What Is The Red Eye Symbol Meaning? (Evil Eye)

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By Anna Marikar

The evil eye symbol is an ancient emblem believed to offer protection against negative energies and malevolent glares. This mythical concept is popular across various cultures, with numerous people wearing evil eye amulets, charms, and jewelry as a form of protection.

The evil eye amulet, often seen as a charm or talisman, serves as a powerful tool against the ominous evil eye curse.

Each color, from cobalt blue to dark green, carries a unique meaning, but we would say the blue evil eye symbol is by far the most commonly seen.

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Meaning and History of the Evil Eye

“What does the evil eye mean?” is a common question among those unfamiliar with this ancient symbol’s rich history and significance.

The symbol protects against different things, including envy, ill-will, and general negativity directed towards the individual.

The evil eye is a well-known symbol of misfortune and negativity believed to be cast upon individuals, usually through a malicious glare, bringing about bad luck, suffering, or some form of calamity.

This supernatural force is thought to emanate primarily from envy and excessive admiration. 

To counteract and protect against this invisible threat, various cultures have embraced the use of evil eye charms, amulets, and talismans. These protective artifacts are not only worn as jewelry but also displayed in homes and vehicles, serving as shields deflecting harmful energies and attracting positive vibes.

The universal fear and reverence of the evil eye across different societies highlight its deep-rooted presence in human folklore and the collective consciousness.

There are types of evil eyes in different cultures, each having unique features and meanings associated with them and the evil eye symbol is also recognized in different languages, each with unique names and connotations reflecting the symbol’s universal appeal.

Originating in ancient Greece, the evil eye symbol has permeated various societies across the Middle East, West Asia, and Central America. The ancient Greeks believed it was a curse cast by a malevolent glare, usually provoked by envy, and could bring bad luck, illness, or even death.

The origin of the evil eye can be traced back to ancient times where it was deeply entrenched in Greek culture and Jewish culture, among others. The Ashkenazi Jews, in particular, have a rich history of utilizing evil eye amulets for protection.

People with red eyes in folklore are often associated with mystical powers or malevolent intentions, often linking back to the myth of the evil eye.

In Muslim cultures, the evil eye, known as “al-ayn” or “ayin harsha” in Arabic, is a prevalent belief deeply rooted in the society. The concept is referred to in various Islamic texts, and it’s widely believed that envy (known as ‘hasad’ in Arabic) can induce the evil eye, causing harm or misfortune to the individual in question. Muslims often use evil eye amulets, commonly featuring a blue eye, as a protective measure against the malignant forces associated with the symbol.

These amulets are not only popular adornments but also carry a spiritual resonance for many who believe in their power to safeguard against negativity. Hand-shaped amulets, known as the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, often incorporate the evil eye symbol, providing double protection and are a popular choice among Muslim communities for warding off harm.

hamsa hand symbol

The Hamsa Hand serves as a potent symbol of defense, deflecting the sinister energies believed to be released by malevolent gazes, thereby fostering a sense of security and spiritual calm among its bearers.

Different Evil Eye Colors and Their Meanings

Let’s take a look at different evil eye colors and the different meanings symbolised by evil eye protection symbols of each color. Understanding the evil eye color meaning can provide insight into the type of protection and energy each charm offers.

different evil eye color meanings

Red Evil Eye

The red evil eye meaning is often associated with power, protection, and the courage to ward off evil forces. It is especially popular among pregnant women and new mothers seeking to safeguard their love life and good health.

red evil eye symbol meaning

Blue Evil Eye

Representing good karma and positive energy, the blue evil eye is one of the most popular colors. Its deep blue and light blue variations are symbols of calm and protection against evil spirits. The color blue in general symbolises calm and tranquility.  The blue eye charm is frequently used as it symbolizes good health, peace, and positive energy.

Light Blue Evil Eye and Dark Blue Evil Eye: These two different blue tones offer varying levels of protection. The light blue evil eye is considered a bringer of positive karma, while the dark blue evil eye serves to provide general protection.

blue evil eye symbol meaning

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White Evil Eye

The white evil eye symbolizes purity, focus, and clarity. It’s believed to help individuals steer clear of confusion and mental illness. The white evil eye meaning encompasses purity, innocence, and clarity, offering protection against confusion and chaos.

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Green Evil Eye

Each of these colors carries different meanings and energies. For example, the green evil eye is for happiness. A light green evil eye is often worn to attract happiness, prosperity, and healing energies.

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Black Evil Eye and Brown Evil Eye

The black evil eye offers protection against negative energy, while the brown evil eye is typically used to safeguard one against the effects of the evil eye, especially during times of excessive praise or envy.

