10 Blush Nail Designs to Get You Blushing in 2023

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By Anna Marikar

Looking to add a touch of romance and femininity to your nail game? Blush nails are the perfect way to do just that! This Korean-inspired trend has been gaining popularity in recent years, with its soft, subtle gradient of pink hues creating a look that is both understated and sophisticated. Whether you prefer a classic nude-pink shade or something with a bit more sparkle, there’s a blush nail design out there that’s perfect for you. In this post, we’ll be sharing 10 of our favorite blush nail designs to help you get inspired and add a little bit of blush to your life.

10 blush nail designs in the korean blush nail trend douyin nails

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How to Make Korean Blush Nails

Korean blush nails are a new trend in minimal nail design. This concept uses actual blush powders to add some color in the center of the nail and is inspired by the Douyin blush method for make up, where you have a healthy rosy blush effect like you’ve just come in from the cold. That’s why this trend is also sometimes referred to as cold girl nails.

Douyin is the Korean name for TikTok and this trend has been blowing up on everyone’s Tiktok FYP lately, both for the face and now for blush nails.

So, get ready to blush with the Korean-inspired blush nails!

korean blush nails
Credit TikTok Nails by Ash

To achieve this gorgeous look, start with a sheer base coat, use light pink shades, nude or a subtle white base.

apply nude base coat

Then add a pop of color by dabbing on some actual blush or a pink eyeshadow using a small eyeshadow brush onto the center of each nail.

red and pink blush powder

Then, the next step is to seal the deal by applying another coat of the base shade to blend everything together seamlessly.

The end result is gorgeous rose blush nails with rosy soft spots of blush from the center of each nail.

TikTok blush nails
Credit Tiktok Nails by Ash

Now that we’ve talked about the basic idea of Korean blush nails, here are a few cute ways to mix it up, and jump on some of the latest nail trends

nail salon

Heart Blush Nails

With this variation, use the same technique as above with a small brush to add your blush in the center of the nail, but at the end of the process you’re going to add a small white heart to each nail.

Have this done at the nail salon if you prefer to work with nail technicians to get a more precise end result.

heart blush nails
Credit Nena Please Nails on Instagram

You can mix this up with other details like bows or small diamantés.

heart and bow white blush nails
image source Instagram

Blue Blush Nails

If you’re not such a fan of rosy hues, you can replicate this nail trend using shades of blue to create your own icicle nails which is a spin off of the Korean blush nails trend, using tones of blue.

blue blush nails
Credit Nail art by Rosee on Instagram
blue eye shadow for blue blush nails icicle nails

3D Decorated Blush Nails

If minimal is not your thing, you can use the blush nails as a starting point to create something more intricate and detailed that still fits within the trend.

3d nails blush nails chinese nails
image source Pinterest

Hot Pink Blush Nails

You don’t need to use red blush, mix things up by using a brighter shade of pink to create an end result which is a little brighter and more vibrant, if hot pink nails is more you.

hot pink blush nails
Credit Nails by Em Instagram

Sparkle Blush Nails

Add some glitter or sparkle to the end result of your Korean blush nails, if you prefer sparkle designs.

This can be done over the entire nail, or on the tips, with fine glitter, bigger glitter pieces or even diamantés

glitter blush nails sparkle
Credit By Flexia on Instagram
glitter tip blush nails
Credit Posh Nail Salon on Instagram

Blush Jelly Nails

Korean jelly nails is another big trend right now in nail design. You can combine some super cute kawaii characters and designs with your blush nails.

korean jelly nails blush nails trend
Credit Aulani Nail Spa on Instagram

French Manicure Blush Nails

Complete the basic blush nail design tutorial as we explained, then simply add white tips for your French manicure.

minimalist korean blush nails
image source Instagram
heart blush nails white French tips
Image source Pinterest

Matte Blush Nails

Use a matte nail polish for a different end result.

Buy Blush Nail Supplies

If you prefer, you can buy blush nail designs sets as press on nails. Here are a few of the options available to buy on Etsy (affiliate)

milky white blush nails
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korean jelly blush nails
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embellished rose blush nails
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The basic Korean nail style is perfect for a minimalist or clean girl aesthetic, and as you can see there are so many ways to mix it up and make it your own.

All of these styles can be made on your natural nail using gel polish.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our top 10 blush nail designs and that you’re feeling inspired to try out this stunning trend for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a soft and subtle look or something a bit bolder, there’s a blush nail design out there for everyone.

So why not grab your favorite nail polish and give it a try? With a little bit of practice and creativity, you can create a gorgeous blush nail look that’s perfect for any occasion. So get ready to blush, beauties, and show off your stunning new blush manicures!

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