55+ Best Minimalist Taylor Swift Inspired Tattoo Ideas For Every Swiftie 

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By Anna Marikar

If you’re a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift, then you understand that she’s not just another pop star; she’s a storyteller, a poet, and a powerful symbol of strength and individuality. Her songs are an intricate tapestry of meaningful lyrics, rich narratives, and catchy melodies that strike a chord deep within us. 

For true fans, her music becomes a part of us, an extension of our identities and personal narratives.

In fact, some Swifties are taking this one step further, etching these memories, emotions, and melodies onto their skin in the form of minimalist Taylor Swift-inspired tattoos.

55 minimalist Taylor swift inspired tattoos

From the deep, rich narratives in ‘folklore’ to the empowering messages in ‘reputation’, Swift’s lyrics are tattooed across the hearts and minds of her fans. And what better way to commemorate this love than with a tattoo? 

A simple new tattoo inspired by Swift offers a unique look, an intimate homage to an artist who has made an impact on your life, or perhaps a memento of a memorable moment like a ‘Long Live’ rendition at the Eras tour.

There’s good news for Swift tattoo fans – there’s a plethora of minimalist and symbolic tattoo ideas to choose from. Tattoos are a deeply personal form of expression, and what better way to express your love for Taylor’s music than with a design inspired by her songs or album themes? Whether you’re a fan of the ‘Folklore’ era or the ‘1989’ era, there’s a design for you.

Taylor Swift Tattoos Ideas and Inspiration

We have put together some lists with inspiration of symbols suited for minimalist tattoos, or inspirational quote tattoos inspired by Taylor swift songs, Taylor swift albums and eras. You don’t need to get a huge half sleeve tattoo or bold neck tattoo to show your dedication, these are ideas that can be placed subtly to show your dedication in a simple sweet way.

We’ve also linked to some of these ideas as temporary tattoos in case you want something just for the concert, or if you have kids that want to get involved with their own swiftie tattoo (affiliate links from Etsy)

Taylor Swift Song Lyric Tattoos

Swift’s lyrics are poignant, making them the perfect source of inspiration for a quote tattoo.

For instance, “Long Live” written in a simple, fine line tattoo on the right hand could be a constant reminder of the strength within you, or to extend the lyric you could put a line like I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you, and combine this with a sword tattoo

long live tattoo Taylor swift
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When considering a quote from Taylor’s songs, it’s important to choose lyrics that resonate with you on a personal level.

Imagine the empowering verse from ‘Clean’, “I think I am finally clean” inked in a minimalist style along your collarbone, a daily affirmation of your strength and resilience. 

I think I am finally clean Taylor swift lyric tattoo

Or consider “I had the best day with you today” from ‘The Best Day’, positioned in fine line tattoo style on your inner wrist, a tender reminder of the love and support you cherish and a tribute to your mom. 

Here are a few more ideas…

  1. All’s well that ends well to end up with you.” – ‘Lover’
  2. In the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.” – ‘Reputation’
& in the death of her reputation she felt truly alive tattoo Taylor swift
Source: Pinterest
  1. “Hold onto the memories, they will hold onto you.” – ‘New Year’s Day’
hold on to the memories, ts
  1. Long Story Short I Survived – Long Story Short
  2. I had a marvellous time ruining everything  – Last Great American Dynasty
  3. “If you never bleed you’re never gonna grow” – the 1
  4. “Living for the hope of it all” – August
to live for the hope of it all tattoo Taylor swift
  1. “You drew stars around my scars” – Cardigan
you drew stars around my scars tattoo
  1. “You are what you love” – Daylight
  2. “Fearless.” – ‘Fearless’
fearless tattoo line art hand heart
  1. “Long live all the magic we made.” – ‘Long Live’
  2. “We never go out of style.” – ‘Style’
  3. “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” – ‘Blank Space’
  4. “I’m doing better than I ever was.” – ‘Call It What You Want’
  5. Take me to the lakes where the poets went to die  – The Lakes
take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die tattoo Taylor swift
  1. “Give me the blues and then purple pink skies” – Invisible String
  2. “Two paper airplanes flying” – Out of the woods
paper airplane tattoo out of the woods
  1. “She found herself, and somehow that was everything” – Clean
  2. “Like we’re made of starlight, starlight. Like we dream impossible dreams” – Starlight 
  3. “Who you are is not where you’ve been” – Innocent 
  4. “I still feel you all around” – Marjorie
but I still feel you all around marjorie Taylor swift
source Pinterest
  1. “Step into the daylight, and let it go” – Daylight
  2. “It’s never too late to be brand new” – Innocent
  3. “We found wonderland” – Wonderland
  4. Everything you lose is a step you take – You’re on your own, Kid
everything you lose is a step you take Taylor swift
source Pinterest
  1. “But this love is brave and wild” – State of Grace
  2. “The lights are so bright but they never blind me” – ‘Welcome To New York’
  3. “But with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress” – Fearless
  4. “Your faithless love’s the only hoax I believe in” – Hoax
  5. “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it / You’ve got no reason to be afraid” – You’re on your own kid
  6. “Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful” – Snow on the Beach
  7. “And my waves meet your shore, ever and evermore” – Evermore
wave tattoo to go with “And my waves meet your shore, ever and evermore”

