Badass Female Empowerment Tattoos for Feminist Women

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By Anna Marikar

With this selection of female empowerment tattoos, ink meets empowerment, and body art becomes a canvas for feminist expression!

Gone are the days when tattoos were just designs; today, they’re badges of self-determination, emblems of empowerment, and powerful symbols of female self-expression. In recent years, tattoos have evolved into a significant part of the feminist movement, allowing women to reclaim their bodies and voices. 

This listicle dives into the heart of badass female empowerment tattoos, perfect for anyone from a first-timer to a seasoned ink enthusiast. Whether it’s your first tattoo or an addition to your collection, these designs resonate with the strength, resilience, and beauty of womanhood.

female empowerment tattoos for feminist women

Female Empowerment Tattoo Designs

Here we have gathered over 40 concepts for meaningful female empowerment tattoos with different meanings and symbolisms. 

When it comes to feminist tattoos, each inked design is a bold statement, a whisper of rebellion, or a symphony of personal stories.

Embracing this art form, women have turned to tattoos as a great way to express themselves—be it through a semi-permanent statement or a temporary tattoo. 

From the hushed corners of a cozy tattoo shop to the glamorous showcases on social media accounts, these designs are more than just skin deep. They’re a canvas where intricate designs meet powerful words, where cultural significance blends with personal preference. In every line, curve, and hue, there’s a story of a strong woman, a moment of history, or a bond between best friends. 

As we celebrate Women’s History Month and beyond, these female empowerment tattoos, particularly those crafted by skilled female tattoo artists are not just about adorning one’s body.

They’re about reclaiming narratives, challenging norms, and creating a different image that resonates with the fierce spirit of womanhood. 

Whether it’s a dainty French tattoo or a bold declaration of ‘nasty woman’, each piece is a testament to female empowerment and the profound journey of self-expression.

Table of Contents

1. The Venus Symbol with a Fist

The Venus symbol, universally recognized as the female symbol, merged with a raised fist, is a profound statement of girl power and women’s rights.

This potent combination is not just a tattoo design; it’s a daily reminder of the strength and unity of the feminist movement.

It encapsulates the spirit of many strong women and feminist icons, symbolizing the fight against gender inequality and for women’s bodies and rights, throughout history and until now.

feminist tattoo venus symbol and fist
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Combining the feminist fist with the female symbol creates an iconic representation of female strength and unity.

This design is more than a tattoo; it’s a statement of solidarity in the feminist movement, representing the ongoing fight for gender equality and women’s rights. It’s especially poignant for those actively engaged in social justice and advocacy.

venus symbol and fist feminist tattoo

2. Quotes from Feminist Icons

What better way to celebrate female empowerment than by etching the words of feminist icons on your skin?

From Frida Kahlo’s inspiring words to Jhene aiko’s soulful lyrics, or the lyrical genius of Taylor Swift these quotes are not just tattoos; they’re a narrative of the feminist movement.

Each word serves as a great reminder of the immense heartache, struggles, and triumphs of strong women through history.

3. The Broken Chain

Symbolizing freedom from the intense pressure and restraints placed on women, the broken chain tattoo speaks volumes.

It’s a nod to the history of women as second-class citizens and a celebration of breaking free from these shackles.

This design is particularly poignant for survivors and victims of human trafficking, embodying liberation and new beginnings.

breaking chain tattoo

Compliment your tattoo with female empowerment jewelry, too.

4. Rose for Resilience

A rose is not just a symbol of beauty; it’s a representation of resilience and evolving grace. Women, like roses, flourish even in the toughest conditions.

This design is a perfect way to honor personal battles, be it mental health struggles or the fight against societal norms.

The color of the rose you choose can also make a difference to the symbolism, whether you choose a red rose, a black rose, or something else.

rose and thorns tattoo

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5. Phoenix Rising

The phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, is a perfect metaphor for the feminist spirit. It represents the ability to rise from the ashes of past oppressions, symbolizing the rebirth of female power and autonomy.

phoenix tattoo on back

It’s especially meaningful for those who have overcome immense personal challenges and yet still continue to rise.

phoenix rising tattoo

6. Female Portraits

Portraits of strong, influential women, from historical figures like Maya Angelou to cultural icons like Angelina Jolie, make for powerful tattoos.

These images serve as a daily inspiration and a tribute to the women who have paved the way for female empowerment in the western world and beyond.

female portrait tattoo
feminist woman tattoo

7. Female Line Art Tattoo

The Female Line Art tattoo, characterized by its minimalistic and elegant design, captures the essence of the female form in a single, continuous line.

