66 Powerful Female Empowerment Group Names for your Women’s Organisation

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By Anna Marikar

If you’re looking to add some female empowerment to your life, the first place to start is in your own circle of friends. Whether you’re a mom, a wife, an aunt or a friend, there are so many groups out there that can help empower you.

If you’re looking to get involved with a more formal group, in this blog post we will share some inspiration and ideas on how to name your female empowerment group. 

A  female empowerment group can provide women with a safe, supportive, and educational community to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world.

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A group of women working together is a powerful force to be reckoned with. This is especially true when that group has a mission statement and an agenda!

What is a women empowerment group?

Well, it’s a group of people who gather regularly to discuss the problems faced by women, brainstorm solutions and create action plans.

It’s a place where women can feel safe, supported and heard. It’s a place where they can share their ideas, skills and resources.

A women’s empowerment group offers a space to learn from one another, share experiences and support one another. Gender equality and women’s rights is still an area with more progress to be made. 

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And while the specific needs and issues vary widely across women and organizations, a key component to any successful women’s empowerment group is the name and purpose of the group.

The “mean girls” concept is damaging and positions women as being in conflict and competition with each other. This has to be challenged! Building more girls’ groups which are open and welcoming is a great way to challenge this stereotype and create a more positive and mutually encouraging environment for women of all ages.

In this article, we’ll give you inspiration for powerful and empowering women’s group names to help you start your own, or find one that’s already meeting in your city.

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Find the Best Name for your Female Empowerment Group

You’re looking for women’s empowerment group names that have powerful resonance and can be easily remembered.

We’ve all heard of the popular men’s empowerment group, such as the Free Masons, the Million Dollar Round Table or the Millionaire Mentor Network. Now, we’re talking about the women’s empowerment groups that empower women to take charge of their financial futures and make their lives better—without a man.

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So, whether you’re looking for a name for a professional development group, a feminist blog group, names for your feminist grassroots organizations, or women team names for your local sports club, you have come to the right place and we have a few good name ideas to share. 

Discuss with your group members until you find the perfect name for your female group. The type of name you go for depends on whether this is a group for young girls, a global network, a social club for older ladies, or a smaller group of best friends. Either way, the right girls group names will get you ready for whatever mission life throws at you.

List of Name Ideas for your Women’s Empowerment Girls Squad

  1. Daughters of Artemis
  2. Daughters of the Queen
  3. Females First
  4. Feminism: Her Circle of Friends
  5. Femme-power!
  6. Femmes Du Monde
  7. Friendship: Girl Power
  8. Girl Power
  9. Girls Inc
  10. Girls On A Mission
  11. Girls on Fire
  12. Girls’ Empowerment Network
  13. Ladies First
  14. Ladies Who Lunch
  15. Ladies of Liberty
  16. Ladies’ League
  17. Leadership: Women in Business
  18. Mama-Geeks
  19. Mentorship: Women’s Leadership Development
  20. Mommies Who Rock
  21. Pink Ladies
  22. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  23. Sisterhood: Sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs
  24. Sisterhood: Sisters In Spirit
  25. Sisterhood: Women Who Can
  26. Sisters In Arms
  27. Sisters in Crime
  28. Sisters of Sororitas
  29. Support: Women in Business
  30. Team Building BFFs
  31. The Femme Club
  32. The Femmes
  33. The Fierce Ladies
  34. The Furies
  35. The Girls’ Club
  36. The Ladies’ Circle
  37. The Ladies’ Club
  38. The Ladies’ League
  39. The Power Wives
  40. The Sisterhood of the Valkyries
  41. The Sisters
  42. The Sisters In Service
  43. The Sisters Of The Womankind
  44. The Sisters of the Revolution
  45. The Sorority of the Black Snake
  46. The Women of Troy
  47. The Women’s Action Alliance
  48. The Women’s Alliance
  49. The Women’s Business Association
  50. The Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  51. The Women’s Fellowship
  52. The Women’s Initiative
  53. The Women’s Society
  54. The Women’s Society
  55. The Women’s Support Network
  56. The Womens’ Club
  57. The Zeta Chi Dames
  58. Women for a Better World
  59. Women’s Circle of Excellence
  60. Women’s Club
  61. Women’s Collective
  62. Women’s Committee
  63. Women’s Council
  64. Women’s Federation
  65. Women’s Fund
  66. Women’s Network

We have gathered together this list with cute names , funny names, clever names, catchy names and all kinds of creative names. I hope this gives you a little inspiration to find your own unique name, and hit upon a memorable name that is right for you.

If you can’t decide then take a few different ideas , and write them down. Mix them all in a jar and pick someone to pull out a piece of paper to make the final decision. Committing to a girl’s group name is not an easy task so if you’re stuck, sometimes this is the best way!

Don’t overthink, once you have the name you can get a head start on everything that you set out to achieve, whether it is the fight for equal rights, or winning the women’s football league. With your girl group, it’s time to achieve great things!

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The Benefits of Being Part of a Women’s Group

Women have a tendency to be very supportive and encouraging to each other. If you are in a women’s group, it is possible that the support and encouragement you get will be especially helpful to you. It can be easy for a woman to get caught up in her own problems, and to feel as if she is all alone.

Being part of a group where everyone understands what you are going through is a great help, whether this is as women in business, a mother’s group, a support group for women who have experienced male violence, or a group of women with a shared goal like environmental causes or fighting for women’s rights and gender equity. 

1. Empowerment – a new and dynamic way to support women in their careers

2. Networking – connecting with people who share your vision

3. Mentorship – building a relationship of trust and accountability

4. Education – gaining knowledge about the world around you

5. Inspiration – sharing your ideas and creativity

6. Self-care – taking time for yourself

7. Leadership – helping others lead and developing our own leadership skills

8. Community, sisterhood and support – supporting each other and being there for each other. 


We hope you enjoyed these suggestions of powerful female empowerment names for your girl’s team or group. 

The secret to effective group or team names is simple: it should be short, yet memorable. A good group name does two things: first, it should evoke an emotional response and second, it should make the members proud to be a part of the group.  

The names on our list all have a positive ring to them which means women and girls will be excited to use them. It’s important that the name you choose for your organisation should reflect the mission of the group

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions of powerful female empowerment names for your girl’s team or group.

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We appreciate any shares via Social media, on Pinterest, Twitter or whatever is your favorite social media platform so please feel free to share this list, and good luck with your new group!

66 powerful name ideas for your women group
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