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By Anna Marikar

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s often easy to forget the most important thing – taking care of our own needs. But no more! We’ve crafted a delightful new thing just for you – a free printable self-care weekly checklist. A time-tested necessity, this is a great tool to weave self-care activities seamlessly into your daily routine.

So, whether you’re a professional navigating through tight deadlines, or a busy mom managing a myriad of responsibilities, this checklist is a must-have.

Taking good care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s a fundamental need. Self-care is about more than just bubble baths, face masks, and that extra hour of sleep.

It’s about nurturing your physical health, ensuring your emotional health, and seeking inner peace amidst the chaos. By monitoring your self-care habits, you can significantly lower your stress levels and enhance your overall well-being.

free printable weekly self care checklist with 3 different pages

Our printable self-care checklist is a digital download, available in a handy PDF format so you can easily print it out for personal use. Just like a trusted friend, this checklist walks with you on your self-care journey, reminding you of the importance of self care and helping you navigate your way.

Free Printable Weekly Self Care Checklist Pages

So, what does this weekly self-care checklist offer?

Spread across three pages, it covers different types of self care. It includes a routine checklist for daily tasks, and a daily self-care checklist for more specific actions. But the best part is, it doesn’t just present you with a pre-filled version; it offers blank spaces under each category to add your own self-care ideas!

Page 1 has space to fill in 4 basic self care tasks of your choosing and 4 physical self care tasks of your choosing, which you can monitor all week long.

free printable weekly self care checklist for basic and physical self care tasks

These could be things like practicing mindful art activities, or keeping up with no equipment work outs at home to care for your mental and physical health.

Page 2 has space to fill in the tasks for emotional and spiritual self care

free printable weekly self care checklist for emotional and spirituall self care tasks

These might be something like practising affirmations, yoga, or taking time for yourself to watch some uplifting movies or listen to empowering music.

While the final page, Page 3 has space to fill in the social and financial self care tasks. These are areas people may forget about but are just as important.

free printable weekly self care checklist for social and financiall self care tasks

Whether it’s spending time in a public place, practicing gratitude journaling, or using additional props like staying hydrated with your favorite water bottle, you can customize the tasks on this checklist to your heart’s content.

This self-care planner is not just another item to add to your to-do list. It’s a tool to better care for yourself, to delve on a deeper level and address any internal turmoil.

The beauty of this planner lies in its simplicity and flexibility – it understands that self-care means different things to different people.

Remember, it’s not selfish to focus on yourself; it’s necessary. Use our printable checklists as a stepping stone towards better self-care behaviors and practices. 

Benefits of Using a Self Care Checklist

Still wondering why you need a self-care checklist?

free printable self care checklist

Firstly, it’s a great way to start your morning routine on a positive note. It’s a gentle reminder that you deserve to take good care of your mental health.

Secondly, as a physical product you can hold, tick off, and carry around, it’s a powerful motivator. The satisfaction of checking off a completed self-care task is unparalleled!

In the end, remember that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to self-care. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, your self-care routine should flex and adapt to your current needs. Our checklist, with its mix of pre-filled self-care strategies and room for your unique additions, allows for this flexibility.

With the help of our free self-care checklist, your self-care practices will cease to be external expectations or hard work, and will become natural, integrated elements of your daily life.

self care checklist

By listing different self-care activities you enjoy and keeping track of them, it’s easier to make sure you’re looking after yourself on a regular basis. Our printable checklist is here to remind you that self-care is more than just a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle.

For those days when stress is high and time is short, even a glance at your filled-out checklist can serve as a reminder to breathe, relax, and take a moment for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book, enjoying a bubble bath, or simply drinking a glass of water, every form of self-care is valid and valuable.

Download Weekly Self Care Checklist PDF

Our free self-care checklist comes with an instant download purchase. No waiting, no shipping charges, just pure self-care goodness at an affordable price of FREE! What’s not to love?

So go ahead, take the first step towards prioritizing yourself. Download our free self-care checklist, print it, and start checking off your daily self-care activities.

It’s time to prioritize yourself, care for your physical health, and nourish your soul. It’s time to say ‘yes’ to self-care.


What better way to manage and enhance your self-care routine than with our free printable self-care checklist? And if you find it useful, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us on social media. We would love to hear about your self-care journey, and your experiences might help someone else on theirs.

free printable weekly self care checklist

Also, ladies, remember to share this freebie on social media. Whether it’s with your close friends or your wider circle, help spread the word about the benefits of self-care.

And who knows, you might spark new ideas for someone else’s self-care routine!

Let’s promote better care for ourselves and each other. This is not just a digital product or a physical product; it’s a movement towards prioritizing self-care in our daily lives. We look forward to seeing how you use this tool to explore and express your self-care practices. Remember, the journey of self-care is best traveled with friends!

Remember, you are your best asset, and taking care of yourself should always be top of your to-do list. With our free self-care checklist, it’s easier than ever. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start your self-care journey today!

Stay tuned for more updates. Whether you’re a long time follower or new to our blog, we’re here to support your journey towards better health and happiness.

Much love and positive vibes.

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