33 Valentine Nail Designs That You’ll Heart

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By Anna Marikar

Hey lovelies! Are you ready to spread some love this Valentine’s Day? And what better way to show off your love than with a fabulous set of nails? Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or happily taken, these Valentine nail designs will have you feeling the love.

From classic hearts to playful prints, we’ve rounded up the cutest and some of the most unique ideas for Valentine-themed nails.

But before we dive into the designs, let’s take a moment to talk about self-love. Self-love is the foundation of all other forms of love.

When we love ourselves, we have more love to give to others and we also attract love into our lives. So this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show yourself some love.

And what better way to start than by treating yourself to a full set of amazing Valentine nails? Whether you’re hitting the town with your girls or cozying up with your significant other, your stunning new nails will be the perfect accessory to show off your love for yourself.

So go ahead, give yourself a little self-care and show the world just how much you love yourself with these Valentine nail designs!

35 trending valentines nail designs

From bold 3D hearts and high-shine chrome, to classic pink and red, a set of Valentines nails will have you feeling the love. 

Booksy Ambassador and social media superstar Alice McNails, who boasts over 56k followers on Instagram says:

“As always, we’ll be seeing lots of red and pink, predominantly two types – either out there with big 3D heart nails, mega decorative or we’re going to see the clean girl aesthetic – minimal heart nails and gold hearts on the ring finger.”

For something different, We’re also going to see people embracing their inner Wednesday Addams with gothic nail elements, lots of black, red, and gold.

Heart tips were huge in 2022 and nail customers are still loving them into 2023

valentines long acrylic nails pink and black with hearts

You will be the queen of hearts with this red and gold Valentine’s Day nails set which is full of detail.

These nails set the perfect balance between badass and sweetheart, with the kickass nail art and the short round nail shape.

For short nails like these, you can use gel nails or builder gel if you don’t want a full set of acrylics.

short valentines gel nail design with 3d nail art

These long coffin nails are modern and cute with a real cartoon vibe, especially due to the bold black outling on the the heart nail designs.

It also has plenty of sparkle! You can get this effect with a clear glitter nail polish over the top of your nail art design.

cartoon hearts valentine nail design

These pink Valentines nails have real barbie vibes, with different shades of pink to give a slight ombre effect, these are simply stunning.

pink coffin valentines nail design

Sick of the whole season? Make a bold statement with these Valentine’s Day nails that no-one will be expecting.

You can ask your nail artist to create any word or phrase you like on your nails, an 8 letter or 10 letter total works best for obvious reasons!

love sick pink valentines nail design for anti valentines

Keep it quirky and unique with this fun and different Valentine nail design incorporating eyes and lips along with the hearts. We love the tones of the metallic silver and purple.

quirky and unique valentines nail design

This red manicure is trending with the 3D effect, again paired with gold and a little black.

3d  nail design for valentines day hearts with red gold and black

Get a monochrome effect with this white base, and black hearts for some simple but powerful love heart nails that will definitely impress.

valentines nail design with black hearts on white base

Baby pink hearts teamed with black French tips is a surprising and unexpected combination that will turn a few heads.

black and pink valentines hearts nail design

Nail clients are crushing on high shine chrome, hearts in cat-eye, embellished and crystal effects, and 3D gel clay which is a playdough consistency that can be used to make 3D cartoon-like structures.

3d hearts gems valentines nails

We’ll be seeing lots of milky tones, red and pink hearts on strawberry milkshake bases and white milky layers. Red and pink remain the perfect Valentine’s Day colour combo!

pink and red valentines nail design

These gorgeous and bejewelled valentines nails will have you in your feminine energy during the month of love. They have celestial vibes, with multi shade pink tips. These are definitely one of our favorite Valentines nail concepts.

celestial pink nail design, different shades of pink tips for French set

Bright bold clashing red and pink is on trend for valentine’s day nail art this year.

