DIY Cherry Sugar Scrub Recipe

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By Anna Marikar

Let us walk you through how to make your own DIY Cherry Sugar Scrub.

This is a simple sugar scrub recipe that is cheap, quick and easy to make. Whether you’re a naturalist, a crafter or just a DIYer who loves beauty, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of using products that you made yourself.

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your skin and beauty routine, we’ve got you covered. You can save money by making your own DIY homemade skincare products.

Home made Cherry Sugar Scrub

This DIY sugar scrub recipe makes 1 cup of sugar scrub, multiply if needed if you want to make a whole batch – maybe to give as gifts.

Home made sugar scrubs make lovely thoughtful home made gifts, to give the gift of relaxation.

cherry sugar scrub recipe

I’m going to walk you through my step-by-step process for creating this unique recipe using ingredients you probably already have at home.

Follow the easy steps to make this amazing recipe that will transform your skin from dry and dull to healthy and glowing in no time!

home made cherry sugar scrub

DIY Cherry Sugar Scrub Supplies / Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need to put together this simple cherry sugar scrub recipe.

Amazon affiliate links are included for some of the ingredients, for your convenience, but don’t worry you only need a handful of ingredients.

ingredients for sugar scrub

1 cup granulated sugar

⅓ cup sweet almond oil, or carrier oil of choice

almond oil

20 drops red cherry fragrance oil – you can buy a pack of all different fruity essential oils to make other things in future.

fruit essential oils

⅛ tsp Deep Rose Mica Powder

mica powder dye for sugar scrub

Mica powder is organic dye powder suitable for making products like diy soaps or home made scrubs. You get can all kinds of colors to give the results you need and for this particular cherry scrub, the deep rose color works beautifully.

You only need a little bit for one cup of scrub. Mica powder goes a long way!

Directions: How to Make Your Own Cherry Sugar Scrub

Add the ingredients to a small bowl. Stir very well to combine everything together.

Step by step pictures below to see the order of adding. If you want to adjust the strength of fragrance, you can add slightly more or slightly less than the suggested 20 drops of cherry oil.

First, add the carrier oil to the granulated sugar.

how to make sugar scrub step one

Next, add the deep rose mica powder

deep rose mica powder

And finally the cherry fragrance oil.

red cherry essential oil

Mix everything together really well, and once it’s done, store in an airtight container.

diy cherry sugar scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub FAQs

What type of sugar is best for sugar scrub?

Normal granulated sugar is best, you don’t need anything fancy!

Raw sugar has the largest granules, if you want a rougher consistency for your body scrub, for even more exfoliating power.

Is Sugar Scrub good for your skin?

Yes. Sugar scrubs are a brilliant way to exfoliate your skin using natural ingredients. With a home made sugar scrub, you know exactly what ingredients it contains, and it can help soften up your skin for healthy fresh and bright glowing skin

How to Use a Sugar Scrub

After washing with soap, rinse your skin and then apply a small amount of body scrub in your hand. Rub into your skin using your hand or an exfoliating glove. You can use this all over your body (avoiding your face)

How often to use the sugar scrub

Two or three times a week is great. You don’t need to exfoliate every day, this can be too much for most people’s skin.

home made sugar scrub recipe

A great way to relax after a hard day at work is to indulge yourself in some soothing body scrubs made with all-natural ingredients.

What else can I make with essential oils?

Check out these summer essential oil blends that you can diffuse or adapt to make more body scrubs, room sprays and more.

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DIY cherry sugar scrub recipe this pink sugar scrub is gorgeous as a diy gift, and great for exfoliation


In conclusion, a cherry sugar scrub recipe is a must have for any spa, beauty, or health conscious person.

Cherry sugar scrubs are amazing and the perfect way to cleanse your skin and exfoliate. Not only does it remove all the dead skin cells but it also moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

A cherry sugar scrub recipe also makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because you love someone!

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