This style celebrates the beauty and fluidity of women’s bodies, making a subtle yet powerful statement about body positivity and self-love. Ideal for those who appreciate art and want to express their admiration for the female form in a tasteful, artistic way.

line art angel woman tattoo
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female empowerment line art

8. Uterus Tattoo

A Uterus tattoo is not just a biological representation; it’s a bold statement about reproductive rights and female health. It symbolizes the power of creation and the struggles women face in their fight for bodily autonomy.

This tattoo is especially resonant in the context of recent debates over women’s reproductive rights, making it a powerful symbol of resistance and solidarity.

uterus feminist tattoo line art

The above two slightly different uterus tattoo with a sun, or a moon are perfect for matching tattoos for sisters or friends. You could consider the placement near to your actual uterus, for additional impact.

uterus tattoo

9. The Lotus Flower for Resilience and Rebirth

A Lotus Flower tattoo, often representing purity, spiritual awakening, and rebirth, is a symbol of the resilience of women. It signifies beauty and strength arising from adversity, mirroring the journey many women undertake in their lives.

The lotus is particularly meaningful for those who have overcome personal challenges and emerged stronger.

lotus tattoo for female empowerment

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10. The Tree of Life for Growth and Connection

The Tree of Life is a symbol found in various cultures and represents growth, strength, and connection.

In feminist tattoos, it can signify the interconnectedness of women across different backgrounds and the shared growth through collective experiences. It’s a celebration of life and the enduring spirit of womanhood.

tree of life tattoo

11. The Equality Sign

An Equality Sign tattoo, often represented by two parallel lines, stands for gender equality and the continuous fight for it.

It’s a straightforward yet powerful symbol that resonates with those who advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all genders.

It’s a sign of solidarity and commitment to the cause of gender equality.

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12. Rainbow Motifs for Diversity

Rainbow motifs in tattoos symbolize diversity and inclusion, a core aspect of the feminist movement. They are a celebration of love, freedom, and the acceptance of all identities, making a strong statement against conservative attitudes and for gender and sexual diversity.

13. The Middle Finger Tattoo

A middle finger tattoo is not just a rebellious statement; it’s a bold expression of defiance against societal norms and misogynistic attitudes.

In recent years, it has emerged as a feminist symbol, representing the refusal to conform to traditional expectations of women. It’s a powerful word in the language of body modification, particularly resonant for those who’ve been a target of misogynistic online abuse or sexual harassment.

14. Medusa Tattoo for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Medusa tattoo has become a profound symbol for survivors of sexual abuse, transforming an ancient myth into a modern emblem of empowerment.

In mythology, Medusa was punished for being a victim, but in this reinterpretation, she stands as a figure of resilience and defiance. This tattoo is a powerful statement, turning a symbol of victimization into one of strength and solidarity for those who have endured similar experiences.

medusa tattoo for female empowerment

15. Witch Tattoos

Witch tattoos have become a symbol of empowerment, mystique, and a connection to the natural and spiritual world. These tattoos, ranging from images of dancing witches under the moon to powerful phrases like “We are the daughters of the witches you couldn’t burn,” encapsulate a reclaiming of historical narratives.

They’re not just art; they’re a celebration of the misunderstood and often persecuted figures of the past, turning a symbol of oppression into one of empowerment and resilience.

These designs resonate particularly with those who identify with the spiritual, rebellious, or unconventional aspects of the witch archetype.

they're burning all the witches even if you aren't one tattoo

The above witch tattoos have the words “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one” which is a Taylor Swift lyric from “I did something bad” on the reputation album.

This feminist witch tattoo is a declaration of strength, independence, and a connection to the mystical and natural world. The imagery of witches dancing under the moonlight symbolizes freedom, sisterhood, and a deep connection to the rhythms of nature, while phrases like the aforementioned serve as a reminder of the enduring spirit of women who have faced adversity and emerged unscathed.

Witch tattoos are a powerful testament to the resilience and enduring legacy of women who have dared to be different.

dancing witches under the moon tattoo
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16. Scales of Justice for Gender Equality

The Scales of Justice tattoo is a nod to the ongoing struggle for gender equality. This symbol is particularly meaningful for women in the legal profession or those who have been involved in legal battles for women’s rights.

It represents the balance they seek in their personal and professional lives and their commitment to establishing equality.

This feminist tattoo is particularly suited for Libra too.

17. The Suffragette Sash

A tattoo design inspired by the suffragette sash pays homage to the women who fought for voting rights in the early 20th century.

This tattoo can be a literal depiction of the sash or a more abstract representation using the colors and motifs associated with the suffragette movement.

It’s a tribute to the past and a reminder of the progress that has been made, as well as the work still to be done.

suffragette ribbon tattoo
sufragette ribbon tattoo

18. The Feminist Heart

A heart tattoo, when combined with feminist symbols or quotes, transforms into a Feminist Heart.

venus symbol with hearts tattoo

It represents love and passion for the feminist cause, symbolizing the emotional and empathetic aspects of the movement. This tattoo is perfect for those who wear their heart on their sleeve and are unafraid to show their commitment to feminist values.

feminist heart tattoo

19. Dove with Olive Branch for Peace and Equality

A dove carrying an olive branch is a universally recognized symbol of peace. As a feminist tattoo, it represents the desire for peace and equality between the sexes.

