tattoos still look great on an older person and even make them look younger than they are.


Travel and tattoo vlogs can be combined to create their own genre. Perhaps the most prominent example is the tattoo convention, where tattooists gather from around the area to showcase their art and where newcomers and veterans alike come to get some great tattoos.

These tattoo travel vlogs also work well if you are traveling to another country and want to know how other people will treat you if you have tattoos—for example, Japan.

Final Thoughts

When you’re curious about tattoos, YouTube is the place to go. The beauty of YouTube is seeing different points of view, including from tattooed people.

You can see freshly 18 young men and women getting their first tattoo, hear stories from an older tattooed person, see a day in the life of a tattoo artist, and learn the dos and don’ts of getting your first tattoo.

So, if you have any expertise or curiosity, YouTube may be an excellent platform to broadcast yourself getting or giving your tattoos.

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