What Is The White Heart Symbol Meaning? 🀍 (Heart Emoji Color Guide)

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By Anna Marikar

Exploring the Language of Love and Friendship Through Different Heart Emojis

In the world of emojis, the heart symbol holds a special place, representing a wide range of emotions and connections, including love, friendship, and affection.

Among the many heart emojis available, the white heart symbol (🀍) stands out as a unique and versatile representation of various feelings, representing the purest types of love.

In this article, we will delve into the meanings of different heart emojis, with a focus on the white heart emoji, and explore how it is used to express emotions and connections in various contexts.

white heart symbol meaning

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The White Heart Emoji is a Symbol of Pure Love and Friendship

​The 🀍 white heart emoji, with its clean and simple appearance on a white background, signifies pure love and deep affection. This could include love between a parent a child, a romantic love or a deep friendship.

Unlike the classic red heart emoji ❀️, which commonly represents romantic love, the white heart is more universal, conveying feelings of warmth, positive energy, and strong connections of all types.

As one of the most used emojis, the 🀍 white heart holds a special place in the hearts of people worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to its versatility and ability to convey a myriad of emotions.

bokeh heart symbol meaning

In some contexts, the white heart emoji means pure love and strong feelings between two individuals. In others, it represents the warmth and affection shared within a family group chat. When used with the heart outline emoji, it emphasizes a strong connection and a bond that stands the test of time.

The 🀍 white heart emoji can also be used alongside color heart emojis to depict a variety of emotions, from the calming green heart emoji symbolizing tranquility and growth to the vibrant orange heart emoji signifying new beginnings and excitement.

Beyond its usage in romantic contexts, the 🀍 white heart emoji is a symbol of friendship, deep love and deep affection between best friends and closest companions. 

The white heart emoji represents the true value and sincerity of these relationships, highlighting the strength of the bonds formed between individuals. It has become a symbol of unwavering support and unconditional love, reflecting the positive energy and good feelings shared among friends and family members.

Love in Different Colors: Understanding the Meanings of Other Heart Emojis

​In the United States and other countries, the use of heart emojis transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, becoming a universal symbol of love and friendship.

On social media platforms and mobile phones, the 🀍 white heart emoji is among the most popular and widely used emojis, making appearances in countless posts, tweets, and text messages.

Alongside other heart emojis, such as the πŸ’™ blue heart emoji symbolizing trust and the πŸ’œ purple heart emoji expressing compassion, the 🀍 white heart adds depth to our digital conversations and allows us to communicate our deepest emotions.

Heart Emoji Meaning Chart

Here’s a brief guide and then we’ll go one by one in depth

Heart EmojisCondensed Meanings
❀️ Red HeartRomantic Love
πŸ’› Yellow HeartFriendship
πŸ’— Pink HeartLove & Friendship
🀎 Brown HeartDiversity & Inclusivity
πŸ’™ Blue HeartTrust & Loyalty
πŸ’œ Purple HeartCompassion & Empathy
🧑 Orange HeartWarmth & New Beginnings
πŸ–€ Black HeartGrief & Dark Humor
🀍 White HeartPure Love & Affection
πŸ’š Green HeartTranquility & Appreciation
πŸŒ€ Blue HeartIntense Emotions
🟣 Purple ColorRoyalty & Creativity
<3 Heart EmoticonLove & Affection
heart color emoji meanings

Red Heart Emoji: The Classic Symbol of Romantic Love ❀️

The iconic red heart emoji ❀️ remains the most used and recognized symbol of love on various platforms and in text messages. It is a classic love heart and represents romantic love, passion, and the warmth shared between two individuals in a loving relationship.

Meanwhile, a broken red heart emoji signifies that the romance isn’t going so well…

red emoji heart meanings

The association between the heart symbol and romantic love can be traced back to ancient times when Cupid’s arrow was believed to strike the hearts of individuals, igniting feelings of deep affection.

Today, the heart icon, including the 🀍 white heart emoji, continues to be a powerful representation of romantic feelings, especially during Valentine’s Day.

As people exchange emojis and text messages to express their love and care, the white heart emoji remains a popular choice for conveying deep affection and great care for their loved ones.