This design can also include elements that represent personal or broader feminist ideals, making it both a beautiful and meaningful piece of art.

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24. The Warrior Goddess

A Warrior Goddess tattoo, inspired by figures from mythology and history, symbolizes female strength, courage, and resilience.

This can be a representation of a specific goddess or a composite of various traits embodying empowerment, such as Athena’s wisdom or Durga’s protective power. It’s a celebration of the fierce spirit inherent in every woman, perfect for those who identify with or aspire to these qualities.

female warrior tattoo

25. The Female Warrior

Similarly, a tattoo depicting a female warrior, whether a historical figure like Joan of Arc or a symbolic representation, celebrates bravery and the fighting spirit.

This tattoo honors women who have stood up against oppression and fought for their rights and the rights of others. It’s a powerful emblem of resistance and courage.

female warrior tattoo

26. Mother and Child

A Mother and Child tattoo represents the unbreakable bond and love between a mother and her offspring.

This design can vary from realistic portrayals to more abstract representations but always captures the essence of maternal love, nurturing, and the powerful role of women as life-givers and caretakers.

27. The Feminine Eye

The Feminine Eye tattoo, often depicted with intricate details or within a symbolic context (like being framed by flowers or celestial bodies), represents wisdom, intuition, and the unique perspective women bring to the world.

It’s a nod to the often-celebrated emotional intelligence and insight of women, serving as a reminder of the power of seeing and understanding deeply.

28. Butterfly Transformation

The Butterfly is a widely recognized symbol of transformation, beauty, and rebirth. In the context of female-focused tattoos, it represents the journey of personal growth and transformation many women undergo.

It can be particularly poignant for those who have experienced significant changes in their lives, symbolizing their emergence into a new, empowered self.

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29. The Caged Bird Set Free

A tattoo of a caged bird with an open door, possibly with the bird in the act of flying out, symbolizes freedom, the overcoming of constraints, and the triumph over past oppression. It’s a metaphor for liberation from societal norms, abusive relationships, or self-imposed limitations, resonating deeply with those who have fought for their freedom.

bird freeing from a cage tattoo

30. Compass Rose for Guided Direction

A Compass Rose tattoo signifies guidance, direction, and the journey of life. For women, it can represent navigating through the complexities of womanhood and the path to finding one’s true north – be it personal, professional, or spiritual.

This tattoo is ideal for those who view their life as a journey and appreciate the guidance of their inner compass.

31. The She-Wolf

The She-Wolf tattoo, often associated with strength, independence, and nurturing, is a powerful symbol in many cultures. It can represent the protective nature of women, their fierce independence, and their role as leaders and caregivers.

This tattoo is perfect for those who identify with the primal, instinctual power of the she-wolf, embodying both strength and tenderness.

32. The Moon Phases

A tattoo depicting the phases of the moon symbolizes femininity, cyclical change, and the connection to nature. The moon is often associated with womanhood, representing the different stages in a woman’s life and the innate ability to adapt and transform.

This design resonates with those who feel a deep connection to the natural world and its cycles.

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33. The Feminist Quote

A tattoo of a feminist quote can be a daily source of inspiration and a declaration of one’s beliefs. Whether it’s a line from a renowned feminist, a powerful lyric, or a personal mantra, these words inked on skin serve as a constant reminder of the wearer’s values and the collective struggle for equality and empowerment.

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34. The Wildflower

Wildflower tattoos represent natural beauty, resilience, and freedom. These flowers thrive in the wild, unaffected by human intervention, symbolizing an untamed spirit and the beauty of natural, unapologetic existence.

This tattoo is ideal for those who identify with the strength and grace of wildflowers, blooming in the face of adversity.

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35. The Anchor for Stability

An Anchor tattoo, while traditionally associated with sailors, can symbolize stability, hope, and grounding in the context of female empowerment.

It represents staying true to one’s roots and values, regardless of the tumultuous seas of life. This is especially meaningful for women who have served as the stabilizing force in their own lives or the lives of others.

female anchor tattoo on foot

36. DNA Helix for Ancestry and Identity

A DNA Helix tattoo can represent the connection to one’s ancestry and the unique genetic makeup that defines an individual.

For women, this can be a celebration of their heritage, a nod to the matrilineal line, and an acknowledgment of the inherent strength passed down through generations.

