The Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed and Upright)

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By Anna Marikar

In the tarot deck, each card whispers its own unique story, offering insights and guidance through life’s intricate dance. Today, let’s turn our focus to a card that embodies courage, resilience, and the harmonious balance of power and gentleness: The Strength Tarot Card.

Just like the luminous moon guides us through the night, the Strength card sheds light on our path, revealing the nuances of inner strength and emotional resilience.

Let’s go deeper into the meaning of the Strength Tarot Card, a powerful symbol in the tarot deck that speaks to our inner fortitude, raw passions, and the subtle blend of brute force and gentle persuasion.

strength tarot card meaning

This card, a vital part of the Major Arcana, serves as a mirror reflecting our own inner strength and the subtle art of mastering our instincts.

The Strength Tarot card, often depicted as the ninth card in the sequence of the Major Arcana, presents an intriguing blend of symbolism and myth.

Note: depending on the deck, Strength can be the 8th or the 9th card and was historically called fortitude.

strength tarot card

Imagine a scene where a serene figure, typically a woman, is seen gently closing the jaws of a formidable lion. This imagery is rich with meaning.

The lion, with its raw power and animal instincts, represents our primal emotions and desires.

The woman, clothed in a white robe symbolizing purity and calmness, illustrates the control and understanding over these powerful forces.

She doesn’t use brute force; instead, her influence is gentle yet undeniable, a testament to the fact that true strength lies in control, patience, and compassion.

In its essence, the Strength card is not just about physical might; it lies much deeper. It speaks of emotional and mental fortitude, the kind that underpins resilience in the face of adversity and the ability to navigate through tough times with grace.

This card’s energy encourages us to recognize our own abilities and inner power, urging us to use them wisely and kindly.

Understanding the Strength Tarot Card is about recognizing that every one of us possesses an inner wellspring of power, which we can tap into to overcome life’s challenges.

It’s about finding the balance between our raw emotions and the higher, more refined aspects of our nature.

This card invites us to blend our instinctual energy with our higher reasoning to navigate life’s journey with confidence and poise.

Whether you’re encountering the Strength card in a love reading, a career path consultation, or a reflection on personal growth, it reminds you to stay resilient, be patient with yourself, and harness your inner fortitude.

It whispers of a journey not just of overcoming obstacles but of understanding and mastering the vast landscape of our inner world.

So, as we delve into the realms of the Strength Tarot card, let us embrace the lessons it offers – to stand tall in our power, to face life with courage and a gentle heart, and to acknowledge the strength that resides within us all.

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The Strength Tarot Card

Ever wondered about the force that helps you endure tough times or the energy that drives your most impulsive decisions? That’s where the Strength card comes in, a beacon of inner power, reflecting the raw emotions and mental strength required to navigate life’s complex tapestry.

As the eighth card of the Major Arcana, the Strength Tarot is a symbol of inner power, often represented by a serene figure in a white robe, gently closing the jaws of a lion. It’s a visual metaphor for mastering animal instincts and channeling raw passions into positive changes.

Whether you’re pondering your love life, professional life, or personal growth, the Strength Tarot card is your spiritual guide, whispering messages of courage and resilience.

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The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength card, as the ninth major arcana card, radiates the energy of strength, embodying not just physical strength but also emotional and mental fortitude. It’s about recognizing and embracing your own abilities, even during a rough patch.

The Strength Tarot Card Appearance

In the image of a woman calmly dominating a wild beast, we see the fusion of strength and gentleness. It teaches us about control, not through dominance, but through understanding and mutual trust. The infinity symbol above the woman’s head and the crown of flowers signify eternal resilience and the blossoming of inner strength in various aspects of life.

Above the woman’s head floats the symbol of infinity, an eternal loop that signifies the enduring nature of her strength and the infinite potential it holds. Her crown of flowers is another symbol, this time of beauty, growth, and the flourishing of inner power through patience and gentleness.

In tarot readings, the presence of the Strength card signals a good time for harnessing your spiritual power, staying strong in the face of adversity, and relying on your inner fortitude.

Delving deeper into the Strength card’s imagery, we uncover layers of symbolic richness. The woman, often depicted with a serene and calm demeanor, is not just taming the lion, but she’s doing so with a gentle touch.

This interaction is a profound lesson in balance — the balance between power and grace, between action and understanding. Her ability to calm the wild beast without resorting to force is a reminder of the power inherent in compassion and empathy.

The infinity symbol floating above her head is not only a representation of eternal resilience but also speaks to the limitless potential within us to persevere and thrive in various aspects of life, no matter the challenges we face.

The crown of flowers she wears is more than a decorative element; it is a symbol of life flourishing under the care of a gentle, yet powerful hand.

In essence, the Strength Tarot card is a visual metaphor for the inner strength we all possess, waiting to be harnessed and expressed with kindness and understanding.

Strength Tarot Card in a Love Reading

When the Strength Tarot card appears in a love tarot reading, its presence can be profound and multifaceted. This card, known for its depiction of calm dominance over a wild beast, symbolizes a blend of inner courage, patience, and understanding—qualities that are crucial in the context of love and relationships.

Upright Strength Card in Love Readings

In its upright position, the Strength card is a positive omen, especially during a tough time in a relationship.

It suggests the presence or the need for a kind of strength that’s gentle yet powerful. This card encourages individuals or couples to harness their inner strength, to approach their relationship issues with empathy, patience, and understanding.

The upright Strength card in a love reading can indicate that you or your partner are exhibiting a strong sense of confidence and stability in the relationship. It’s a sign that despite any challenges, your relationship is underpinned by a deep, resilient bond.

