The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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By Anna Marikar

The Wheel of Fortune card, being the tenth card of the Major Arcana, represents a turning point in your life, bringing unexpected changes and new opportunities.

This guide will explore the card’s meanings in various contexts, unraveling its mysteries and guiding you through its potential impacts on your spiritual path, career, and love life.

Overall Meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is a symbol of life cycles, destiny, and significant change. A giant wheel featured at the center of the card, often surrounded by different creatures and alchemical symbols, reflects the ever-turning wheel of life.

With the Wheel of Fortune, you may expect big changes, often for the better, signaling a positive direction and a time of good fortune. However, the wheel also acknowledges the inevitable downs of life, urging preparedness for occasional hard times.

The Wheel of Fortune is not just any card; it is a Major Arcana card. The Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck signify life’s karmic and spiritual lessons.

wheel of fortune tarot card

Recognizing the wheel of fortune tarot card meanings is crucial for anyone engaged in tarot reading, as it provides insights into the general meaning of significant life events and the overall narrative of a tarot reading.

The Wheel of Fortune card embodies the mystical and inescapable cycle of life, symbolizing the perpetual motion of the universe and the unceasing flow of fate.

As the wheel spins, it teaches us that nothing is permanent, and both fortunes and misfortunes are transient. Serving as a potent reminder, this card prompts us to stay optimistic during hard times and humble during periods of triumph, emphasizing that these moments are temporary and ever-changing.

The large wheel on the card often features signs of the zodiac and various alchemical symbols, connecting the card’s meaning to the broader cosmic cycles and individual spiritual journeys.

These elements underscore that the flow of life is inherently linked with the mystical forces and energies in the universe, highlighting the interplay between personal will and divine intervention.

The Wheel of Fortune serves as a trump card, denoting significant life events and shifts that might be unforeseen but are crucial turning points steering you toward your destiny.

The card also invites contemplation on karma and destiny. It nudges us to believe that every event unfolds as part of a grand design, where the wheel of karma maintains the delicate balance of life’s tapestry.

wheel of fortune tarot card

Through this lens, the Wheel of Fortune encourages acknowledgment and acceptance of the cycles of life, proposing that embracing change, rather than resisting it, leads to personal growth and enlightenment.

When this card graces your tarot reading, it indicates that the winds of change are blowing in your direction, bringing good fortune and serendipitous events that align you closer with your true path and higher self.

This period might be filled with lucky breaks and positive transformations, but it’s important to navigate it wisely, making conscious choices and acknowledging that the wheel will continue to turn, with each phase holding valuable lessons and opportunities for deeper understanding and personal development.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning for Relationship Readings

When the Wheel of Fortune appears upright in a love reading, it suggests positive changes in your love life.

This could mean entering a new cycle of romantic relationships, meeting new people, or experiencing spiritual awakenings within your existing relationship.

The card encourages embracing change and taking the next step with an open heart, while also being aware of the external influences that might affect your romantic endeavors.

Love indeed moves in different ways, and the Wheel of Fortune card signifies major changes happening in the love context.

When this card graces your tarot reading in an upright position, it could denote that good things are forthcoming in your love life. Perhaps you are about to enter a period of stability and safety where you feel secure and loved, or maybe you’ll soon be making choices that lead you to the love you deserve.

Always consider the wheel’s face, which might provide you with additional insights.

tarot reading

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning for Career Reading

In a career reading, the upright Wheel of Fortune heralds a time of career change and new opportunities. Whether you’re starting your own business or shifting your career goals, big changes are on the horizon.

This card advises being adaptable, as the turn of the wheel may bring unexpected shifts in your current job.

Seize the moment, while also preparing a financial safety net to navigate through potential financial risks and difficulties with confidence and ease.

wheel of fortune

However, the wheel spins, and sudden changes are part of its nature. Career paths are never linear, and the wheel of karma affects everyone, often in unexpected ways.

Hard work and persistence are vital when this card appears in your reading as they help in navigating through the inevitable ups and downs that accompany any career.

External factors might influence the outcome, but remember that your own choices play a crucial role in determining your professional destiny.

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Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning

The reversed Wheel of Fortune suggests you may be experiencing a tough time, facing unwelcome changes, or feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the wheel always turns. The reversed position doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck; rather, it’s a reminder that every situation is temporary.

Whether you’re dealing with health issues, financial difficulties, or troubles in the material world, know that bad times will pass and better days are ahead.

It is essential to consult with an experienced tarot reader who can interpret the subtle nuances of the card’s appearance, including its position, the symbols present, and its relationship with other cards in the reading.

Traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck users might notice specific creatures and symbols at the corners of the card and the outer edges, which provide deeper insights and should be interpreted considering the querent’s unique situations and the reading’s overall context.

rider Waite wheel of fortune tarot card

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Interaction with Other Tarot Cards

Understanding the way the Wheel of Fortune card interacts with other Tarot cards in a reading can provide richer insights into the intricate tapestry of your current situation and future prospects.

