Prescription Swimming Goggles: Practical Self-Care for Your Eyes

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By Luciana Oliveira

wimming enthusiasts, having a clear vision underwater is critical not just for performance but also for safety reasons. This is where prescription swimming goggles come into play. They are designed for individuals who may have myopic or hyperopic prescriptions and can make a big difference in enhancing your swimming experience. The goal here is to help light refraction occur correctly, just as it does with your everyday glasses or contact lenses, leading to clearer vision underwater. 

With prescription swim goggles, not only is your visual acuity uncompromised, but you are also effectively protecting your eyes. Jumping into a pool with glasses on or fearing losing a contact lens mid-swim will be concerns of the past. Indeed, with these specialized goggles, individuals get the benefit of experiencing incredible underwaters with the best possible vision correction, all this while keeping their eyes safe. Just imagine diving under the sea without the worry of blurry vision or losing a contact lens.

Understanding the Optics of Prescription Goggles

At the heart of the concept of prescription swim goggles is Snell’s Law. This law, a key principle in optometry, revolves around the refractive index or light refraction. It states that the path taken by light changes as it moves between two mediums with different refractive indices. 

Then why does light refraction matter when you’re swimming? In our normal environments, our eyes are expertly configured to handle the refraction of light through air. But underwater, where the refractive index is significantly different, the way our eyes process light changes. Consequently, objects appear bigger and closer than they are. Goggles or dive masks can address this by providing air in front of our eyes, which helps maintain a more natural refraction of light.

Risks of Wearing Contact Lenses or Glasses Underwater

Many people resort to the short-term solution of wearing contact lenses while swimming, but this carries serious risks. Water carries a microscopic amoeba called Acanthamoeba, known for causing eye infections. If this parasite gets trapped under your contact lens, it could lead to Acanthamoeba keratitis, a painful corneal infection that can potentially cause blindness.

Wearing glasses while swimming is not any safer. Apart from being highly impractical, the constant force of water against the lenses can lead to potential corneal abrasions that can seriously affect your vision.

Advantages of Prescription Swim Goggles

Prescription swimming goggles, whether they are step diopters or custom-made goggles, come with a clear-cut set of advantages. For starters, they provide a significantly sharper vision underwater. Since these goggles are designed to match your prescription power, they allow light to refract in a way that’s similar to how it does when you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses on land. Moreover, you don’t run the risk of experiencing an eye infection as you would while wearing contact lenses underwater. 

Custom-made goggles are particularly beneficial to those with a complex prescription, such as high cylinder prescriptions, a high spherical equivalent, or a large difference between each eye. They can accommodate bifocal lenses and prism lenses as well.

Choosing Right Pair

When selecting the best pair, you have the option between a step diopter and custom-made goggles. The stepped diopter goggles come in ready-made prescriptions. This is ideal for those who have similar prescriptions in both eyes and need no correction for astigmatism. However, for a more precise prescription, custom-made goggles are recommended. They can accommodate distinct prescriptions in each eye as well as correct for astigmatism.

The lens features such as anti-fog, anti-reflective treatments, UV protection, and polarized lenses also play a part in their selection. 

  1. Anti-fog treatment grants longevity to your goggles, helping you see clearly in humid conditions;
  2. Anti-reflective treatment helps by reducing the glare that can often be disruptive, especially during outdoor swimming;
  3. Polarized lenses can reduce eye fatigue by eradicating the horizontal reflections that create glare;
  4. Lenses that provide UV protection are vital for swimmers, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can harm the eyes. 

NFL star Terrell Owens once said that “A team is only as good as its weakest player.” That is true in the world of swimming goggles, as well. The lens and goggles’ body might be first-rate, but if the strap or bridge isn’t up to snuff, your comfort and performance may be compromised. Adjustable straps permit you to secure your goggles for a perfect, comfortable fit, and the adjustable bridges ensure the ideal spacing between your lenses for optimal comfort and vision.

Maintaining And Protecting Your Goggles

Protecting the anti-fog and anti-reflective coating of the goggles is essential to prolong their lifespan. Avoid rubbing the inside of your goggles as it can wear off the coating. After each swim, rinse swimming goggles with clean water and leave them to air-dry. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as it can damage the lenses. Instead, store them in a protective case, away from dust and dirt. 


In all, prescription swimming goggles can greatly enhance the swimming experience for those with vision problems. They not only improve your performance and enjoyment but also provide the necessary eye protection you need underwater. Choosing the perfect pair does not have to be a hassle as long as you understand your prescription and know what to look out for. And don’t forget, the way you care and maintain them can go a long way in ensuring your goggles last the pace.

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