Major Arcana Tarot Coloring Pages

Tarot cards are among the oldest of divination tools. Now they can be used as coloring pages with our free printable tarot card coloring PDF.

You can even use these free printables to create your own personalised tarot deck, we will share the simple step by step further on in this blog post.

We’ve selected all 22 of the major arcana tarot cards and broken them down into a set of fun free coloring pages.

Check out our guide to the meanings of all 78 cards of the tarot deck to understand the significance of each card and print out some pages of our free tarot card coloring book for a moment of mindful coloring.

Whether you choose classic colors or vivid colors, create your own tarot deck with beautiful works of art which you can even use for your own tarot readings.

Click to download them all at the end of this blog post!

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Inspirational Word Coloring Pages

When you were a child, you probably enjoyed using crayons and a coloring book, and today, you can continue to enjoy this activity by using adult coloring pages – like these free inspirational word coloring posts that we are sharing here on the blog.

There are multiple mental health benefits from coloring therapy, so if you can make time for this activity, it’s definitely a positive thing.

one word inspirational coloring pages for adults - peace and gratitude

One Word Inspirational Coloring Pages

Each of these adult coloring pages has just one word to focus on, which helps to build mindfulness as you color.

The words included are

  • Gratitude
  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Believe

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Colour Your Days, Organise Your Life with our Printable Calendars for 2022

Are you a planner? Would you like a way to make your life more organised and easy to manage? How about one that will help you stay on track and not miss a thing? Then check out our printable calendars for the year 2022!

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your work, family and everything else in your life, these printable calendars are a great way to do it – and colouring each page gives you the opportunity for a few minutes of mindfulness and creativity each month. 

We’ve created three printable calendars that you can use to highlight what’s important to you this year. These colour your own monthly calendars will help you to plan your time, set goals, and improve your work-life balance.

printable mandala colouring month by month calendars for 2022

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Adult Coloring Pages for Autumn With Inspirational Quotes About Change [Free Printables]

Adult coloring is a great way to take a little break, and take your mind of stress for a minute while you recharge and re focus. So many of us are constantly rushing around, always busy and barely take a moment to stop and sit with our thoughts.

Coloring has gained in popularity so much over recent years, and it is a really beneficial mindfulness tool to allow us to slow down. Activities like this can really help to feel grounded as you take some time out and reflect on the motivational quotes that you are coloring.

Autumn mandalas free printable coloring book

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