In Tarot reading, cards don’t stand alone; they influence and build upon each other, painting a fuller picture of the narrative unfolding in your life.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With The Fool

When the Wheel of Fortune appears with The Fool, it emphasizes the importance of new beginnings and embarking on an adventure with a fresh outlook.

This combination is a powerful signal of positive change and unexpected opportunities knocking on your door.

The Fool’s adventurous spirit combined with the Wheel of Fortune’s dynamic turn brings a whirlwind of exciting, unforeseen opportunities.

Be open and willing to take risks during this promising time, as the universe aligns to offer you a fresh start and a journey filled with wonder and discovery.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With The Lovers

In conjunction with The Lovers card, the Wheel of Fortune suggests a pivotal turning point in your romantic relationships.

This pair could mean the blossoming of a new, transformative love or a deep, meaningful evolution in an existing relationship, marking a cycle of harmony and mutual understanding.

The Lovers card speaks of unity and deep affection, and when it meets the Wheel of Fortune, your love life is destined for a significant, positive transition.

This potent combination may herald a period where mutual feelings are deepened, commitments are made, or a soulful connection that changes your life magically enters your orbit.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With The Sun

The presence of The Sun card alongside the Wheel of Fortune augments the positivity and good fortune indicated by both cards.

This duo heralds a time of joy, success, and celebration, with the Wheel’s turning working markedly in your favor.

The Sun provides clarity, vitality, and optimism, making its appearance with the Wheel of Fortune a sign of triumphant successes and joyous celebrations.

It’s a time to bask in the positivity radiating from these cards, as they forecast not just fleeting happiness, but a sustained period of contentment and achievement.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With The Death

When coupled with The Death card, the Wheel of Fortune indicates significant and transformative changes.

This isn’t necessarily ominous but signifies a phase of endings and new beginnings, urging you to let go of the old to make way for the new.

The Death card represents transformation and letting go, intensifying the Wheel of Fortune’s message of life-altering changes.

These changes might seem daunting initially but embrace the transition with courage and hope, knowing that every ending is a precursor to a beautiful beginning.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With The Tower

The combination of The Wheel of Fortune and The Tower signals sudden and unexpected changes that might be disruptive but are necessary for your personal growth.

While this might be unsettling, remember that these shifts are integral to your life’s narrative and are often blessings in disguise.

The Tower, known for bringing unexpected upheaval, when paired with the Wheel of Fortune, indicates a period of rapid shifts that might feel destabilizing.

However, amidst the chaos, these cards encourage finding inner strength and understanding that the universe is making way for something much better and more aligned with your true self.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning With Court Cards

When appearing with court cards, the Wheel of Fortune can highlight the characteristics of individuals who may play a significant role during this period of change. These individuals might either facilitate the impending transformation or are notably influenced by the turn of events.

Court cards, representing individuals in your life, when appearing alongside the Wheel of Fortune, suggest key players in your unfolding story of change.

These people might be catalysts for your transformation, offering support, wisdom, or lessons that are essential for your growth during this transformative phase. Pay attention to these individuals, as their influence is significant in navigating through the cycles of life successfully.

To accurately interpret the Wheel of Fortune’s interaction with other cards, it’s advisable to approach an experienced tarot reader who can provide clarity and guidance through the intricate dance of the cards and their meanings.

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Through their expertise, you can understand how the energies of the Wheel of Fortune are woven with the vibrations of adjacent cards to guide, warn, and enlighten your path forward. Whether predicting changes in love, career, or spiritual journey, understanding these interactions is key to unlocking the profound wisdom housed within your deck of Tarot cards.

wheel of fortune tarot card meaning

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card is a card of luck, change, and destiny. It indicates a significant change in the current situation, often for the better, but it also warns of the inevitable ups and downs of life.

By paying attention to the symbols and signs on the card, including the zodiac signs, Hebrew letters (Yod Heh Vau Heh), and Egyptian god Anubis at the corners of the Wheel of Fortune, you can gain deeper insights into the spiritual context and external forces at play in your life.

Whether you’re consulting the Tarot for insights into your love life, career path, or spiritual journey, the Wheel of Fortune encourages you to embrace change, prepare for the unexpected, and trust in the cyclical nature of life.

With this card, you’re not only forewarned but also forearmed to take control of your destiny as you navigate through the wheel’s spins and turns towards better things.

In life, where the outer world meets our inner spirit, necessary changes occur, bringing both good and bad times. The Wheel of Fortune is a trump card, signaling a pivotal moment where these changes manifest, and it’s important for spiritual people to understand its implications.

Always remember that even during a hard time, the Wheel of Fortune assures you that with every spin, there is an opportunity for positive change and good fortune on the horizon.

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