The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed and Upright)

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By Anna Marikar

It’s time for a heart-to-heart session where we go deeper into the magical realm of tarot cards, a divine tool that helps us navigate life’s many ups and downs. Today, we’re shining the light of the moon on one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood cards in a traditional tarot deck—let’s understand more about the Moon Tarot Card meaning

the moon tarot card

Have you ever been captivated by the moon’s ethereal glow or felt its gravitational pull on your moods, decisions, and inner world? If so, you’re in the right place.

As the eighteenth card of the Major Arcana, the Moon Tarot holds a special place, beckoning us to explore the depths of our subconscious mind, and pay close attention to the whispers of our inner voice.

Whether you’re navigating a love reading or seeking insights into your career path, understanding the Moon Tarot card can be your guiding light.

So grab your favorite cup of tea, wrap yourself in that cozy blanket, and settle in for a journey through the moonlit landscapes of your soul.

By the time we’re done, you’ll not only understand the general meaning of this powerful card but also how it speaks to your current situation—whether it’s love, money, or the quest for personal growth.

the moon tarot card meaning

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What is the Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card?

The Moon card is the 18th major arcana card, but what does the moon tarot card mean, and what is the significance if you pull this card from your deck of tarot cards? 

This tarot card is a symbol of intuition, emotion, and the intricate networks of your subconscious mind. 

It usually pops up when you’re in a phase where listening to your inner voice is not just a good idea, it’s essential. 

the moon tarot card

The card resonates with lunar energy—just think of the card as the High Priestess’s cool, mysterious younger sister. They both love exploring the inner depths but while the High Priestess is all-knowing, the Moon’s vibe is like, “Hey, let’s find out!”

In a tarot card reading, the presence of the Moon often indicates that things might not be as they seem.

This card of illusion serves as a gentle reminder to question the “reality” presented to you. Just as the moon illuminates the night sky but also casts shadows, your perception of a particular situation might be clouded or distorted. 

You might be at a fork in the road in your life where you need to differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined—whether it’s in your love life, career path, or even your financial situation. And here’s the thing: that’s okay. It’s a part of your journey to enlightenment.

It’s like the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey, pay attention here; there’s more than meets the eye.”

the moon phases spiritual

While many tarot readers might offer different meanings for the Moon Tarot card, they’ll often agree on its primary focus: messages of the subconscious. 

Although tarot card designs can differ, traditionally the card usually features a crescent moon glowing over a grassy field, illuminating the hidden corners of our mind. 

So, don’t overlook this card’s significance; it’s nudging you to delve deeper into understanding the truth of the situation.

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The Moon in Love Tarot Readings: What’s Your Heart Whispering?

This is an intuition-related card that needs close attention in love readings. If you’ve got a potential relationship on the horizon, the Moon tells you to listen to your gut feelings. It could be a red flag or it might be a wolf howl at the full moon—a call to dive deeper into your love life.

Tarot card psychics often note that the Moon’s energy in love readings serves as a guide to help you recognize the important things you might be ignoring. If something’s been bothering you at the back of your head, it might be a sign to take a closer look at your relationship dynamics.

Plus, you might find that the Moon card resonates strongly with past relationships. Maybe you’ve been looking for closure or perhaps contemplating whether to rekindle an old flame.

If you’re currently single and the card appears, it’s your inner world asking you to prepare for something—or someone—significant on the horizon.

So, get ready to tap into your inner goddess energy and embrace whatever love journey lies ahead!

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Moon Tarot and Your Career Path: Trust Your Gut

Ever had that back-of-the-head feeling that you’re not on the right career path? Or maybe you’ve felt in your bones that it’s a good time to make a change. When the Moon card appears in a career reading, your psychic abilities—or let’s say, strong intuition—are calling. 

It advises you to lean into your own emotions to navigate through work situations, from mental health issues at work to long-term career decisions.

In the world of tarot card meanings, the Moon’s presence often advises caution on your career path. It’s the fine line between taking a bold step and accidentally causing a ‘car accident’ in your professional life. Sometimes, reassessing and slowing down can guide you back to the right path.

Not to be ignored is the Moon’s influence on your creative energy in the workplace. This is the card that says, “Hey, trust your innovative ideas!”

Maybe you’re hesitant to speak up in meetings or take the lead on a new project. The Moon encourages you to trust that gut feeling of yours—it’s usually right, and it could lead you down an exciting new career path you hadn’t even considered!

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The Moon Tarot and Your Financial Situation: Mysterious but Revealing

For those of you concerned about a money reading, the Moon Tarot can signify a lack of clarity. Financial reading with the presence of the Moon might require you to take stock of past experiences.

While it’s not a “death card” kind of situation, it’s a sign to pay attention, especially if you’re dealing with mental health problems that affect your judgement.

One interesting thing to note is that this card can also speak to your potential for abundance in a less traditional way.

Rather than being all about the numbers, the Moon asks you to consider your relationship with money.

