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By Anna Marikar

For music lovers, tattoos offer an opportunity to showcase their passion and love for music in a unique and personal way. One of the most popular designs gaining attention is the music note tattoo behind the ear. It’s not just about the aesthetics; such tattoos carry a depth of meaning and history for those who choose to ink them.

music note tattoos

The art of tattooing has always been a profound medium for self-expression, capturing both personal stories and broader passions.

For those enchanted by the rhythmic pulses and melodious harmonies of music, a tattoo can serve as a permanent reminder of its influence.

A delicate music note etched behind the ear or a more intricate musical symbol elsewhere on the body not only encapsulates an individual’s love for music but also speaks to the universality of its appeal. As tattoos become increasingly mainstream, they present an opportunity to wear one’s heart on the sleeve, or in the case of music lovers, to wear their favorite tunes on their skin.

music note tattoo behind ear
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The Symbolism of Music Notes

To many, musical notes represent a universal language that transcends boundaries and communicates emotions. A music note tattoo, especially when placed behind the ear, suggests a deep connection to music, hinting that the individual always has music playing in their mind or heart. It’s a subtle, yet powerful way of saying that music is an integral part of one’s life.

music note tattoos

Beyond the literal representation of sound, musical notes often carry a personal narrative. For some, a single note or a sequence of notes can evoke memories of a specific moment in time, a cherished relationship, or even a transformative experience.

Music, with its profound ability to touch the human soul, becomes an anchor for these memories. In tattoo form, these notes become more than just symbols of a beloved art form; they stand as permanent markers of moments, feelings, and stories that shaped an individual’s life.

Just as every melody has its unique rhythm and tempo, each music note tattoo carries with it a deeply personal significance, reflecting the myriad ways music has influenced and enriched the bearer’s journey.

music note tattoos

Here are a few music tattoo design ideas for behind your ear

Small Music Note Tattoo

A simple tattoo, like a treble clef or bass clef, positioned behind the ear can convey a love of music.

music note tattoos treble clef tattoo

If you prefer you could also go for a bass clef which symbolises lower pitches.

music note tattoos bass clef tattoo

This tyoe of design is perfect for those who want to keep their tattoo subtle yet meaningful. Music note tattoos are the perfect smaller tattoos for music fans. 

music note tattoos
image source Pinterest

You could go for a sketch aesthetic

sketch music note tattoos

Something more complex…

music note tattoos
music note tattoos  with treble clef

Or simple music note line art

music note tattoos  line art tattoo
music note tattoos

Incorporation of Other Symbols

For a unique design, many choose to merge music notes with other images like small stars, a crescent moon, or even a small butterfly.

music note tattoo with butterfly
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A treble clef tattoo combined with a rose tattoo, for instance, could symbolize a love for romantic ballads, or a music note combined with a semi colon for suicide prevention 

music note tattoo with semi Colon
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A music note combined with a heart symbolises a deep love of music

heart music note tattoos
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heart music note tattoos
heart shape music note tattoos

Combing with a circle incorporates the meaning of eternity – an eternal and never ending love and appreciation or connection with music

circle eternity music note tattoos

A single music note made up of multiple other notes symbolises the intricacies of life and how things are alway deeper than they seem.

music note tattoos

A treble clef fading and crumbling or dissolving is a visually powerful symbol

music note tattoos

Combine a larger treble clef with a string of notes to create a melody on your body

music note tattoos

You can also shape some notes to slightly resemble a crescent moon, like this…

crescent moon music note tattoos

Song Lyrics & Titles

Some choose to ink their favorite song lyrics or the title of a piece of music that has had a big influence on their lives. Given the small space behind the ear, single words or minimalist tattoos work best. Check out some of our best ideas for music lyrics tattoos inspired by Taylor Swift 

Musical Instruments

A tiny representation of a musical instrument, like a record player or a guitar, is another excellent music tattoo idea for enthusiasts.

guitar music note tattoos
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This music notes and Boombox tattoo idea has a retro 90s vibe…

90s boom box music note tattoos

Integrating Personal Stories

For many, music is intertwined with memories of family members, closest friends, or significant events.

Incorporating symbols like roman numerals to mark a date or adding the name of a close friend or a favorite song can make the tattoo even more special.

Music Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Here are a few simple music symbol easy designs that would make a cute tattoo. 

Combining multiple music notes into the tattoo gives the effect of sheet music, or a melody..

music note tattoos behind ear
image source Pinterest

Complimenting music tattoos are beautiful matching tattoos for best friends, or as a couple tattoo, or for sisters.

matching friend tattoos music note tattoos
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Floral music note tattoos add some beautiful feminine energy to your tattoo design

floral music note tattoos
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rose and music note tattoos

A music note and a heart beat is also a popular combination which makes a stunning minimalist tattoo

heart beat and music note tattoos
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treble clef music note tattoo with heart beat

This larger tattoo showing the start of a music sheet could symbolise a love of Piano in particular

music note sheet music tattoo
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These piano keys tattoos show the same message

piano keys tattoo
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The Best Places for a Music Tattoo

While the area behind the ear remains a favorite for its discreet appeal, the back of the neck, right ear, or even the wrist can also be ideal locations.

music note tattoos
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Each spot offers its unique look and can cater to personal preferences regarding tattoo placement.

With a behind the ear tattoo, you will normally want to go with something small and minimalist due to the small space in that area. A small black ink tattoo tends to look best for your ear tattoo ideas. 

If you want to go for a spine tattoo then something long and thin like this will work nicely

music note tattoos  long and thin for spine tattoo
music note tattoos  for back

The Experience with Tattoo Artists

For the best results, it’s crucial to consult with a reputable tattoo artist. They can provide guidance on the best option for your desired design and ensure that the final outcome reflects your love of music.

A music note tattoo behind the ear is more than just ink; it’s a reflection of a strong connection to music. Whether you’re a fan of bright, intricate designs or prefer easy, minimalist tattoos, there’s no better way to showcase your love of music. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your next tattoo, marking your love for music in this unique way is a great idea.

Download Music Note Tattoo Designs PDF

We have gathered 20 of these black and white music note tattoo designs into a PDF file for easy printing, or to refer back to.

music notes symbols for tattoos design

Download below, free for personal use only. Not for commercial use.

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