15 Surprising Tarot Reading Mistakes To Shuffle Away

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By Anna Marikar

Embarking on your tarot reading adventure can seem intimidating at first. But fret not, we’re here to hold your hand through the early stages. Being aware of the usual beginner mistakes as well as dispelling some tarot myths, can help you sidestep these pitfalls and hone your tarot reading skills.

In this friendly guide, we will illuminate some of the most common errors newbie tarot readers often make, and provide some tips to navigate around them.

So, let’s get started!

15 tarot mistakes to avoid

1. Skipping the Grounding Process

Before you start your reading, grounding yourself can create a strong connection with your intuition and shield you from external distractions.

This can be as simple as taking a couple of deep breaths, visualizing your energy flowing into the earth, or a short meditation session. This practice helps you stay focused and centered throughout your reading.

You might want to cleanse your tarot deck before you begin, especially if it’s a newly acquired deck, but it’s good practise to cleanse between readings too.

2. Asking Ambiguous Questions

Tarot readings yield the best results when the questions are clear and focused. So steer clear of vague or broad questions that could lead to muddled or irrelevant responses.

Frame your question in a way that invites precise and insightful guidance, whether you’re doing a tarot reading for career, for love life of anything else.

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3. Excessive Reading

While it’s natural to be enthusiastic about tarot, excessive readings can create confusion and an unhealthy dependency.

Avoid conducting multiple readings on the same topic or question as it can lead to self-doubt and erode your intuition.

Allow yourself some time to digest and reflect on the insights from each reading.

4. Not Treasuring Your Deck

Treat your tarot deck like a trusted friend. Store it in a special box or bag and handle it with care.

Cultivating respect and connection with your deck can significantly enhance the quality of your readings.

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5. Overlooking the Minor Arcana

Beginners tend to focus on the Major Arcana, but remember that the Minor Arcana cards are equally significant, and can also play an important role in tarot numerology.

They offer insights into daily life situations and add valuable context to your readings. So ensure you’re well-versed with both the Major and Minor Arcana cards.

6. Doubting Your Intuition

Self-doubt can be a major stumbling block for beginners. Remember that tarot reading is intuitive by nature, and it’s essential to have faith in your instincts.

With time and practice, your confidence and unique reading style will surely flourish.

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7. Sticking Strictly to Literal Meanings

The beauty of tarot lies in its rich symbolism which allows for varied interpretations. Don’t limit yourself to literal meanings.

Explore the wider themes, notice your initial impressions and associations—they often hold the key to understanding the card’s essence.

8. Ignoring the Card’s Position in the Spread

Every card’s position in the spread has a unique meaning which influences the overall interpretation.

For instance, a card in the “past” position may reflect an earlier experience impacting the present. Always consider the card’s position and its relationship with the other cards in the spread.

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9. Fearing “Negative” Cards

Cards like The Devil, Death, or The Tower can seem daunting to beginners. However, these cards often bring forth vital messages and opportunities for personal growth.

Don’t fear these cards—embrace them with curiosity and openness. Tarot is a tool for personal development, and even challenging cards can provide valuable insights.

10. Stressing Over Reversed Cards

Reversed cards can be intimidating for new readers, but they’re not necessarily bad. They simply offer a different perspective or highlight potential blocks or internal influences.

Try not to stress over reversed cards, but rather see them as an opportunity for deeper insight.

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11. Comparing Your Readings to Others

Every tarot reader is unique, and so are their readings. It’s natural to compare your interpretations with others, especially when you’re a beginner.

However, remember that your perspective is valid and valuable. Trust your journey and don’t measure your progress against others.

12. Reading in a Distracted Environment

The atmosphere in which you do your readings can greatly impact the accuracy of your interpretations.

Make sure you’re in a calm, quiet environment free from distractions. This will help you concentrate and better connect with your intuition.

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13. Disregarding the Energy of the Querent

The person for whom you’re reading (the querent) plays a significant role in the energy of the reading.

If they’re skeptical or unwilling to participate fully, it can affect the reading. Encourage an open, accepting attitude for the best results.

14. Avoiding Personal Growth

Tarot reading isn’t just about predicting the future. It’s a powerful tool for personal growth and self-reflection.

Avoid the mistake of not using your readings as a mirror to see your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow with each reading.

15. Overdependence on the Guidebook

While your tarot deck guidebook is a great springboard, it’s vital not to limit yourself to its interpretations. As you grow in your tarot journey, learn to trust your instincts and personalize your readings. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various spreads and explore other resources such as online forums, books, or tarot workshops.

Tarot reading is a captivating journey of self-exploration and spiritual evolution. By steering clear of these common mistakes, you’ll be better equipped to become a proficient and confident tarot reader.

Remember to trust your intuition, delve into the rich symbolism of the cards, and keep an open mind during your readings.

With patience and dedication, you’ll develop a unique tarot style and unveil the wisdom and guidance concealed within the cards.

Practice makes perfect. As you continue to read tarot, you’ll make fewer of these mistakes and become more skilled in your readings. Enjoy the journey!

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