Era Symbol Tattoos

Each of Taylor’s albums represents a different era, with unique symbols attached to each, so let’s take a look at a few symbols that work as minimalist tattoos for each Taylor Swift era…

fearless wrist tattoo
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  1. ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006): For this debut album, consider a guitar or cowboy boots to symbolize her country roots.
Taylor swift inspired line art for tattoos
  1. ‘Fearless’ (2008): A white horse or a small castle could be perfect symbols for the fairytale and romance themes in this album.
  2. ‘Speak Now’ (2010): A microphone to represent her fully self-written album would be an excellent choice, or you could go with some fireworks.
  3. ‘Red’ (2012): This era could be represented with a simple red lipstick tattoo, or a maple leaf to symbolize the autumn season, a significant period in the relationship she describes in the song “All Too Well”.
red album Taylor swift
  1. ‘1989’ (2014): A small, minimalist paper airplane tattoo on your finger or wrist could symbolize the freedom and carefreeness of this era, or a bird in flight as seen in the album artwork.
  2. ‘Reputation’ (2017): A snake tattoo coiled on your upper arm or ankle can speak volumes about your ability to rise above the noise, much like Taylor did during this period.
reputation album Taylor swift
  1. ‘Lover’ (2019): A heart, intertwined initials, or a simple, elegant dress tattoo would capture the essence of this love-filled era.
  2. ‘Folklore’ (2020): A dragonfly tattoo, subtly placed behind your ear or on your shoulder blade, could symbolize the beauty and magic of this reflective era. Alternately, an outline of the ‘Folklore’ house, or a silhouette of the iconic ‘Folklore’ woods would be fitting.
  3. ‘Evermore’ (2020): For this sister album to ‘Folklore’, a willow tree or ivy design could be perfect, echoing the songs “Willow” and “Ivy”.
  4. ‘Midnights (2022): For this recent era, a lavender flower tattoo could be a perfect homage to “Lavender Haze”. Alternatively, gems and jewels designs on your wrist or collarbone could symbolize the sparkly essence of “Bejewelled”. Lastly, a minimalist cat silhouette tattoo could represent the iconic line “Karma is a cat”, making it an unique and fun choice for any Swiftie.
lavender watercolor for lavender haze tattoo inspiration

Each of these tattoo ideas represents a unique era of Taylor Swift’s career, letting you show your appreciation for her evolving artistry in a personal and meaningful way.

Taylor swift eras tour tattoos
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Lucky Number Tattoos

Taylor’s lucky number, 13, inked on your index finger can make for a small tattoo, yet with significant meaning for any Swiftie.

Taylor’s affection for the number 13 has been a recurring theme throughout her career, making it a fitting choice for a tattoo.

A small, delicate ’13’ inked behind your ear or on your ankle can be a subtle yet meaningful tribute to Taylor.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider incorporating the number into a more complex design, like a clock showing 13 o’clock, adding a dash of whimsy to your Swift-inspired ink.

Grab these temporary tattoos with the number 13 on your hand, just like teenage Taylor used to do for her performances.

lucky number 13 hand tattoo temporary tattoo for Taylor swift concert
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Matching Tattoos

What’s better than one Swiftie? Two! Matching tattoos can be a unique way to commemorate your shared love for Taylor’s music. 

Are you and your friend or sister Swifties for life? A small symbol of the moon and Saturn can make for a fun and meaningful matching tattoo, referencing the lyric in the song Seven from Folklore which talks about childhood friendship “love you to the moon and to Saturn”

love you to the moon and to Saturn tattoo

Or, for a more visual tribute, consider matching silhouette tattoos of Taylor or her guitar. 

