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By Anna Marikar

When you were a child, you probably enjoyed using crayons and a coloring book, and today, you can continue to enjoy this activity by using adult coloring pages – like these free inspirational word coloring posts that we are sharing here on the blog.

There are multiple mental health benefits from coloring therapy, so if you can make time for this activity, it’s definitely a positive thing.

one word inspirational coloring pages for adults - peace and gratitude

One Word Inspirational Coloring Pages

Each of these adult coloring pages has just one word to focus on, which helps to build mindfulness as you color.

The words included are

  • Gratitude
  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Believe

Pick the word which resonates the most with what you’re feeling today and take some time to color.

Gratitude Coloring Page

Color this page while you focus on the feeling of gratitude. You might like to make a gratitude list too, use our example lists for inspiration if you need it!

Gratitude inspirational coloring page for adults

Bliss Coloring Page

Color this free printable bliss coloring page and channel the feeling of bliss

bliss inspirational word coloring page

Love Coloring Page

Take time to slow down and color this love coloring page.

love coloring page with hearts and words for adult coloring

Peace Coloring Page

Enjoy this free printable peace coloring page while taking a moment for yourself.

peace coloring page with words for adult coloring

Believe Coloring Page

Color these stars and complete this free printable believe coloring page.

peace coloring page with stars and words for adult coloring

Benefits of Coloring for Mental Health

Reducing Your Mental Stress

Mental stress is detrimental for your health, and it can lead to physical problems. If you have constant stress, then you can develop high blood pressure or digestive issues.

Rather than using food or alcohol to relieve your stress after a difficult day, keep an assortment of coloring pages and beautiful crayons ready at home. 

Lifting Your Mood

If you feel depressed or down, then coloring therapy can lift your mood. When you are feeling sad, you can choose brightly colored crayons and coloring pages that have a positive or happy theme.

Use crayon colors such as yellow, orange or red to stimulate the emotional center of your brain while you create artwork such as flowers. While coloring, concentrate on positive thoughts and say positive affirmations to yourself. 

Preventing Dementia Conditions

When you are worried about developing dementia, use adult coloring books and an assortment of crayons or color pencils to create gorgeous artwork.

You can find adult coloring books and pages that will stimulate the synapses in your brain to keep everything running as it should.

Reducing Your Anxiety Levels 

If you suffer from anxiety, then find adult coloring books that focus on mindfulness so that you can feel better.

The best crayon colors to reduce anxiety include shades of blue or pale pink. These soothing colors can help you to feel calmer, and you will notice that your breathing becomes slower while your symptoms of digestive stress decline when you use an adult coloring book. 

Stimulating Your Own Creativity

After using adult coloring pages for a few weeks, you may notice that you are more creative.

In addition to coloring with crayons, you might want to write poetry, play the piano or paint on a canvas.

When it has been many years since you enjoyed creating any type of art, coloring with crayons can stimulate the part of your brain that is creative.

Where Can You Find Coloring Pages for Adults?

Download our free PDF below, we also have some more options available here at On Your Journey and on our sister site In The Playroom which are all available to download for free

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Terms of use: these coloring pages are free for personal use


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