Pointy tips work best for these heart nails, or an almond shape if you want something a little less sharp.

candy pink hearts valentines day nails

Think outside the box and use all kinds of different colors including neon pink, green, purple and orange. This funky design has shimmer and includes the evil eye or eye of Fatima on each finger.

colorful quirky valentines nail design, with eyes

Valentine’s Day is a great time to go bold and this bright red wavy design will certainly catch some eyes. This beautiful nail art design has retro vibes in all the best ways.

wavy heart design for valentines nail idea

These white nails with a tiny red heart on each finger are subtle and gorgeous. This simple design looks amazing on long nails.

Using a white base with a the classic red color is a fun way to play with the clean girl aesthetic.

white base red heart valentines day nail design

Use negative space to create a heart shape on your nails, and compliment with a gold heart accent nail, to add some contrast to the big bold red heart design.

negative space heart shape nails for valentines

Add tiny little hearts to your classic French manicure. Mix it up with red hearts, pink hearts or even black hearts or white hearts if you prefer.

This classy design is great for short nails. You can use this with gel on your natural nails if you are not in the mood for a full set of acrylics.

simple valentines day nails idea, French manicure with tiny red heart

Black nails are also trending this Valentines day. These valentines day nails with petrol black hearts on the tips, and black dots, are a great way to up your nail game and keep it different.

We absolutely love the way this type of black nail polish changes color in the light, from black to purple to green just like oil. This effect can also be achieved with chrome powder.

black valentines nails

Mix and match across your hands, creating a mirror image of coordinating colors, to keep the boys on their toes.

red and pink clashing valentines nails

This valentine’s day nail idea embodies the trend of maximalism. Here you have bold 3D embellishments, with crowns, jewels, gems, hearts, flames… there is so much going on.

With all of these design ideas included, this set still keeps it classic in terms of color, with red French tips and pale pink. The colors are cleanly separated with straight lines.

3d embellished valentines nails

There is a trend this year for loud red and pink clashing designs, but if you want to tone that concept down you can try this design with pink French tips, and one clashing red heart on the ring finger.

pink tips French set valentines nails

These short square valentines nails combine a few of this years most popular trends, with the clean girl aesthetic of a French manicure, combined with bold classic red nail polish, a feature nail one full color nail.

nude French and red tips valentines nails

This year’s Valentine’s nail trend for those who prefer a simple design, is these subtle classy white French with heart accents.

You can change the color of the little hearts, to match your style.

French nails with red hearts valentines nails

Purple valentines nails are also super poplar this year, whether you go for purple hearts, or a feature nail.

These gorgeous pastel nails have WLW vibes with lavender color choice and the two feature fingers (iykyk 😉 )

purple valentines nails design

These hot pink tips teamed with light pink, white and nude make a stunning result. This set looks perfect with square nails.

nude and hot pink valentines theme nails

Want some Valentines glitter nails? These will be perfect for date night, or for a Galentines night out with friends. February 14th is the day of love, and that means all types of love from romantic to platonic and of course, our favorite self love.

black glitter valentines nails

Image credits: All Images above credit Alice McNails or Gels by Bry, who are both ambassadors for the Booksy app.

We hope you loved all of these valentine’s day nail designs and got some inspiration for your next set. With so many styles from the bold, the quirky to the classic and subtle, there’s sure to be something that will capture your heart.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to run to the nail salon and get those Valentines nails sorted!

Valentine Nails DIY

If you’re not able to make it to the nail salon, or have a nail artist come out and do your manicure at home, then don’t panic. The good news is there are are a few options you can turn to, so that you don’t miss out on some gorgeous Valentines nails.

Go for nail decals, nail stickers, nail wraps or even press on nails which are one of the easiest options.

Treat yourself to a few good quality nail polishes in colors that you love, and take your time applying your nail design – or pair up with a friend to do each others.

Valentines Press On Nail Designs

Here are a few Valentines press on nails available on Amazon (affiliate links) that you can use to turn around a whole new set of nails last minute.

Burgundy wine red and silver glitter

wine red and silver glitter valentines day nail design
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Kiss mark nails

kiss mark valentines nail idea
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Gradient nails with hearts

ombre gradient valentines heart nails
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Minimalist Valentines nude nails with hearts and polka dots

minimal nude valentines heart nails
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