You could also take a famous lyric and split it with half on each person for example one person has “long live” and the other has “the magic we made” 

long live all the magic we made

You could also make matching friendship bracelet tattoos, linking up to the lyrics from You’re on your own kid, and as a reminder of the eras tour.

Song-Inspired Tattoos

Taylor’s songs are so vivid that they paint images in our minds. Translating these images into tattoos can be a visually stunning tribute.

mirrorball tattoo

Consider a simple, minimalist disco ball tattoo on your wrist as a nod to ‘Mirrorball’., while a red scarf is an iconic symbol of the song All Too Well , whether you prefer the original or the 10 minute version. 

willow tattoo Taylor swift evermore
  1. Willow Tree for ‘Willow’: A willow tree, known for its flexibility and resilience, can symbolize personal growth and adaptability.
  2. Ivy for ‘Ivy’: An ivy, often seen as a symbol of connection and strength, can represent your ties to loved ones or personal fortitude.
  3. Cornelia Flowers for ‘Cornelia Street’: A flower from the Cornelian cherry tree would serve as a beautiful symbol of this song, signifying growth and new beginnings.
Cornelia flower Cornelia street tattoo Taylor swift inspired
  1. Polaroid Picture for ‘Out of The Woods’: This could represent the captured memories of a relationship that she’s reflecting on throughout the song.
  2. Coffee for ‘Begin Again’: A coffee cup tattoo would be a cute and casual nod to this song about starting over, as she mentions “On a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.”
  3. Wine for ‘August’: A wine bottle or glass could reflect the sweet, intoxicating summer romance described in the song.
  4. Guitar for ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’: A simple guitar tattoo would be a great homage to this classic Taylor Swift song.
Taylor swift line art guitar
  1. Champagne Glass for ‘New Year’s Day’: A champagne glass or bottle tattoo could celebrate the joy of life’s small, precious moments.
  2. Paper Ring for ‘Paper Rings’: A simple, sketch-like paper ring tattoo could symbolize commitment and loyalty.
  3. Butterfly for ‘ME!’: A colorful butterfly tattoo could capture the song’s message of self-love and individuality.
  1. Lover for ‘Lover’: A small, minimalistic heart tattoo can symbolize love and connection, or a pair of intertwined initials, representing the bond between lovers
Taylor swift lover
  1. Betty’s Garden for ‘Betty’: A small flower garden tattoo to represent the innocence and youthful love in the song.
  2. Castle for ‘King of My Heart’: A small, simple castle tattoo could symbolize the grandeur of love and the notion of finding your ‘king’ or ‘queen’.
  3. Cardigan for ‘Cardigan’: A small, simple tattoo of the folklore cardigan is another iconic symbol of Taylor Swift 
  4. Two hands connected with a simple line art for ‘Invisible String’: A single, delicate chain could symbolize the invisible connection that Taylor sings about in the song.
  5. Garden gate for Cruel summer: “I snuck in through the garden gate / Every night that summer just to seal my fate”

These literal mentions can be creatively adapted into your personal tattoo design while being a nod to your favorite Taylor Swift song. We hope you enjoyed these whimsical ideas and got some inspirastion for your own Taylor swift tattoo ideas, whether you want to link it to reputation Taylor, folklore Taylor or any of your favorite Taylor eras. 

We hope these Taylor tattoo ideas helped you to find the coolest design, discuss with your tattoo artist to finalise everything. 

Taylor swift font

Getting a tattoo is a huge trend, but it’s also a deeply personal decision. It’s a way to share images of Taylor’s different styles, a way to bear a part of her on your skin, literally. It’s a way of saying “I was there, I was a part of this”, whether ‘this’ is a concert, an era, or a particular phase of life that Taylor’s music got you through.

Remember, the best part of getting a Taylor Swift-inspired tattoo is that it will always be something special and personal to you. So whether it’s the lyrics of her songs, an image from one of her albums, or even a memorable moment from a concert, there’s a minimalist Swift tattoo idea out there for every Swiftie.

Taylor swift inspired tattoos

Embrace the lyrics, the symbols, the memories, and let the tattoos tell your unique Swiftie story. Long live the love we have for Taylor Swift, and may it continue to inspire us, in every way, including our choice of tattoos.

More Tattoo Inspiration

We hope you enjoyed these minimalist taylor swift inspired tattoo ideas! Here are a few more collections of tattoo designs and meanings for inspiration.

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