Yellow Evil Eye

Yellow, signifying protection and good luck, is often used to ward off the unconscious evil eyes that come from undisclosed envy and jealousy. The yellow evil eye meaning is usually associated with protection, joy, and the ability to ward off jealousy.

Purple Evil Eye

With a meaning deeply connected to spirituality and enlightenment, the purple evil eye is considered a symbol of good judgment and intuition.

Pink Evil Eye

The pink evil eye is usually worn for protection in love and relationships. The pink evil eye meaning is often linked to love, affection, and friendship.

Orange Evil Eye

The orange evil eye meaning is related to creativity, success, and the ability to adapt and change

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Evil Eye Jewelry and Their Purpose

Evil eye jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants, serve not only as fashionable accessories but also as talismans to attract good luck and fortune. 

The myth of the evil eye has fascinated human imagination for centuries, making it a prominent symbol in folklore and jewelry.

 Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Cameron Diaz have been spotted wearing these mystical symbols, making them fashionable in recent years.

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With various evil eye jewelry pieces available, individuals can choose the type that best suits their needs and personal style. From the evil eye pendant that can be worn around the neck to the delicate evil eye rings that grace one’s fingers, each piece is meticulously crafted to serve as a shield against negative energy and bring good fortune.

The evil eye’s widespread recognition attests to its deep-rooted presence in the global cultural tapestry. This mystical symbol effortlessly traverses geographical, linguistic, and religious borders, establishing itself as a universal sign of protection and ward against misfortune. In every culture it graces, the evil eye takes on different nuances, reflecting the unique fears, hopes, and spiritual beliefs of each society. Its ubiquitous nature has transformed it into a timeless and universally understood symbol that continues to find relevance in contemporary life and fashion.

red evil eye symbol bracelet

Using Evil Eye for Protection

The use of evil eye amulets and evil eye talismans is widespread in various cultures, each interpreting its power and significance in different ways. The red evil eye bracelet, imbued with the passionate energy of the color red, is not only a fashion statement but a powerful protector as well. The use of the evil eye is widespread, with many cultures incorporating it into jewelry, tattoos, or talismans.

evil eye hamsa hand henna tattoo

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The evil eye pendant is a subtle piece of jewelry that seamlessly blends with various outfits while offering protection.

Evil Eye Amulets and Talismans

These items are usually designed with the shape of an eye, believed to reflect the evil spirits and negative energy away from the wearer. They offer general protection and good fortune while also promoting good health and positive energy.  Many believe that owning an evil eye talisman can protect them from harm and bring good luck.

Evil Eye Bracelets

An evil eye charm is often added to bracelets, necklaces, or keychains for added protection and style. 

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Often worn for style and protection, evil eye bracelets help ward off evil forces, provide mental peace, and bring good things into the wearer’s life. 

The evil eye bracelet is a popular accessory that not only makes a fashion statement but also provides a sense of security and wellbeing to the wearer.

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Evil Eye Protection for New Mothers and Pregnant Women

Because of its protective properties, the evil eye is a favored symbol among pregnant women and new mothers. 

A new mother may wear an evil eye charm to protect both herself and her newborn from negative energies.

Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye

The Hamsa Hand, also known as the Hand of Fatima in Islamic cultures, often features the evil eye symbol in the palm. This combination is believed to offer double protection from evil forces.

Embedded within this potent symbol is often an evil eye charm, crafted meticulously to reflect not just a deep understanding of ancient myths but also an appreciation for aesthetic beauty and spiritual protection.

Before selecting your piece of jewelry, understanding what different evil eye colors mean is crucial. Whether you’re a new mother looking to protect your newborn or someone trying to safeguard yourself from the many different things life throws at you, there’s an evil eye amulet, charm, or talisman designed for you. These mystical symbols, backed by ancient wisdom and the allure of mystery, continue to captivate and protect individuals from all walks of life today.

Scientific Perspective and Psychological Comfort

While there is no scientific evidence supporting the tangible effects of the evil eye, its psychological impact on wearers is undeniable. Many individuals donning evil eye jewelry report feeling a sense of comfort, confidence, and security. The symbol serves as a constant reminder of protection and guardianship in a world rife with uncertainty and risk. From a psychological standpoint, this belief in protection can significantly influence one’s mindset, emotional state, and approach to life’s challenges, ultimately contributing to an enhanced sense of wellbeing and mental peace.

In modern life, the evil eye continues to be a sought-after symbol for those looking to ward off negative energy and attract good fortune. With its rich history and significance in different cultures, the evil eye remains a meaningful and trendy jewelry piece cherished by many for its believed protective powers and aesthetic appeal. Whether you wear an evil eye necklace, bracelet, or another form of jewelry, the important thing is the comfort and confidence it brings to you.

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