8 Tarot Cards For Self-Care

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By Luciana Oliveira

You hear a lot of phrases that include the term “self-care,” and when you think about that term, you may think it means spending a day at the spa getting a pedicure, manicure, and facial, or lying in a bubble bath, sipping on some bubbly while enjoying chocolate.

However, that goes more along the lines of self-indulgence. And there is nothing wrong with doing that now and then. However, that is not what self-care is, and let’s go over its meaning now. 

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is taking care of your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, many people believe that self-care is synonymous with self-indulgence.

According to Healthline, there is a lot of misunderstanding of how self-care is essential for you.

The source also shared that a recent Harris Poll shared that 44 percent of people don’t believe they have time for self-care, and 35 percent of people believe you need to have the money for self-care. 

That shows that there needs to be better awareness about the self-care importance and what it is.

For example, you need seven to eight hours of sleep. Ensuring that you get it is an example of self-care.

You also understand that you should ditch the sugar and stick to nutritious foods by eating more fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs. 

That is another example. You also know that for you to unwind, you need to have some time for yourself to read a book, watch a movie, or indulge in your hobby.

That is another example right there. You do not need money or a lot of time.

Self-care is essential for your overall well-being so you can stay healthy and have the energy and resources to care for others if you are in a caregiving position.

Self-care prevents you from pouring from an empty cup.
Practices like mindful meditation can work wonders.

If you are into the tarot, eight cards represent self-care (yes, the tarot can be an excellent tool for self-care because it is a way to nurture your spiritual health).

If you’re not familiar with it, have a read of this guide to tarot for beginners.
So let’s go over those cards right now. 

Four of Swords

This card represents rest, sleep, recuperation, and rejuvenation. According to the Sleep Foundation, the Four of Swords represents that you will best function if you get seven to eight hours of sleep.

The card also means that if you need a holiday to rejuvenate, you must take one. It does not have to be a long holiday.

It can be going away for a weekend to the cottage or ski resort if it is winter. You can also take a sick or mental health day if you take some time off work.

The Four of Swords is one of the top self-care cards because if you pull this card when burning yourself out, it screams at you to rest. After all, you need it!

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a card about multitasking and balancing. And many people find themselves having to juggle many responsibilities, which involve kids, work, extended family, home, and other commitments. That is a lot to take on.

However, the Two of Pentacles reminds you not to take on more than you can handle.

Instead, stick to the responsibilities you can handle, and the card reminds you that you should delegate duties you do not need to do, such as taking advantage of grocery delivery service. Sure it costs extra, but you will save on your energy!


Temperance is all about creating balance, and one of the things you want to achieve when it comes to self-care is internal balance.

That goes back to the basics of self-care regarding nutritious eating, exercise, sleep, and doing activities you enjoy, whether you unwind after a long day or not.

If you are feeling stressed, taxed, or getting to the point of burnout, then one of these components of good health is very out of whack.

The Temperance reminds you to balance yourself. Perhaps it is time to go to a reiki practitioner to align your chakras. 

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the one who takes care of your physical needs.

The emphasis of this card is to remind you to take care of your physical health, which means eating well and being active, sleeping well, and resting when you need to rest.

When this card comes up regarding self-care, it reminds you to see the doctor regularly. When was the last time you got a check-up?

Unfortunately, many people become so busy with work and family life that they neglect to care for their health.

Therefore, the Queen of Pentacles reminds you to care for your physical health in any way possible. 


The Hermit is the card that reminds you that you need to pull away from others so you can be reflective.

For example, suppose you have been ignoring nudges from your intuition messages while feeling stressed, unhappy, and heading to burnout.

In that case, you need to take this time to be reflective and figure out what you need to do to find balance, better health, and be happier.

Therefore, you need that rest time to do that, which means taking a day or two from work, and there is a similarity between this card and the Four of Swords.

However, the difference is that the Four of Swords represents rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.

The Hermit is about resting so you can be introspective and figure out how to make changes that will improve your life. 


The Empress is the one that is known to be the best carer and nurturer. However, instead of being the one to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself too.

So, this card can represent self-care, especially if you feel resentful that you are there to tend to everyone else’s needs while ignoring yours!

The Empress is there to remind you that you cannot pour out of an empty cup once again. 


The Star card is the card that represents hope and silver linings. Yes, you want to be realistic because if you happen to be facing a troubling situation, you want to acknowledge the challenges that come with it.

However, the Star is there to remind you to be hopeful and more positive no matter what you face.

One of the best things you can do is acknowledge your pain while giving yourself something to be optimistic about, and expressing gratitude also fits with the Star card.

When you are struggling, look for the little things that make you happy and can give you a reason to keep going. 


While in a troubling situation, you know that you have to cultivate your inner strength, which is why the Strength card is a tarot card that represents self-care.

You need inner and outer strength to handle complex situations, whether you are struggling with chronic health issues or a caregiver.

To keep strong, you must tend to your needs to stay that way. Therefore, this card reminds you to be strong but make sure you care for yourself so you can stay that way for others. 

Therefore, if you have a tarot reading, whether you read for yourself or someone is reading for you, and if any of these cards come up, you need to evaluate how much care you give yourself.

That is especially if you are dealing with a lot of stress and difficulties. Those top eight cards represent self-care and the steps you need to take to nurture yourself. 

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