8 Places You Should Visit With Your Family On Your UK Tour

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By Luciana Oliveira

The United Kingdom is a jewel when it comes to its intriguing list of splendid and fascinating places to visit.

The Edinburgh with its fantastic art and sculpture, brings you the well preserved Britain era.

On the other hand, Manchester is one of the leading cities, with high skyscrapers and marvellous night life that will keep you busy.

Thrillophilia brings you the best of United Kingdom attractions that will leave you in awe of their beauty.

Head onto the gleaming and one of the biggest cities in the world, London and discover the beauty of this glamorous attraction.

The most loved location is the London Eye, for people wishing to capture the entire scenic stretch of London. Click unobstructed pictures of the London cityscape like never before.

If you have kids accompanying you on the trip, then a visit to the sea life aquarium is highly recommended.

With a beautiful and spacious aquarium housing the marine animals, this attraction provides the most beautiful insights into the vivid wildlife around us.

Visiting the sea life aquarium may be a great way to inspire you to start an aquarium of your own too! Keeping tropical fish is a fantastic hobby for kids, which not only captures their imagination but teaches them responsibility.

You can start with a few hardy fish that are easier to care for like platyfish or zebra danios. And who knows, you may move on to a marine tank in the future and start your own sea life aquarium at home!

The fascinating Stonehenge and its awe-inspiring beauty is another splendid attraction that you would not want to miss out on.

The Stonehenge has been a centre of various speculations and rumours that will intrigue you. 

Madame Tussauds Museum

Have a fascinating experience of getting clicked with the best of celebrities from around the world at the first ever wax studio in the world.

Madame Tussauds opened in the 18th century, and ever since has won millions of hearts for its almost real looking wax sculptures of famous sports personalities, singers, artists, actors, politicians and the British royal family.

Have a splendid chance to click pictures with the entire cast of marvel films and marvel at the exquisite wax creations like never before. This extra ordinary wax museum is a must visit in your vacation itinerary. 

London Eye

The London Eye is a humongous ferris wheel that stands at a height of 165 metres. It has 32 observation capsules that overlook the serene and heart winning cityscape of London.

The observation capsules provide a 360 degree unobstructed and panoramic view of the London city, encapsulating best views of River Thames, Parliament house, London Bridge and other exquisite  British attractions. 

The London Eye is one of the most gripping experiences you can hop in for. The ferris wheels also provide for private observation capsules, that you book for to enjoy a more serene experience with your loved ones. 

Buckingham Palace

The inspiring and spellbound beauty of this royal British palace will amuse you. Buckingham palace has marvellous architecture with extremely pristine interiors that highlights the posh and lavish lives lived by the royal family of Britain.

The palace has 11 state rooms, each of which is adorned with the best of French furniture, imported art, sculpture, lavish chandeliers and more, that make it a fabulous place to explore.

At this palace, you will also find court rooms and ballrooms where significant meetings and family gatherings take place.

Get a fascinating chance of witnessing the popular changing of guards ceremony during your visit.

Windsor Castle

Look up for Windsor castle tickets online, and get to enjoy an edutainment tour of this historical palace, with the best of tour guides and skip the line tickets, to avoid the unnecessary long queues.

The castle has marvellous architecture, with lavish state rooms, dungeons and inspiring history which make it a favourite of the royal family for residence time and again.

Apart from the state rooms, the Queen Mary’s doll house is another exquisite display that will catch your attention.

Explore the Saint George’s chapel where infamous royal wedding takes place. Explore more of the castle’s dungeons, treasure vaults and get insights into the glorious history of the British royal family. 

Sea Life Aquarium

The marvellous and serene marine life at this aquarium is a perfect edutainment getaway for you and your family.

The aquarium has sprawling and humongous glass walled containers with a wide range of marine life, from various parts of the world.

Marvel at the chilling aggressiveness of the sharks from the pacific oceans and learn more about the stingrays from the Indian ocean.

The aquarium also has a section where you can interact with the very gentoo penguins from the polars.

This attraction has 10 zones, each with different exquisite species like poison dart frogs and piranhas that you will discover.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most extraordinary and attractive historic structures in the London Cityscape, the Saint Paul Cathedral is a treasure vault of best kept heritage, traditions and architecture from 17th century Britain.

The Cathedral has been the subject of plenty of furnishings and refurbishments in the past to give away the structure we see now.

The cathedral has a massive dome, which is made of three layers. Explore the whispering gallery, which allows the sound of  a person standing at a corner to travel even when whispered.

The stone gallery  looks over the entire London city, and the view is absolutely unparalleled. 


Dating back to the Neolithic era, the Stonehenge is one of the most awe-inspiring historical marvels, that will leave you speechless with their beauty.

This prehistoric structure has been the subject of many speculation for ts construction and building.

The Stonehenge has 13 humongous brick structures vertically aligned in a circle.

It is deduced that this was built back in 7000 BC, and has been speculated for being either a burial ground for the prehistoric people or some sort of astronomical computer.

Such unusual theories, has made this attraction one of the most sought after destinations in United Kingdoms. Book for stonehenge tickets to discover more about this historic marvel.

Tower of London

The tower of London is one of the most exquisite heritage attractions in London. While visiting this marvellous location, make sure to plunge deep into the history of its grandiose nature. 

The tower of London, was built with an aim of protecting London from intruders. The tower of London has the most fascinating crown of jewels, which houses the most extraordinary jewellery collection ever.

The palace was viewed as a dreadful castle for its prisoners, that was used to torture the prisoners of war.

This is England’s most sturdy concrete structure and a splendid mediaeval structure that promises you an intriguing plunge into the past.

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