You can also use a kiss emoji for similar purposes as the red heart emoji. 

emoji heart faces

Yellow Heart Emoji: Symbolizing Friendship and Best Friends πŸ’›

The bright yellow heart emoji πŸ’› is associated with friendship, joy, and happiness. It often appears in social media posts and text messages among close friends and best friends, signifying a strong bond and a heart full of positivity.

Yellow is a warm color, perfect for positivity and friendship. 


Pink Heart Emoji: A Blend of Romance and Friendship πŸ’—

The pink heart emoji πŸ’— combines the elements of the red and yellow hearts, symbolizing a unique mix of romantic and friendly love.

It is commonly used to express affection towards family members, valentine’s day wishes, and even in the context of new romances.

Brown Heart Emoji: Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity 🀎

Introduced as part of Unicode to promote diversity, the brown heart emoji 🀎 celebrates different people and cultures. It represents inclusivity, acceptance, and love for all races and backgrounds, making it an important symbol of unity.

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Blue Heart Emoji: Signifying Trust and Platonic Love πŸ’™

You might be wondering what does the blue heart emoji mean? 

The calming blue heart emoji πŸ’™ is often used to convey a deep sense of trust, loyalty, and platonic love between friends, family members, or even colleagues. It represents the stability and reliability of strong connections.

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Purple Heart Emoji: Conveying Affection and Understanding πŸ’œ

What does the purple heart emoji mean?

The purple heart emoji πŸ’œ is associated with affection, understanding, and compassion. It is frequently used in messages expressing empathy, support, and care towards others, making it a symbol of kindness and goodwill.

The color purple 🟣 is associated with royalty and creativity, often used in heart emojis to express a profound sense of admiration and respect.

Orange Heart Emoji: Symbolizing Warmth and New Beginnings 🧑

So what does the orange heart emoji mean?

The vibrant orange heart emoji 🧑 represents warmth, enthusiasm, and the excitement of new beginnings. It is often used to express feelings of love and admiration towards a love interest or a new friend.

Green Heart Emoji


​What does the green heart emoji mean? 

The verdant green heart emoji πŸ’š represents tranquility and growth, often used to convey a sense of harmony and appreciation for nature.

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Expressing Grief and Dark Humor with Black Heart Emojis πŸ–€

The black heart emoji πŸ–€ is an intriguing emoji, as it can represent both grief and mourning, as well as dark humor and sarcasm. The color black is sometimes used to convey a sense of irony or to express empathy during difficult times as well as to express griefΒ 

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Heart Emojis on World Emoji Day

On World Emoji Day, celebrated on July 17th, people from around the world come together to appreciate and understand the language of emojis. Heart emojis, including the white heart emoji, play a significant role in this universal language of love and friendship. There are all kinds of emoji meanings but overall the heart emoji in all colors is an international symbol of love. 

 The heart emoticon (<3) is a simple and widely recognized symbol, commonly used in text messages and chats to express love and affection.

Autism Awareness and the Heart Symbol

The heart symbol has also been adopted as a representation of autism awareness, signifying love and support for individuals with autism and their families. This demonstrates the versatility and impact of the heart emoji beyond its traditional meanings.

In conclusion, heart emojis have become an integral part of modern communication, expressing a wide range of emotions and connections, from romantic love to deep friendship and understanding. Among them, the 🀍 white heart emoji stands out as a symbol of pure love and strong connections, making it a favorite among users on social media, text messages, and family group chats. 

Snow White heart

The 🀍 white heart emoji holds multiple meanings and serves as a powerful tool to express a wide range of emotions. It represents true love, deep affection, and strong connections among friends, family, and romantic partners. Just as white chocolate brings sweetness and joy, the white heart emoji adds warmth and positivity to our digital interactions. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and friendship, transcending cultural barriers and linguistic differences, making it a universal symbol of affection. As the world continues to communicate through emojis on popular platforms and mobile phones, the 🀍 white heart emoji will remain a cherished and beloved part of our digital language, reflecting the depth of human emotions and the enduring bond of friendships and relationships.

white heart

As the language of emojis continues to evolve, the heart symbol, in its different colors and variations, remains a universal symbol of love, friendship, and positive vibes across different cultures and nations.

So, next time you want to express your feelings, don’t hesitate to choose the perfect heart emoji that best represents your emotions, whether it’s for your closest friends, family members, or a special love interest.

So, what is your most used emoji and which color heart emoji will you choose?

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