Are you hoarding out of fear, or are you using your resources to enrich your life and the lives of others? It’s time to dive deep and think about your financial philosophies.

According to many tarot card predictions, the Moon reversed in a financial reading could signal potential pitfalls in your physical health affecting your work or financial stability.

It’s like your inner guidance saying, “Hold on a minute, let’s reassess our life choices, shall we?”

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Upright Moon vs Reversed Moon Tarot Meaning

Whether upright or reversed, the Moon Tarot card speaks volumes about the depths of your subconscious mind. However, their messages diverge quite a bit. 

An upright Moon is like your intuitive best friend who whispers, “You got this, trust yourself!” It encourages you to lean into your own wisdom, listen to your gut, and explore the divine power within you. 

On the flip side, a reversed Moon is like a caution sign on the highway—it suggests that you should slow down and reassess. It warns of potential emotional turbulence, confusing illusions, or even hidden information that needs to be revealed. 

So, the upright Moon empowers while the reversed Moon cautions, both guiding you in their own unique ways.

the moon tarot card meaning

Whether you’re consulting a seasoned tarot reader or exploring tarot card meanings online, the Moon Tarot card description will often focus on intuition and illusion.

The upright Moon amplifies your psychic abilities, guiding you to listen to the subtle messages of the subconscious.

On the other hand, the Moon reversed sends a cautionary signal, almost like a cosmic “Watch out for that pothole!” on your spiritual journey.

Meaning of The Moon Upright Tarot Card

In its upright position, the Moon card is generally a positive card that could mean a release of fear and embracing your inner guidance. You’re encouraged to tune in to the lunar cycle, paying attention to the new moon for new beginnings and the full moon for manifestations.

In its upright position, the Moon is like your spiritual GPS. Here, the Moon is urging you to tune into your inner voice and gut feelings.

Whether you’re faced with a decision about your love life, or a possible career move, this card tells you to rely on your inner guidance.

The upright Moon is also a nudge to address any mental health issues that you’ve been sweeping under the rug. Are you facing mood swings or emotional distress? Now is the time to explore those feelings, ideally under the full moon, when energies are high and the intuitive messages are strong.

The Moon upright is a card that beckons you to explore your psychic powers or psychic abilities. It opens up the night sky in your subconscious, allowing you to see things you might normally overlook. For some, this could mean diving into creative projects where your intuition can shine.

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Meaning of the Reversed Moon Tarot Card

When reversed, the Moon card serves as a warning sign about potential emotional distress and negative emotions. You might be struggling with fears of the natural mind. It’s an important time to focus on mental health issues, perhaps consult a mental health professional.

When the Moon is upside down, your internal compass might be a bit out of whack.

This lack of clarity could manifest in real-world issues, such as making poor choices in love or ignoring red flags in your financial situation.

This card is a signal to recalibrate, and maybe even consult an expert for test results or practical advice.

The reversed Moon card can indicate emotional turmoil, potential mental health problems, or a long journey through a dark emotional landscape. It could be a sign that professional help is needed, especially if you find it difficult to cope with your own emotions.

Whether you’re doing a love tarot reading or focusing on financial reading, a reversed Moon suggests you should proceed with caution. Don’t ignore the warning signs. This isn’t the best time to make major decisions, as the card indicates emotional distress and potential for misunderstanding.

The Moon Tarot card, in its upright or reversed position, deals with your inner world and how it interacts with your external situation. Whether you’re looking for answers in a relationship reading, a career path consultation, or a financial situation, remember: the Moon card means tuning into your inner self is the only way to a brighter future.

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How the Moon Interacts with Other Tarot Cards

When the Moon card appears next to certain other cards in a reading, it can create some intriguing combined meanings. Tarot is all about context, so the Moon’s symbolism can be amplified or shifted depending on its celestial neighbors.

Moon and High Priestess

If the Moon shows up beside the High Priestess, you’re looking at a double dose of intuition and subconscious wisdom. You might be reaching a point where your intuitive skills are peaking, making it a fantastic time for spiritual growth or even psychic development.

the moon and the high priestess tarot cards intuition

Moon and Death Card

When the Moon card is pulled alongside the Death card, it signals not only an end but also a rebirth. The subconscious fears and hopes you have are leading you toward a significant transformation, one that will bring a new beginning.

Moon and Lovers

Seeing the Moon next to the Lovers card? Ooh la la! This combo hints at the deep emotional and psychic connections you may share with a partner. However, it also nudges you to be wary of illusions or misunderstandings that could cloud the relationship.

Moon and Strength

If the Moon appears with the Strength card, it’s a message to harness your emotional and psychic energy wisely. It implies you have the inner resources to face whatever challenges are coming your way—so stand strong and resilient!

By understanding these combined meanings, you can get an even richer tapestry of insight in your tarot card readings.

I hope this has illuminated the Moon Tarot card for you. It’s not just a card, it’s a journey—one that can help you make an informed decision, overcome mental health obstacles, and unleash your divine power.

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Keep shining, lovelies! 🌙✨

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