The Sun Tarot Card Meaning (Upright and Reversed)

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By Anna Marikar

Stepping into the brilliant light of the Sun Tarot Card is like embracing a universe’s love, enveloped in radiant energy and boundless positive vibes.

A major arcana card, the Sun is synonymous with good luck, new beginnings, and a future gleaming with promises. The card’s appearance in a tarot reading often heralds a period brimming with positive energy, heralding a time where the sun shines the brightest in various aspects of life such as love, career, and personal growth.

sun tarot card rider Waite

A quick look at the Sun Tarot Card, in the traditional rider Waite deck, reveals a naked child riding a white horse, symbolizing the pure essence of the inner child, openness, and truth. A red feather rests on the child’s head, embodying spirited life forces, while the bright sun’s rays shower warmth and clarity, invigorating the soul’s journey along the spiritual path.

So let’s take a deeper look at the sun tarot card meanings, whether pulled upright or in the reverse position.

The Upright Sun: A Symbol of Prosperity and Joy

In its upright position, the Sun Tarot Card is a card of vitality and exuberance. The most positive card in the major arcana, it shines a light of good fortune and happiness, illuminating the bright side of things, offering reassurance that better days are on the horizon.

The Sun Tarot Card is a major arcana card, there 19th trump card in the tarot deck, and its appearance in a reading is generally considered a very positive sign. The sun’s presence symbolizes a time of happiness, clarity, and a positive outlook on life, helping to illuminate the dark times and guiding through difficult periods. Tarot readers see this as a powerful symbol of good times ahead, where existing relationships may improve, and potential new partnerships may blossom.

mystical sun tarot card

Drenched in the light of prosperity and joy, the Sun Tarot Card is the universe’s embrace, whispering the melodies of harmony and alignment in the symphony of life. As this card unfolds in a reading, it brings with it a celestial agreement, an affirmation from the cosmos that you are on a path showered with brilliance and aided by universal energies. It is like the universe gently nods, agreeing with your journey, aiding your steps, and leading you towards the embrace of something even more magnificent.

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Sun Card is illustrated vibrantly, embodying positivity and joy. This ‘card of happiness’ as depicted in the rider Waite deck features a bright sun in the sky, shining its warm and nurturing rays, which are a positive sign indicating prosperity and happiness. Below the sun, there is a naked child, riding a white horse, and holding a red flag. The child’s open arms are welcoming new life and experiences, symbolizing innocence and the truth that resonates on a personal level.

Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card in a Love Reading

sun tarot card meaning 19th in major arcana

For those seeking answers in their love life, the Sun Tarot Card offers delightful insights. In a love reading or relationship reading, its presence signifies a blossoming romance, potentially heralding a new relationship or rekindling passion in an existing one. It’s a good omen for personal connections, symbolizing warmth, joy, and spending quality time with the right person.

When the Sun tarot card illuminates a love reading, it bathes the relationship in a warm, glowing light. In its vibrant rays, existing relationships find nourishment, enhancing mutual understanding, joy, and closeness. It often heralds a phase where partners feel more connected, experiencing open communication and genuine happiness.

For those who are single, the Sun is a harbinger of optimism, possibly indicating that a meaningful and fulfilling relationship is on the horizon. It suggests that the universe may be aligning to bring a potential partner into your life, someone who resonates with your true self and brings joy and positivity.

Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card in a Career Reading

When focused on career prospects, the Sun brings a flood of positive outlooks. It might symbolize the green light for a new job, new business ventures, or forward movement in current projects. The card speaks of hard work paying off, bringing material happiness and success in financial matters.

In the context of a career reading, the Sun tarot card acts as a beacon of success and fulfillment. It signifies that now is a great time to pursue new professional avenues or to invest energy into current projects, as they are likely to flourish under the sun’s radiant energy.

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The card also indicates overcoming challenges in your career path. If you’ve been facing obstacles or hitting a metaphorical brick wall in your professional journey, the Sun heralds a period where these barriers will begin to dissipate, making way for progress and achievement. The Sun tarot card encourages a positive outlook, suggesting that maintaining a proactive and optimistic attitude will be instrumental in navigating through professional challenges, leading to a more prosperous and satisfying career.

The Reversed Sun: Overcoming Shadows for Personal Growth

While the sun reversed or in a reversed position might seem daunting, it primarily urges us to deal with unrealistic expectations and to shed the shadows of negative thoughts. It symbolizes difficult times, but also the personal growth that comes from navigating through them.

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Meaning of the Reversed Sun in a Love Reading

In the realm of love and romantic life, a reversed Sun Tarot Card invites one to be cautious of tough times or a period of unrealistic expectations in a current relationship or potential partnership. However, it also holds the promise of new beginnings once the clouds clear.

Meaning of the Reversed Sun in a Career Reading

The reversed position in a career reading signifies potential hurdles or a period of hard times in professional pursuits. But fear not, as these challenges are stepping stones that lead to a clearer path, guiding toward a brighter future in one’s career journey.

Sun Tarot Meaning Alongside Various Other Cards

When the Sun card appears in a spread, its meaning can be enhanced or influenced by the surrounding cards. In a relationship reading, when paired with cards representing partnerships or unity, the Sun card can indicate a thriving relationship or potential partner entering one’s life. In a financial tarot spread, the presence of the Sun Card can symbolize overcoming financial obstacles, turning a brick wall into a gateway to prosperity.

tarot spread

In a one-card pull, the Sun’s appearance on its own is a strong indicator of good times ahead, urging you to embrace positivity and open arms to receive the universe’s blessings. In the spiritual realm, it embodies truth and encourages one to follow a path leading to a better relationship with oneself and others, promoting positive feelings and a flourishing personal life.

The card’s energy, whether in an upright or reverse position, is potent, encouraging a more optimistic outlook, guiding towards happiness and success in various life aspects. Its vibrant energy makes it a great card to focus on in readings, promising a brighter and more prosperous path ahead. 🌞

When paired with cards like the Ace of Pentacles, it signifies good news in financial or earthly matters. 

Side by side with the Moon Tarot Card, it emphasizes the balance of intuition with the vibrance of the sun’s positivity. 

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In the company of minor arcana cards or other major arcana tarot cards the Sun acts as a pillar of positive energy, amplifying good feelings and a positive attitude.

Navigating through the tarot’s radiant landscapes, the Sun Tarot Card emerges as a beacon of positivity. It is an epitome of good fortune, symbolizing a tapestry where happiness, vitality, and joy are woven with threads of golden light.

Its presence is a comforting embrace, holding the promises of contentment, the vitality of spirit, and the triumph of self-confidence. Often heralded as one of the best cards in the tarot deck, it nurtures the soul’s garden, allowing the flowers of success to blossom and the fruits of positive outcomes to ripe, especially in the midst of life’s current struggles and battles.

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The Sun Tarot Card, with its glorious aura, invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, urging the true self to shine through, whether in love readings or navigating the paths of career and personal aspirations.

Its radiant energy is a universal symbol of good things, embodying a guide towards living one’s best life in the embrace of the universe’s love and endless possibilities. 🌞

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