This card can also imply that if you are single, you are in a place of self-assurance and readiness for a new relationship that requires emotional maturity and strength.

In terms of the health context, the upright Strength card speaks to the importance of maintaining emotional and mental wellness within a relationship.

It may indicate that one or both partners are effectively managing stress or health issues, contributing to a stronger, healthier bond.

The Reversed Strength Tarot Card in Love

Conversely, the reversed Strength Tarot card in a love reading can signal a period where negative emotions, like fear or lack of confidence, are impacting the relationship.

It might point to a situation where someone feels overwhelmed or powerless, possibly due to tough times or stressful situations.

This reversal calls for introspection. It asks you to examine the sources of these feelings, whether they stem from past hard times, health matters, or internal conflicts.

The card in this position is a reminder that external challenges should not overpower the inner strength and love in a relationship.

The Strength card, with its symbol of strength – the lion – and its embodiment of the feminine sides of power, speaks to the importance of balancing different energies in a relationship. It encourages couples to embrace both their vulnerabilities and their strengths, forming a strong couple through mutual trust and understanding.

In the spiritual context, this card is often seen as a positive message, suggesting that you are on the right path to overcoming obstacles and building a relationship grounded in emotional strength and understanding. It may also indicate significant changes in your love life, urging you to face these changes with courage and an open heart.

Strength Tarot and Your Career Path: Embracing Bold Moves

When it comes to your career tarot reading, the Strength card encourages you to trust in your hard work and capabilities.

It’s about making bold moves, believing in your own business acumen, and navigating difficult situations with grace and confidence.

​In the context of career, the Strength card takes on a dynamic role. It encourages you to embody the lion’s fearless nature in pursuing professional ambitions while maintaining the woman’s wisdom and foresight.

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This card is a call to action for being brave in making career decisions, perhaps suggesting the right time to take risks or step into leadership roles. However, these bold moves are not about reckless actions; they are about calculated risks underpinned by self-belief and trust in one’s abilities.

The card’s presence in a career reading can be a sign to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, to lead with both strength and compassion, and to trust in your own instincts and experience to guide you through complex professional landscapes.

The Strength Tarot and Your Financial Situation: Taming the Wild Beast

In financial readings, this card advises a balance of impulsive decisions and thoughtful planning. It symbolizes the ability to handle your financial situation with strength of character and wisdom, ensuring you’re in a good place in terms of money.

When it comes to finances, the Strength card offers a nuanced view.

Just as the woman in the card manages the lion with a gentle yet firm touch, this card advises a similar approach to managing financial matters. It suggests a balance between the impulsive, instinctive side of our nature (the lion) and the more thoughtful, controlled aspects (the woman).

This balance is key to ensuring financial stability and growth. The card implies the need for strength in financial discipline, the courage to make significant financial decisions, and the wisdom to plan for the long term. It’s about mastering the art of financial management through a combination of courage, foresight, and self-control.

Upright vs Reversed Strength Tarot Meaning

The upright Strength card is a positive reinforcement, urging you to trust in your emotional strength and resilience. It’s about overcoming low self-esteem, facing stress, and achieving desired results through small steps and positive messages.

Conversely, the reversed Strength card suggests a lack of conviction or negative feelings creeping in. It’s a reminder to reassess your emotional strength and perhaps seek positive changes to regain your inner power.

In its upright position, the Strength card is a beacon of inner resilience and emotional fortitude. It represents a phase in life where you are called to stand firm in the face of challenges, trusting in your emotional and mental strength to see you through.

This card is an encouragement to believe in yourself, to face fears and stressors not with aggression, but with calmness and confidence. It suggests that the path to overcoming obstacles and achieving success is through self-awareness and understanding your emotional needs.

On the flip side, the reversed Strength card suggests internal struggles and self-doubt. It may indicate a period where you feel overwhelmed by circumstances or emotions, leading to a sense of powerlessness or a loss of self-esteem.

This card in its reversed position is a call to introspection. It asks you to look inward, to understand the sources of your doubts and fears, and to find ways to rebuild your inner strength and confidence. It’s a reminder that strength is not just about external displays of power, but also about the courage to face and overcome your inner battles.

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How the Strength Interacts with Other Tarot Cards

The Strength card, when combined with other cards like the Magician card or the Lovers, offers deeper insights. For example, paired with the Magician, it emphasizes the importance of using your spiritual power wisely.

The Strength card, in conjunction with other tarot cards, can reveal complex and insightful narratives. 

When paired with the Magician, for instance, the message is about the effective harnessing and channeling of one’s inner power and resources. The Magician symbolizes manifestation and resourcefulness, suggesting that when combined with Strength, you are in a powerful position to turn visions into reality, using both your inner resources and practical skills.

Another compelling pairing is with the Lovers card. This combination speaks to the strength needed in relationships – the strength to make hard choices, to stay committed, and to confront challenges together. It suggests a harmonious balance between love and power, where strong relationships are built on the foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Similarly, when the Strength card appears alongside the Wheel of Fortune, it speaks to the resilience needed in times of change. It suggests that inner strength will be the key to navigating the ups and downs that life throws your way, reminding you that the core of your power remains constant, even in times of great change and uncertainty.

In each of these combinations, the Strength card acts as a catalyst, amplifying the messages of the accompanying cards and providing a deeper context for their interpretation.

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As you delve deeper into the Strength Tarot card, remember it’s not just a card, but a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It’s about finding your true strength and using it to navigate the various aspects of life with confidence and grace.

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