4 Steps To Committing Yourself to Positive Actions Every Day

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By Anna Marikar

Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Creating the Life You Really Want.

If you think about the word commitment, what comes up for you? Maybe it sound like a chore or a burden, or something that you have to do instead of want to do, or something scary?

Committing to positive action can be scary too, but the pay-off is so worth it. It is worth making the promise to yourself, that you will follow through and treat yourself the way that you really deserve and allow yourself to grow and flourish.

When you commit yourself to positive actions, you are the one who will gain all the benefits and reap all the rewards of that.

Committing yourself to positive action means committing to your authentic self, and you are doing a huge favour to your future self. Committing to positive changes now, is a gift that you will benefit from every day in years to come.

Although commitment may sound like a bad word, when it comes to committing yourself to positive actions it is a blessing and there are a few steps you can take to make it easier.

If you have a bad day, it doesn’t have to ruin the rest of the day or the rest of the week. Just keep going and soon you will be back on track!

Start Small

the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

If you are like most people, you may have set grand goals and desires in the past only to fall flat and feel as though you have failed.

Often setting goals that are too big is a surefire way to flop, or end up feeling disheartened with the whole process.

When you have a desire, a dream, or a vision, it is important to break it down and set smaller goals, ones that are more manageable.

When your goals are more manageable, they are quite simply easier to achieve, and this way you are motivated to keep going.

Once you have achieved one small goal, the feeling of confidence in you will soar and you will be able to achieve the next bigger goal.

Soon enough, even the bigger goals will be complete because of the way you handled it bit by bit.

Have an Accountability Partner

two hands, women friendship and support.

This is where it really helps to have people around you who are aligned with the same mindset.

Luciana and I are lucky to have each other, because if one of us wants to commit to a positive change, normally the other will jump on board with it and we both encourage each other. This really helps!

Once you have chosen and set your smaller goals, find yourself a buddy, whether it is a co-worker, friend, a member of a women’s empowerment group or family member who will sign up to be your accountability partner.

So now when you set those goals, you will have someone to answer to and someone who is pushing you on and wants to see you succeed.

Make a promise to yourself, and have someone check in on you to see if you are keeping that promise. And vice versa you can do the same for them, that way we help each other to grow and we can level up together.

Whatever your goal is, have someone to answer to and you will see how this has a positive impact on your end results.

Reward Yourself

on top of a mountain

Whenever you reach a goal no matter how big or small, reward yourself. Whatever the goal was whether it was to find one new client or to lose five pounds, when you reach your goal reward yourself.

Never be afraid to hype yourself up for each achievement every step of the way. Reward yourself, and remind yourself how good you are doing. This will keep you motivated.

Visualise the Future

Remember why you started
Remember why you started

Think about why you want to make these positive changes. What do you want your future to look like?

Now, visualise this and really picture how great this is going to feel. Regularly tapping into these future visualisations can help keep you motivated and it’s also a great way to actually manifest this future. You can take it one step further by putting together a written manifestation list.

If you start out small, have someone you are accountable for when you make a promise to yourself, visualise your future and reward yourself whenever you reach a goal no matter how big or small, you will soon see how easy it can be to commit yourself to positive actions.

Some Positive Actions to Introduce to Your Daily Routine

Perhaps you already have your own ideas, but here are a few positive actions you could add to your list if you are in need of some inspiration for new positive habits.

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