Relaxing Guided Mindful Meditation for Sleep

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By Anna Marikar

Use this 5 minute guided meditation to help achieve a restful sleep, or go for the ten minute mindfulness meditation if you need a little more time to unwind, and take some deep relaxation to lead you into a better sleep.

Today we have a free 5 minute guided mindful meditation for sleep, and a longer 10 minute deep sleep meditation.

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Sleep quality has a huge impact on our mental health, physical health and overall well-being. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and not getting enough sleep will have such a negative impact on your day to day functioning in so many ways.

If you need a little help getting into a good quality sleep routine, try introducing these meditation techniques on a daily basis, and we’re sure you will feel a positive effect.

Taking a few minutes to listen through to the sleep meditation and let yourself drift off peacefully is a great way to ease stress and let go of the day.

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Good Sleep Hygiene

As well as the practice of meditation, the most important thing you can do to help with sleep issues is to try your best to maintain a regular sleep schedule. When you sleep at a similar time on any given day, you can see significant improvements in the quality of your sleep. Especially if you make this time a little early, to allow enough time for a good night’s rest.

Avoiding cell phone usage right before bed can also help. Instead, take some time for breathing exercises or mindfulness exercises. All of this is a fantastic natural sleep aid! You can also try introducing relaxing scents like lavender, whether that is diffusing essential oils or using lavender bath products before bed.

We all have busy schedules, but prioritising healthy sleep has a huge pay off.

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Meditation for Sleep

There are lots of different types of meditation and forms of meditation, it’s all about finding what’s right for you. Guided meditation is one of the easiest forms, so for me that’s the best way to get comfortable with daily meditation.

There are plenty of free meditations available, you can listen on YouTube with video or Spotify for a guided sleep meditation with gentle music, or download ours below!

Here is the script for one of our best guided sleep meditations. Click below at the end of this blog post and you can download the audio file, for both the 5 minute and 10 minute versions.

This deep sleep meditation is a valuable mindfulness practice to allow you to let go of your racing thoughts as your mind wanders, escape your overactive mind and settle into the present moment ready for a good night’s sleep.

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Guided Meditation Script

One of the most common causes of sleeplessness is a mind racing with thoughts. 

But instead of trying to immediately and completely shut your mind off, think through each thing one more time. 

When a thought arises, acknowledge it. 

Then let it go.

Give each thought a moment of attention.

Then say, “Now it’s time to leave.”

If a thought arises for a second time, let it slide past without engaging it. 

The more you let them go, the less repetitive they’ll get.

Your thoughts no longer have control over you. 

As your worries and concerns fade to the background, you feel lighter. 

Now draw your attention to the peaceful sound of your breathing. 

It sounds like a gentle breeze. Like the lapping of ocean waves.

In and out. 

Your breathing continues to slow, falling into a gentle rhythm. 

You’re more relaxed than you’ve been in a long time. 

You’re ready to fall into a sweet sleep.

Your mind is no longer racing. 

Your muscles are relaxed. 

Your breath is slow and steady. 

Feel the softness of the pillow beneath your head. 

It is warm and welcoming.

Feel the bed beneath you, supporting your body. 

Designed to help you rest and rejuvenate. 

The sensations of sleep are flowing over and through your body. 

Your mind is still, like the surface of a lake on a calm day. 

Your muscles are loose and relaxed. 

You deserve a deep, sound sleep. 

You deserve rest and peace. 

You deserve to feel rejuvenated when you wake. 

You feel like you’re floating. 

Let this feeling carry you to sweet places. 

Your dreams are wonderful.

Sleep comes to you very easily. 

Your loved ones want you to sleep well. 

You deserve to sleep well. 

Let everything else fade away. 

Noise. Thoughts. Worries. 

They’re all gone. 

Sleep well.

Download Printable Meditation Script

Click the download button below for your free printable copy of the meditation script in doc format.

5 Minute Sleep Meditation Audio

This audio recording is totally free, all we ask is you sign up to our newsletter below and then you will be able to instantly download the 5 minute mindful meditation for sleep audio file.

10 Minute Sleep Meditation Audio

If you would like the longer ten minute long meditation audios, you can download a full bundle in our shop with three different versions, for a total of over 30 minutes of mindful sleep meditation audio.

Buy the 10 minute guided sleep meditation bundle here.

Terms of use: these audio files are available for personal use, or commercial use within meditation group sessions and classes.

Please do not redistribute the mp3 file, send your friends this link so they can download their own version. Thanks so much.

More Mindfulness and Meditation

We hope you enjoyed this guided mindful meditation for sleep.

Take a look through some of our other meditation articles and content to see if something resonates to add to your meditation routine, or some relaxation techniques that you would like to try.


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  1. My martial arts class used to make us meditate as part of our class. We were supposed to count to ten without thinking about anything but the number.

    It never happened for me. XD

    Acknowleding thoughts seems like a much better idea.

  2. I love these! I really struggle to get to sleep. My kids use a relaxing audio app to help them but it’s never occurred to me to use something similar for myself. Guided meditation would probably really help me!

  3. Ooh, I love this – I felt more relaxed just by reading through the post! I am really struggling to sleep at the moment and I don’t know why – probably pre-Christmas stress – so I am definitely going to try this, thank you! xx

  4. Love the meditation speech! I really need to get into this mindset. My sleep isn’t too bad now, but I have been very sleep deprived before. I actually went to the doctor’s thinking I was really unwell at one point, but I was advised I was sleep deprived. It can massively affect both your mental and physical health. This has been such a lovely post. I’m taking these tips on board. X


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