37. The Feminist Venus Symbol

A variation of the classic feminist symbol, this tattoo combines the female Venus symbol with a clenched fist, representing female empowerment, unity, and resistance.

venus symbol tattoo
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38. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

A Rose with Thorns tattoo is a classic symbol of beauty and resilience. The rose represents beauty and love, while the thorns signify the challenges and hardships endured.

This tattoo embodies the notion that true beauty and strength are born through overcoming life’s obstacles. It’s ideal for those who have faced and conquered adversity, symbolizing the delicate balance of beauty and strength.

rose with thorns tattoo

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39. “And Though She Be but Little, She is Fierce” Quote

This quote from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” makes for a powerful tattoo. It speaks volumes about the strength and determination that can exist in spite of one’s physical stature or perceived limitations.

This tattoo resonates with anyone who has ever been underestimated due to their appearance or size, celebrating the fierce spirit within.

and though she be but little she is fierce tattoo

40. The Word ‘Feminist’ with Definition

A tattoo of the word ‘Feminist’ along with its definition is a straightforward yet impactful design. It’s not just a word; it’s an identity and a commitment to a set of beliefs about equality and rights.

This tattoo can serve as a conversation starter and an educational tool, as well as a personal reminder of one’s dedication to the feminist cause.

41. Girl Power Tattoo

The phrase ‘Girl Power’, popularized in the 1990s, remains a vibrant and energetic expression of female empowerment.

This tattoo can be rendered in various fonts and styles, encapsulating the dynamism, strength, and solidarity of women. It’s a perfect choice for those who identify with the spirit of sisterhood and collective female strength.

girl power tattoo with infinity symbol

The above tattoo includes an infinity alongside, symbolising the eternal nature of this message, and the below tattoo is done with full color for an impactful effect.

girl power tattoo

42. Queen of Spades Tattoo

The Queen of Spades is a symbol of intelligence, insight, and independence. As a tattoo, it represents a woman who is not afraid to take charge, who possesses wisdom and an assertive spirit.

This design can be particularly empowering for those who see themselves as leaders and trailblazers.

queen of spades tattoo

The placement could be on your upper shoulder or even the neck

queen of spades tattoo

43. “Still I Rise” Tattoo

Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, a “Still I Rise” tattoo is a testament to resilience, defiance, and the unbreakable spirit of overcoming adversity. It’s a declaration that despite challenges, one will continue to rise and prevail.

This tattoo resonates deeply with those who have overcome personal struggles and serves as a daily reminder of their strength and perseverance.

Still I Rise tattoo

These tattoos are more than just body art; they are powerful words and symbols etched in ink, representing personal stories, struggles, and victories.

From the streets of New York City to the rural landscapes of China, they connect women across the globe, offering a sense of solidarity and empowerment. Whether you choose a small tattoo as a subtle nod to your beliefs or a bold statement piece, each design is a step towards embracing and celebrating the female body and spirit.

Remember, every time you look at your tattoo, it’s not just a design; it’s a story, a statement, and a piece of the ongoing narrative of female empowerment. Embrace these badass tattoos as your own personal badges of self-determination and emblems of empowerment.

feminist tattoos for female empowerment

In the realm of feminist tattoos, the possibilities are as diverse and dynamic as the women who wear them. From the audacious middle finger to the subtle yet strong religious symbols, these designs are more than just body ink; they are stories of resilience, celebrations of femininity, and statements of rebellion against oppressive norms.

Whether you opt for a permanent tattoo or a semi-permanent one, remember that each line, color, and shape represents a piece of your journey and beliefs.

As you sit on the tattoo table, know that you are in the right place, at the right time, making a statement that resonates with your deepest thoughts and strongest convictions. Embrace these tattoos as a means to express your feminist spirit, connect with your past, and make your mark in the ongoing narrative of female empowerment.

symbols of feminism for tattoos

Each of these tattoos tells a story of struggle, resilience, and hope. From the powerful Medusa, reclaiming her narrative, to the peaceful dove symbolizing the desire for equality, these designs offer more than aesthetic appeal—they provide a sense of identity and belonging in the feminist movement.

They stand as reminders of the trials faced and the triumphs achieved, each line and color representing a chapter in the ongoing story of female empowerment.

Whether you’re a survivor, an advocate, or a supporter, these tattoos offer a way to visibly and proudly carry your values and experiences.

first of all, no. feminist t shirt

More Powerful Tattoos

We hope you liked the feminist tattoo ideas we’ve put together, here are a few more meaningful tattoo design collections you might enjoy for even more inspiration

Disclaimer: our list includes tattoo designs created by the On Your Journey team x Dall-e 3 and On Your Journey team x Midjourney. We also included affiliate links to temporary tattoos on Etsy.

The depicted designs are meant for inspiration, Consult with your tattoo artist to come up with a unique final design that perfectly captures the meaning you are looking for.

Always conduct your own research to be sure you are certain of your design before tattooing.

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