Instagram-Worthy Tattoo Trends: What’s Hot in the Tattoo World Right Now?

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By Luciana Oliveira

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, are a tattooist, or are just a casual observer, observe tattoo trends. While many people get tattoos for themselves, following a trend can be an excellent source of inspiration.

One way we can measure trends is through Instagram. Let’s look at some tattoo trends through Instagram. In addition, learn how you can get more Instagram live viewer views.


In the 2020s, Japanese animation, or anime, has gone from a small niche following in the US to a colossal market. One example is through tattooing.

Tattoos of fictional characters are nothing new, but there has been a steady increase in tattoos from popular anime series. More and more people are getting ink of some of their favorite characters and series.

One example is this gorgeous tattoo depicting the protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy, in his Gear 5 transformation. Another shows Berserk protagonists Guts and Casca in an intimate moment, with the art style emulating the manga.

Video Games

Video games are similar to anime because they used to be a niche hobby but have now exploded in popularity. More and more people are gaming, and want to show off the love they have for their favorite games to play.

As such, it’s common to see gamers expressing their love through ink. One example is this stunning sleeve showing Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask holding the Fierce Deity mask.

It’s not just big Nintendo titles, though. Even indie gamers love their tattoos. One example is this Undertale tattoo, showing the protagonist looking at the mirror with the caption, “Despite everything, it’s still you.” Even if you’ve never played this game, you can look at this tattoo and get some meaning.

Watercolor Tattoos

Tattoos can be pretty colorful, but you often don’t think of something like a beautiful painting.

These tattoos come from experienced artists, as the technique is quite challenging. A tattoo artist must learn to give many different effects, such as blurring, bleeding, fading, and running. They tend to have little outlines as well.

Some watercolor tattoos can be a fresh look at a fictional character. For example, this Mulan tattoo depicts Mulan and Mushu in a familiar light, but the colors surrounding them are gorgeous.

This cat tattoo also shows the skills it takes for an artist to achieve this technique, such as spilling coffee and creating one unique visual effect.


Chances are, you remember getting a temporary tattoo from a quarter machine when you were a kid. These tattoos were easily applied but washed off just as quickly. However, semi-permanent tattoos that last weeks are a popular fad as of lately.

These semi-permanent tattoos soak into your skin, meaning they last much longer than the fake tattoos of old. However, they go away with time, making it ideal if you’re curious about tattoos but don’t want to commit or are afraid of needles.

If you’re interested in a design, but you’re not sure if it’ll look good, this is a great way to test a design before getting something permanent.

One example is this video, where an artist can create an elaborate sleeve that disappears after a while. Some temporary tattoos are more straightforward, such as phrases.

Colorful Tattoos for Dark-Skinned People

One misconception about tattoos is that tattoos cannot be colorful if you have dark skin, meaning that melanated individuals have fewer options than lighter-skinned people. However, this is not the case.

Many tattoo artists are learning to give dark-skinned clients more detailed tattoos, which was challenging to do before either because of the lack of education or due to discriminatory reasons.

Look at this tattoo, which depicts a woman in the style of Princess Peach from the Mario series. It’s colorful and blends well with the client’s skin.

This sleeve, showing the evolution of the Pokemon Ghastly to Gengar, uses purple hues that stand out quite well.


Another tattoo that you may have seen is the butterfly. Butterflies have always been a popular tattoo trend, but they have recently seen a resurgence. You may wonder why this is, but in short, it’s because of what the butterfly symbolizes and its beauty.

A butterfly first symbolizes transformation. Most of us have gone through changes in recent years, especially due to the pandemic.

A butterfly can showcase that from the struggle; you rise as a beautiful flying creature that can take on the world.

Butterflies are also a symbol of freedom. In an age where many people feel trapped, they may turn to the butterfly for inspiration. The butterfly goes where it can, spreading its gorgeous wings.

Finally, butterfly tattoos can inspire creativity. There are so many butterfly designs a person can turn to. Also, talented artists can breathe creativity into a butterfly tattoo by giving it motion.

Matching Friendship Tattoos

In an ever-changing landscape, friendship is more important than ever. That’s why many people are getting matching tattoos that show friendship, even if they are apart.

One example is these matching cherry tattoos. Besides having a cute, simplistic design, these cherries are shaped by hearts, showing the bond that the two have. In addition, the two cherries symbolize two people linked by a single source.

Best of all, even if the friendship goes sour, these tattoos still look great. Even if you don’t have a friend who will commit, looking at these tattoos as a source of inspiration can help you pick something creative.

Final Thoughts

Several tattoo trends are popular with many people, both newcomers to the tattoo world and veterans.

The trending tattoos you find can be a great source of inspiration for you to take what’s popular and make it your own.

Not only that, but you can turn these tattoos into beautiful art you can showcase via photos or videos.

Now that you know consider getting a tattoo of your own, or if you don’t, live vicariously through the many gorgeous pics you’ll find on Instagram.

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